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Burroughs Corporation records. Mechanical library.

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 56
Overview The mechanical library was essentially a set of service books that described each machine. There were variations like instruction books, symbol lists, shop tool lists, and feature prints (blueprints). These were kept by the patent department. The way Burroughs identified different machines changed over the years, and sometimes included a style #, a class #, a series #, or any combination of these.

Burroughs Corporation records. Miscellaneous legal records

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 57
Overview Collection contains a variety of legal material, including patent and trademark research, court materials, specifications, system design information, agreements, brochures, and reports.

Burroughs Corporation records. Narration scripts and slide presentations.

Identifier: CBI 90, series 58
Overview Contains narration scripts for Burroughs presentations, 1948-1975.

Burroughs Corporation records. Norman L. Kreuder papers.

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 52
Overview Collection contains the papers of Norman L. Kreuder, project engineer and section manager at Burroughs Corporation beginning in 1956.

Burroughs Corporation records. Oversized and mounted photographs

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 60
Overview Contains mounted photographs of various sizes and unmounted photographs larger than 8 1/2x11" of Burroughs facilities, executives, and employees.

Burroughs Corporation records. Paoli area divisions records

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 61
Overview Collection contains research reports and memos, covering many computers and other machines that Burroughs produced.

Burroughs Corporation records. Pasinski family papers

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 62
Overview The Pasinski family papers include material from Walter J. and Arthur Michael Pasinski, a father and son who worked in the Engineering Department at Burroughs.

Burroughs Corporation records. Passport negatives.

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 63
Overview Collection contains negatives of pictures Burroughs executives used on their passports.

Burroughs Corporation records. Patent and trademark records

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 64
Overview Collection contains information on patents obtained by William S. Burroughs and many his early competitors, including Dorr E. Felt; Burroughs typewriters; and the Gidion Sewing Machine Company which Burroughs was interested in purchasing. It also has information on various Burroughs logos and trademarks used throughout the years.

Burroughs Corporation records. Patent research and development requests

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 65
Overview Collection contains research and development requests and partial indices.

Burroughs Corporation records. Patent research division files

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 66
Overview Collection includes progress reports and research proposals, with a small amount of correspondence. Project reports describe work done for Burroughs at the Research Center in Paoli and the Engineering Research Institute at the University of Pennsylvania (in Philadelphia). There is also some administrative material on the research division’s activity.

Burroughs Corporation records. PDA and PMA authorizations

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 67
Overview Series contains Product Development Authorization (PDA) and Product Management Authorization (PMA) reports of many different projects at Burroughs from several departments.

Burroughs Corporation records. Photograph collection

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 68
Scope and Content Note Contains approximately 6000 negatives and prints of various sizes documenting Burroughs employees, facilities, events, awards, and products from 1949 to 1963. The amount of photographs taken decreased significantly after 1960 and a large number of negatives from late 1957 to mid-1958 were severely water damaged. Elements of information included for each image are: main subject, additional subjects, publication citation (if published), date of photograph, format of material...

Burroughs Corporation records. Pike Adding Machine Company records

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 69
Overview Collection contains ledger books recording various business activities of the Pike Adding Machine Company before and after it became a subsidiary of Burroughs Adding Machine Company.

Burroughs Corporation records. Policies and procedures correspondence

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 70
Overview Collection consists mainly of external correspondence relating to questions on company policy. The index is arranged chronologically by date of letter or memo, and lists a phrase or sentence to describe the correspondence.

Burroughs Corporation records. Press clippings

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 71
Overview Collection consists of press clippings collected by the Burroughs Corporation that document their company, personnel, and products.

Burroughs Corporation records. Press releases

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 72
Overview Collection consists of press releases (1947-1987) of the Burroughs Corporation that document their computers and other products, announcements, and employee promotions.

Burroughs Corporation records. Price and style lists

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 73
Overview Collection contains style and price lists describing the basic features of each machine.

Burroughs Corporation records. Product and testing reports.

