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Cuthbert C. Hurd papers

Identifier: CBI 95
Overview Collection contains correspondence, memoranda, and reports relating to Cuthbert C. Hurd's work with the Applied Science Department at IBM and minutes, memoranda, reports, and notes related to his chairmanship of Quintus Computer Systems.

Daniel D. McCracken papers

Identifier: CBI 43
Overview Collection consists of files Daniel McCracken created during his professional involvement with ACM, as well as his personal papers. The collection contains council and executive committee agendas, minutes, and attachments (1974-1982), correspondence (1969-1982), and personnel lists (1974-1983), personal correspondence, and material from a programming course taught by McCracken.

Data Processing Management Association. Northwest Chapter records.

Identifier: CBI 167
Overview The records document the chapter’s activities and membership through chapter newsletters, membership rosters, conference program schedules, and bylaws.

Data Processing Management Association records

Identifier: CBI 88
Overview Records of the Data Processing Management Association (DPMA) document the administration of the association and the services it provided to its membership.

David Cavanagh collection on computer security.

Identifier: CBI 216
Overview Collection contains conference proceedings, publications, and other documentation on computer, information, and data security.

David S. Wise papers.

Identifier: CBI 113
Overview Papers contain David S. Wise's ACM-related materials, including information on the ACM Symposium on LISP and Functional Programming, various Special Interest Group (SIG) boards, and the Federated Computing Research Conference.

Dean Eaker papers and publications

Identifier: CBI 264
Content Description Three boxes of materials: 1) Full print run of publication "Computer Pictures" 2) 2 boxes of demo reels, ACM-SIGGRAPH content, documentary footage regarding the history of the computer graphics industry.

Diebold Group, Inc., reports.

Identifier: CBI 178
Overview Client reports, briefing papers, and program reports of a management consulting firm specializing in computer and automation.

Digital Equipment Computer Users Society proceedings and publications

Identifier: CBI 150
Overview The collection includes proceedings for DECUS annual symposia and DECUS publications, including DECUSOPEnewsletter, DECUS Program Libraryand pamphlets.

Donald G. Aronson papers

Identifier: CBI 189
Overview Papers contain documentation from Don Aronson's career in computing in the early-to-mid 1950s, including information on the computing programs at the University of Manchester.

Donald Ross, Jr. papers.

Identifier: CBI 197
Overview Collection contains documentation on the history of computing and its relationship to education, language, and the humanities.

Donn B. Parker papers

Identifier: CBI 166
Overview The Donn B. Parker Papers consist of five main series: Donn B. Parker Talks and Writings, Professional Activities, Subject Files, SRI Computer Crime Case Files and Audio/Visual Materials, documenting his work in the field of computer and information crime and security.

Dr. Madelyn (Lyn) Bates papers

Identifier: CBI 261
Content Description Four boxes of materials from Lyn's coursework and time at BBA/Verizon

Earl Masterson papers.,

Identifier: CBI 143
Overview Papers contain Earl Masterson's collection of material on computer peripheral equipment.

Earl R. Larson papers

Identifier: CBI 31
Overview Collection contains correspondence and newspaper clippings relating to the Honeywell vs. Sperry Rand trial and John V. Atanasoff's recognition as the inventor of the electronic digital computer. Includes correspondence from historical researchers, awards committees, Atanasoff, and the patent counsel from Honeywell.

Edmund C. Berkeley papers

Identifier: CBI 50
Overview Contains correspondence, notes, memoranda, lists, reports, reference material, financial records, publications, posters, advertisements, photographs, and a videotape relating to Edmund Berkeley and Berkeley Enterprises. The earliest records in the collection relate to his insurance work, the applications of symbolic logic and computing machines to business, the formation of the Association for Computing Machinery, and his military service at Dahlgren. Later records focus on the publications and...

EDUCOM Fall Conference records

Identifier: CBI 111
Overview Contains conference schedule, attendees list, and various handouts related to EDUCOM's computer network EDUNET.

EDUCOM survey records

Identifier: CBI 18
Overview Collection contains reports, correspondence, notes, and survey forms from Richard B. Heydinger's survey work. The collection is arranged by state and Canadian province, and includes published reports on individual state planning, copies of the Mossman survey, and original returns of the Heydinger/Norris survey. Some material pertains to the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium (MECC) which was formed in 1973, as well as other state networks.