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 110
Overview This series contains reports regarding Burroughs Corporation products.

Burroughs Corporation records. Product literature.

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 74
Overview Collection contains manuals for a number of different Burroughs computer systems, including the B6700, the B7000/B6000/B5000 families, and large systems in general. They concentrate on the programming languages (ALGOL and COBOL), but also contain primers on CANDE, WFL, and the DMSII system.

Burroughs Corporation records. Product photographs

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 75
Overview Collection contains photographic images of almost all of Burroughs' products. Images of machines manufactured prior to 1940 are in the Early Machine Photographs Collection (Series 33).

Burroughs Corporation records. Product planning records

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 76
Overview Series contains survey reports of the accounting and data processing industry.

Burroughs Corporation Records. Redactron Corporation Records.

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 77
Overview The Redactron Corporation Records include correspondence, information on their publicity firm -- Roslyn Willett Associates, and a report and correspondence from the Stanford Research Institute’s research on the business machine and electronics industries.

Burroughs Corporation records. Reference photographs

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 78
Overview Collection of black and white prints, negatives, color prints, photocopies, tear sheets, correspondence, memoranda, special newspapers, transparencies, and advertising samples selected from the various image collections by the Burroughs Archives staff.

Burroughs Corporation records. Robert G. Busse scrapbook

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 109
Overview Collection contains one scrapbook belonging to Robert G. Busse, salesman and manager at Burroughs Corporation.

Burroughs Corporation records. Sales Conventions records

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 82
Overview Collection contains information on sales conventions in 1905, 1907, 1924, plus some miscellaneous items related to the sales conventions, including the All Star Club.

Burroughs Corporation records. Sales records

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 83
Overview Collection contains mostly ledger sheets of Burroughs Adding Machine Company’s sales agencies, but also includes those of the Atlantic Compress Company (a Burroughs authorized warehouse), and of the General Adding Machine Exchange (a division of Burroughs).

Burroughs Corporation records. Salesmen's manuals and literature

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 84
Overview Collection contains manuals produced by Burroughs to educate and encourage salesmen that cover a variety of topics from salesmanship to product information.

Burroughs Corporation records. Salesmen's papers

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 85
Overview Collection contains personal papers of several salesmen employed by Burroughs Corporation.

Burroughs Corporation records. Scientific Research Society of America, Burroughs branch records

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 86
Overview Collection contains yearbooks for the society from 1952-1957 and 1961-1962, a booklet with Information for Members, and a sheet of proceedings of the seventh annual convention of 1955.

Burroughs Corporation records. SEC forms and stock information

Identifier: CBI 90, series 87
Overview Collection contains 10-K forms (annual reports), 10-Q forms (quarterly reports), two bound volumes of S4 forms, a security analyst profile, internal security analyst briefs and daily stock price listings.

Burroughs Corporation records. Serial publications

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 88
Overview Collection consists of serials, magazines, and periodic pamphlets that Burroughs Corporation published in-house.

Burroughs Corporation records. Shareholder meetings and reports

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 89
Overview Collection consists of information on the annual meeting of shareholders/stockholders, semi-annual and quarterly reports to shareholders, and special notices to shareholders.

Burroughs Corporation records. Sibyl M. Rock papers

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 81
Overview Collection contains information of Burroughs products and peripherals, including: punches, processors, card readers, drum listers, magnetic tape, and paper tape.

Burroughs Corporation records. Simon E. Gluck papers.

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 46
Overview Collection contains the papers of Simon E. Gluck, research scientist for Burroughs Corporation.

Burroughs Corporation records. Slide collection

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 91
Overview Contains 35 mm color and black and white slides documenting some of the activities of Burroughs Corporation from the mid 1950s-mid 1970s.

Burroughs Corporation records. Speeches.

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 92
Overview Collection consists of speeches given by many employees at Burroughs.

Burroughs Corporation records. Subsidiary product literature

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 97
Overview Collection includes brochures and correspondence for companies Burroughs acquired.

Burroughs Corporation records. System Development Corporation records.

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 98
Overview Collection contains the records of the System Development Corporation, including a history file with information about the RAND Corporation, the System Development Division, and the System Development Corporation. It also contains correspondence, meetings and minutes, symposiums and presentations, product literature, technical literature, reports on systems engineering, systems design, human-computer interaction, and user interfaces, and a subject file.

Burroughs Corporation records. Thomas Butler papers

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 17
Overview Series contains Thomas Butler's notes and drawings of the schematic during the Sensimatic's development in 1935-1937, and his patent (#2629549) dated 1953.

Burroughs Corporation records. Todd Company records

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 101
Overview The collection consists mainly of materials related to or collected in preparation for Burroughs’ acquisition of the Todd Company, and includes historical publications, sales publications, clippings, press releases, information about company structure and organization, and a 1954 annual report.

Burroughs Corporation records. United Foundations campaign records

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 103
Overview Contains correspondence regarding the United Foundation and the Torch Drive Campaign for the years 1959-1969 (missing 1961).

Burroughs Corporation records. Universal Adding Machine Company records

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 104
Overview Collection consists primarily of financial records, including summaries, examinations of accounts, and ledger pages.

Burroughs Corporation records. Videotapes and films

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 105
Overview Contains videotapes produced by or for Burroughs Corporation, later Unisys Corporation, on specific computer and software features, machine operation techniques and demonstrations, commercials and advertising, field engineers and product maintenance, company information for the public and employees, and stockholder's meetings.

Burton Grad papers

Identifier: CBI 262
Content Description Three record cartons of materials donated by Burt Grad. This compliments materials held by other institutions (namely, the Computer History Museum).

California Computer Products, Inc., and Century Data Systems, Inc., vs. International Business Machines Corporation records

Identifier: CBI 2
Overview Photocopies of trial transcripts, trial exhibits, legal memoranda, and other legal documents relating to California Computer Products, Inc. vs. IBM Corporation. Although some items are missing from the collection, the records yield a complete picture of the lawsuit and issues involved. Also included is information about IBM's and CalComp's business practices, the practices of other computer companies in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and the "plug compatible" computer business based on IBM...

Calvin N. Mooers papers

Identifier: CBI 81
Overview Collection contains personal correspondence of Mooers, and records of Zator Co., founded in 1947, and Rockford Research Institute, founded in 1961. Subjects found in the Zator Co. and Rockford Research Institute records include information processing and retrieval, a punched card system known as Zatocoding, library and information science, a programming language that Mooers helped design called TRAC (Text Reckoning and Compiling language), programming languages standards, and reactive...

Carl A. Johnson papers.

Identifier: CBI 208
Overview Collection consists of correspondence, reports, notes, documents and artifacts from Engineering Research Associates (ERA) and Sperry UNIVAC.

Carl Hammer papers

Identifier: CBI 3
Overview Collection contains conference presentations, professional organization materials, articles and speeches authored by Hammer, publications relating to Hammer, diaries and photographs. Conference presentations (1955-1989) include speeches given by Hammer, correspondence, and conference ephemera. Many of his presentations focused on the future of the computer and the effect of computers on society and management. Records of professional organizations (1967-1986) include minutes, correspondence,...

Carl Machover papers.

Identifier: CBI 206
Overview The collection includes correspondence, newspaper articles and clippings, photographs, VHS tapes, brochures, notes, financial records, books, publications, and memoranda documenting Machover's work in the computer graphics industry. The papers mainly document Machover's work with Machover Associates, Inc., starting in 1976.

Center for Y2K and society records.

Identifier: CBI 155
Overview Records contain documentation on the activities of the Center for Y2K and Society.

Charles A. Phillips papers.

Identifier: CBI 39
Overview Collection contains minutes, publication, speeches, proceedings, correspondence and photographs related to Charles Phillips work in standardization with the Conference on Data Systems Languages and the American National Standards Institute's X3 Committee (Computers and information processing), which Phillips chaired, and his employment at the Business Equipment Manufacturers Association.