EDUCOM working papers

Identifier: CBI 82
Overview Working papers related to the establishment of computer networks in higher education for data processing.

Edward F. Somers papers

Identifier: CBI 65
Overview Collection consists of subject files that contain reports, memoranda, and correspondence related to Edward Somers' work in automatic programming with Sperry Rand and GE's Computer Department.

Eldo C. Koenig papers

Identifier: CBI 53
Overview Collection contains records relating to the design, construction, and operation of an analog computer at the Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company including notes, sketches, diagrams, articles, a photograph of the computer, and case studies using the computer.

Engineering Research Associates (ERA)-Remington Rand-Sperry Rand records

Identifier: CBI 176
Overview The Engineering Research Associates-Remington Rand-Sperry Rand Records document research, development and production activities at company facilities in St. Paul, Minnesota. Collection consists of technical information on company projects, administrative materials related to the St. Paul location, engineers' files, and materials exhibited at the ERA 40th anniversary event in 1986.

ENIAC Trial exhibits master collection

Identifier: CBI 145
Overview Collection contains 211 microfilm rolls of the plaintiff's and defendants' trial exhibits presented in the patent infringement case of Honeywell Incorporated vs. Sperry Rand Corporation and Illinois Scientific Developments, Incorporated. The microfilm are a combination of archival materials held at three collaborating institutions: the Charles Babbage Institute, the Hagley Museum and Library and University Archives and Records Center at the University of Pennsylvania. The combined master...

Eric A. Weiss papers

Identifier: CBI 265
Overview The Eric A. Weiss papers include research materials used by Weiss; writing; correspondence; and personal papers and items.

Erwin Tomash Collection of Dataproducts Corporation Records

Identifier: CBI 134
Overview Contains selected Dataproducts records retained by Erwin Tomash including the original business plan, publications, reports, organizational charts and employee lists, articles, and correspondence that document the company's growth and market position in printers and core memories. Corporate history undertakings are also documented. Photographs have been removed to CBI's photograph collection.

Evan Linick collection of Proceedings of the Mark IV User Group

Identifier: CBI 130
Overview Collection consists entirely of published proceedings of most MARK IV User Group conferences held between 1969 and 1981.

Florence R. Anderson papers

Identifier: CBI 101
Overview Collection contains brief outlines of applications programming classes developed at NAA for the IBM 701 and IBM 704, as well as minutes, reports, and manuals related to the development of PACT I (Project for the Advancement of Coding Techniques).

Frances E. Holberton papers

Identifier: CBI 94
Overview Collection contains reports, correspondence, notes and publications related to FORTRAN and COBOL development, and programming language standards for FORTRAN, COBOL, ASCII, and Ada. Also included is documentation regarding the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation and its products BINAC and UNIVAC, Remington Rand, and the National Bureau of Standards and its computer, SEAC.

Francis V. Wagner papers

Identifier: CBI 6
Overview The collection contains correspondence, notes, reports, manuals, newsletters, symposium and conference proceedings, photographs, and other materials relating to the Association of Independent Software Companies, the Conference on Data Systems Languages (CODASYL), FORTRAN Automatic Coding System, IBM 701 programming, IBM 709 System Committee, SHARE, the Universal Computer-Oriented Language (UNCOL) developed by SHARE, Informatics General Corporation, computing at North American Aviation, and...

Frank M. Verzuh Moore School of Electrical Engineering lecture notes

Identifier: CBI 51
Overview Collection contains a photocopy of the typewritten notes by Frank M. Verzuh relating to the Moore School Lectures.

Frederic G. Withington papers

Identifier: CBI 183
Overview Collection contains financial analyst reports describing and forecasting the computer industry, mostly authored by Frederic Withington.

Frederick Honhart Papers

Identifier: CBI 260
Content Description Records related to the MicroMARC project. The MicroMARC:amc microcomputer system, developed at Michigan State University, was the first system to utilize successfully the MARC Archives and Manuscripts Control (AMC) format in a microcomputer environment.