Charles Babbage collection

Identifier: CBI 54
Overview Collection contains addresses given by Babbage at and printed in the Royal Society journal, Philosophical Transactions, photocopies of the manuscript for Passages from the Life of a Philosopherfrom the Wanganui Museum in New Zealand and notes on the manuscript by Garry J. Tee of the Wanganui Museum. Also included in the collection is a volume of the North British Review containing a favorable review of Babbage's book, the Exposition of...

Charles Babbage Institute Reference Files

Identifier: CBI 24
Overview Files contain oral history transcripts, reference photographs and audiovisual material, and reference files on a number of different topics relating to the history of computing.

Charles Hall collection on the SNOBOL programming language

Identifier: CBI 190
Overview Collection contains books, serials, and other documentation of the history and development of the SNOBOL programming language.

Charles T. Casale collection of computer industry strategies reports

Identifier: CBI 122
Overview Collection contains reports about computer industry dynamics.

Charles W. Bachman papers

Identifier: CBI 125
Overview Collection contains correspondence, calendars, internal reports, interoffice memoranda, publications, presentation materials, articles, notes, schematics, and flow charts detailing database software development. Includes documentation on Dow Chemical (1951-1960), General Electric (1960-1970), Honeywell Information Systems (1970-1981), Cullinane Database Systems/Cullinet (1972-1986), Bachman Information Systems, Inc. (1982-1996), Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) (1971-1982), American...

Charles W. Bradley collection on the ENIAC trial.

Identifier: CBI 140
Overview Collection contains documentation collected by Bradley during his work as an attorney for Honeywell during the Honeywell v. Sperry Rand trial.

Christopher Shaw Papers

Identifier: CBI 259
Overview This collection consists of the papers of Christopher Shaw, consisting of published and unpublished materials mostly related to database management systems, and dating between the 1950s and 1990s.

Churchill Club interviews and lectures

Identifier: CBI 147
Overview Collection contains audio tape recordings of interviews, lectures and seminars arranged or conducted by the Churchill Club.

Claire K. Schultz papers

Identifier: CBI 86
Overview Collection contains the papers and correspondence of Claire K. Schultz, including materials documenting her pioneering work in automated information retrieval, the transition of information retrieval systems from punched cards to computers, and indexing practices for medical and scientific literature.

Claude A. R. Kagan papers

Identifier: CBI 16
Overview Collection contains correspondence, conference proceedings, meeting minutes, memoranda, sketches, newsletters, and policy manuals largely relating to the origin and organization of the American Federation of Information Processing Societies (AFIPS) and allied professional groups.

College and university systems exchange records.

Identifier: CBI 10
Overview Collection contains four three-ring binders with memoranda, newsletters, financial information, and system information produced by the College and University Systems Exchange.

Computer and Communications Industry Association collection of antitrust records

Identifier: CBI 13
Overview Contains photocopied or microfilmed transcripts, exhibits, briefs, reports, depositions, and other court records from various antitrust suits in the computer industry. The most heavily documented case is U.S. vs. IBM. Other plaintiffs and defendants include: David Bunch, Howard S. Levine, American Telephone and Telegraph, Bell Telephone Laboratories, CALCOMP, Control Data Corporation, Greyhound Computer, ILC Data Devices, Litton Industries, Memorex Corporation, Telex, Transamerica Computer, and...

Computer Associates International records.

Identifier: CBI 156
Overview Records contain annual reports of Computer Associates and Computer Associates acquisitions, as well as a list of company acquisitions.

Computer Image Corporation records

Identifier: CBI 256
Overview This collection consists of the administrative materials related to Computer Image Corporation, a business based in Denver, Colorado that focused on making analog computer graphics in the 1970s.