Gartner Group Records

Identifier: CBI 228
Overview Gartner Group, founded in 1979 by Gideon Gartner, is an information technology research and advisory company providing computer industry intelligence and forecasting.

Gary Mokotoff collection of IBM 1401 program listings.

Identifier: CBI 93
Overview Collection contains program listings for three of the earliest compilers developed at IBM: the 1401 SPS, the 1401 Autocoder and the 1401 Fortran.

General Electric Company Computer Department scrapbook,

Identifier: CBI 37
Overview Collection contains a photocopy of a scrapbook of newspaper clippings relating to the GE Computer Department and its activities in the Phoenix region.

George Glaser papers

Identifier: CBI 23
Overview Collection contains correspondence, memoranda, meeting minutes, reports, brochures, newspapers clippings, and news releases relating to George Glaser's professional activities. Most of the collection concerns AFIPS and includes information about administration, the National Joint Computer Conference (1973-1977), committees, board of directors, planning, finances, the International Federation for Information Processing, and Washington activities. Also included are records relating to Glaser's...

George Ledin, Jr. ALGOL, Vol. 1: A Reference Source Book

Identifier: CBI 59
Overview ALGOL: Volume 1: A Reference Source Book, is the manuscript for the first of a proposed three volume set on the ALGOL programming language which apparently remains unpublished. In this volume, which appears to have been the only completed volume, Ledin presents ALGOL reports, ALGOL variant charts, extensive literature bibliographies, and biographies of 232 prominent ALGOL scholars. Chapters are preceded by an historical overview.

George T. Jacobi papers.

Identifier: CBI 41
Overview Collection contains reports, brochures, articles, photographs, and other items related to General Electric's Power Control Simulator, ERMA (a bank automation system), AC Network Analyzer, Psychological Matrix Rotator, analog computing modules, the GE-150, Computer-Recorder for Radiosonde, and general computer operations.

Georgia B. Miller collection of Data Processing Management Association, Office Systems Research Association, and Administrative Management Society records

Identifier: CBI 128
Overview Collection documents Georgia Miller's involvement in the leadership of DPMA. Materials include summary minutes, committee reports, background materials on agenda items, executive director's reports, background material related to arrangements for meeting by headquarters staff, correspondence, memoranda, reports, publications, and notes related to Miller's involvement in DPMA, OSRA, and the AMS Indianapolis Chapter.

Gertrude Blanch papers

Identifier: CBI 162
Overview The collection consists of lectures and published articles by mathematician Gertrude Blanch, other professional writings collected by Blanch, and some biographical material and personal and professional correspondence.

Gordon B. Davis collection of photographs

Identifier: CBI 214
Overview This collection contains photographs sent to and acquired by Gordon B. Davis between 1966 and 1977. These photographs feature entire data processing system model photographs, computer system components and subsystem photographs, and circuit photographs, all from various companies (Burroughs, UNIVAC, Honeywell, Mohawk, IBM, and CDC, for example). Some of these photographs were used in books by Davis.

Gordon D. Goldstein papers

Identifier: CBI 68
Overview Collection consists of subject files containing reports, memoranda, electronic mail print outs, and notes created by Gordon Goldstein as an electronics engineer and research administrator at the Office of Naval Research. Some of the material appears to have been gathered in his role as editor of the Digital Computing Newsletter.

Gordon Everest monographs on database development

Identifier: CBI 186
Overview Monographs contain 7 boxes of books on various computing- and management-related topics, including database programming, database management, the relationship of computing to society, computing and the law, systems analysis, computing ethics, general computer programming, and general management.

GUIDE International Corporation records

Identifier: CBI 84
Overview Collection contains bound proceedings from GUIDE conferences, various issues of the GUIDE Secretary Distribution, several editions of the GUIDE reference manual, issues of the quarterly and annual reports, installation survey results reports, organizational reports and managers handbooks.

Harold G. Zahn scrapbooks on the Burroughs Corporation.

Identifier: CBI 201
Overview Collection contains two scrapbooks created by Harold G. Zahn documenting his employment at and retirement from the Burroughs Corporation. Scrapbooks include photographs of Burroughs Corporation employees including Harold Zahn, photographs of the company's move to their office on Market Street in San Francisco, invoices, and advertising cutouts.