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility records

Identifier: CBI 107
Overview Contains annual reports, information sheets on CPSR positions on issues, the inaugural issue of the CPSR forum, several issues of the CPSR newsletter, CPSR presentations, and information on the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI).

Conference on Data Systems Languages records

Identifier: CBI 11
Overview Collection contains minutes, correspondence, reports, documentation for Nice Standard Control Language (NICOLA), the Journal of Development, and other publications from several CODASYL committees and task groups. Most of the collection consists of photocopies.

Control Data Corporation. Executive interviews.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 27
Overview This series contains interviews of Control Data Executives. Many of the interviews were conducted for various media outlets, including magazine, newspaper and television.

Control Data Corporation records

Identifier: CBI 80
Overview The Control Data Corporation Records documents the company's operations, goals, plans, and products from its inception in 1957 to 1992.

Control Data Corporation records. Acquisitions, subsidiaries, and joint ventures.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 1
Overview This series includes information on companies acquired by the Control Data Corporation (CDC), subsidiaries of CDC, and joint ventures in which CDC was involved. The materials do not necessarily constitute the official records of transaction. Many of the files are executives' subject files on companies, including background materials on the company as well as CDC acquisition reports and correspondence. More extensive documentation is included for a few companies, such as C-E-I-R, ETA Systems,...

Control Data Corporation records. Annual and quarterly reports.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 22
Overview This series contains Control Data Corporation annual and quarterly reports dating from 1958 to 1990.

Control Data Corporation records. Artifacts.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 2
Overview This series contains a variety of company artifacts, from computer components to promotional buttons to documents encased in acrylic blocks.

Control Data Corporation records. Audio, video, and film.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 3
Overview The Audio, Video, and Film series contains all audiovisual material (other than photographs) that were part of Control Data Corporation's official records.

Control Data Corporation records. CO-OP records.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 26
Overview This series contains the records of the user organization CO-OP.

Control Data Corporation records. Computer-based education.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 4
Overview The Computer-Based Education (CBE) series documents CDC’s objective to create, market and distribute PLATO courseware internally within various CDC departments and divisions, and externally.

Control Data Corporation records. Control Data Photographic Society

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 5
Overview This series documents the activities of the Control Data Photographic Society (a.k.a. Photo Club). Included in the collection are meeting minutes and treasurer's reports, meeting notices, correspondence, billing invoices and receipts, copies of monthly newsletter - FOCUS, and photographs, slides and negatives.

Control Data Corporation records. Corporate administration.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 6
Overview This series consists of meeting notes and reports of the Control Data Corporation Board of Directors as well as company advisory committees, executive councils, committees, subcommittees, and task forces.

Control Data Corporation records. Corporate identity.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 20
Overview This series consists mainly of analysis and reports on attitudes toward the Control Data Corporation (CDC) and its products, resulting from surveys and studies of CDC employees and outside groups.

Control Data Corporation records. Engineering, Research and Development.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 7
Overview This series documents the research, development, and engineering activities of the Control Data Corporation from 1957-1985.

Control Data Corporation records. Executive History Project records (1980).

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 23
Overview This series consists of two groups of materials: Project Administration and Executive History Narratives. The bulk of the series is the Executive History Narratives, including narratives as well as supporting documentation. Project Administration includes numerous drafts of lists of potential narrative writers and correspondence about the project between William C. Norris and other executives.

Control Data Corporation records. Executive papers.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 8
Overview Collection documents the activities of executives of the Control Data Corporation.

Control Data Corporation records. Facilities.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 21
Overview This series contains information about Control Data Corporation (CDC) owned and leased facilities worldwide. Materials include annual and semi-annual facility summary reports, European/International facility summary reports, reports and background information regarding the Inner City plants, and real estate lease summary reports.

Control Data Corporation records. Financial records.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 10
Overview This series contains Control Data Corporation (CDC) company-wide and divisional financial records, as well as scattered CDC subsidiary financial records.

Control Data Corporation records. Historical Archives and company history.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 24
Overview This series includes records of Control Data Corporation's Historical Archives as well as company histories. Materials include reference files, accession logs, newspaper clippings, published company histories, flow charts, pamphlets and brochures.

Control Data Corporation records. Legal records.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 11
Overview This series consists of records documenting Control Data Corporation (CDC) litigation, including the Honeywell vs. CDC and Sperry Rand vs. CDC cases, as well as records documenting the everyday legal activities of the company. Materials include court documents, legal briefs, case background materials, memos and correspondence, and patent files.

Control Data Corporation records. Marketing, sales and public relations

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 12
Overview This series documents the marketing, sales, and public relations activities of Control Data Corporation. Materials include correspondence, memos, reports, various committee meeting materials, marketing plans, product announcements, and advertisements.

Control Data Corporation records. News releases.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 13
Overview This series contains Control Data Corporation fact sheets, news releases, and news release indexes from 1957-1990.

Control Data Corporation records. Newspaper and magazine articles.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 14
Overview Series consists of a collection of newspaper and magazine clippings regarding the activities of the Control Data Corporation (CDC).

Control Data Corporation records. Personnel documents and reports

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 15.
Overview This series contains a variety of records related to the organization and management of the employees of Control Data Corporation and its subsidiaries. Documents consist of corporate policies and procedures, employee benefits and retirement information, manuals, guides, and handbooks for both employees and managers, employee surveys and statistics, and information about company-wide incentive programs.

Control Data Corporation records. Planning documents and reports.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 16
Overview This series documents Control Data Corporation's (CDC) annual and interim planning processes. Records reflect planning done by individual divisions of CDC, as well as the company as a whole, and include formal and informal planning reports, meeting minutes, memoranda and correspondence.

Control Data Corporation records. Product literature

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 17.
Overview This series contains computer hardware and software product literature (pre-sale information), including advertisements, annual reports, brochures and accompanying correspondence, and product announcements distributed by Control Data Corporation to potential or actual customers.

Control Data Corporation records. Product manuals.

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 18
Overview This series contains Control Data Corporation (CDC) manuals and other post-purchase product information for specific computer hardware and software.

Control Data Corporation records. Research and development project reports

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 25
Overview This series contains reports on research and development projects in Control Data Corporation divisions, 1959-1964.

Control Data Corporation records. Serial publications

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 19
Overview This series contains serials published by the Control Data Corporation (CDC), its subsidiaries and user groups.

Control Data Corporation Records. William C. Norris executive papers

Identifier: CBI 80, Series 9
Overview This series documents William C. Norris’ tenure as President and CEO of Control Data Corporation (1957-1986). Materials include correspondence, dayfiles, interviews, newsclippings, subject files, talks and writings, and scrapbooks.

Control Data Systems, Inc. press releases

Identifier: CBI 117
Overview Contains press releases from Control Data Systems and, its predecessor, Control Data Corporation’s (CDC) Computer Products Group. Also included are Ceridian Corporation press releases about Control Data Systems.

Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Inc. MARK I Perceptron press conference records,

Identifier: CBI 48
Overview Collection contains written statements, news articles, and a schedule all relating to a press demonstration of the Mark I Perceptron on June 23, 1960. The collection includes three short reports about the machine by Albert E. Murray, Frank Rosenblatt, and Marshall C. Yovitz. Four photographs of the machine were removed to the photograph collection of the Charles Babbage Institute. Photocopies of the prints are contained in the collection.

Curt A. Monash papers

Identifier: CBI 160
Overview Collection contains the professional papers of Curt Monash, consulting and technology analyst, and President of Monash Information Services. Materials include publications and writings, company files, subject files, newsletters, and a collection of computer catalogues, directories and guides.

CURTA literature.

Identifier: CBI 180
Overview The collection consists of published articles on the CURTA, as well as its inventor, Curt Herzstark. Other materials include advertisements, brochures and manuals for the CURTA, and copied photographs of the “Lilliput,” the precursor to the CURTA.

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