Helmut Hoelzer papers

Identifier: CBI 33
Overview Collection contains photocopies of correspondence, publications, Hoelzer's Ph.D. dissertation (in German), and drawings, all which were given to James Tomayko in preparation for an oral history and a publication. The material details Hoelzer's conception of a fully electronic analog computer which was developed in Peenemunde, Germany, during World War II. Portions of the published articles have been translated from German to English by Hoelzer.

Herbert Ohlman papers

Identifier: CBI 179
Overview Collection contains the professional papers of Herbert Ohlman. Materials include publications, talks, correspondence, technical papers and audiovisual materials documenting his career in the computer and communications fields, as well as his development of permuterm indexing.

Herbert S. Bright papers

Identifier: CBI 42
Overview Collection contains correspondence, memoranda, technical reports and notes, subject files, minutes, manuals, photographs, audio tapes, videotapes, publications, presentations, and a deposition related to Herbert Bright's work in the computer industry and with computer professional groups. Records from Philco and COMPLAN include chronological files for brief periods. Also included in the collection are some personal papers and photographs that partially document the period from 1924-1956.

History of Programming Languages Conference, 1978, Los Angeles, California records

Identifier: CBI 19
Overview Collection contains correspondence, reports, draft presentations, newspaper clippings, notes, memoranda, National Science Foundation grant records, publicity materials, and mailing lists relating to the planning and organization of the conference. Also includes conference proceedings in the form of black-and-white video cassettes, reel-to-reel and cassette audio recordings, black-and-white photographs, slides, transcripts of presentations, preprints of papers, and book drafts.

Honeywell, Inc. Aerospace Division. A survey of small digital computers

Identifier: CBI 69
Overview The survey is a loose-leaf report originally bound as a ten-volume set describing small digital computer systems, most of which relate to military and aerospace applications. It was produced in 1970 and revised the following year. The survey, arranged alphabetically by manufacturer, contains information on computer systems of the 1960s and early 1970s, and reflects the systems of over 100 manufacturers. The report was compiled from other secondary sources, and claims to exclude any classified...

Honeywell, Inc., MULTICS records

Identifier: CBI 66
Overview Documents Multics development from 1965-1982. The records include the second MULTICS System Programmers' Manual that contains manual sections and revisions; MULTICS Technical Bulletins that describe procedures, applications, and problems, especially concerning security; and returned "Request for Comments Forms" that include technical papers and thesis proposals.

Honeywell, Inc., X3.2 Standards Subcommittee records

Identifier: CBI 67
Overview Contains correspondence, memoranda, reports, task force records, and committee agendas, minutes, and documents primarily collected by Theodore R. Bousquet. Part of the records appear to be files from Honeywell representatives to other standardization committees.

Honeywell vs. Sperry Rand records

Identifier: CBI 1
Overview This collection contains pretrial depositions, plaintiff exhibits, deposition exhibits, trial testimony, trial exhibits, the final opinion and judgement, and indexes from the 1971 Honeywell vs. Sperry Rand suit.

H.R. Oldfield Collection of General Electric Corporation records

Identifier: CBI 175
Overview The collection consists of corporate records of General Electric and the GE Computer Department, as well as materials gathered or created by H.R. Oldfield during and after his employment with GE and used in support of his 1996 book, King of the Seven Dwarfs: General Electric's Ambiguous Challenge to the Computer Industry.

I. Bernard Cohen Papers, 1889-1987.

Identifier: CBI 182
Overview This collection contains records documenting I. Bernard Cohen’s involvement as a historical consultant on the history of computing. The material represented here includes proposals, layouts, caption texts and photographs documenting exhibits, company promotional materials, correspondence with and reports of fellow scholars and students, and photocopies of articles used for research.

IBM Data Security and Data Processing Manuals

Identifier: CBI 226
Overview Collection contains a series of six volumes published by IBM as a result of the company's study in the early 1970s on computer security.

Information Processing Bibliographies

Identifier: CBI 91
Overview Contains bibliographies on various aspects of information processing including computers, programming languages, information retrieval, information retrieval systems, machine translation, and data processing.

Information Processing Glossaries

Identifier: CBI 92
Overview Contains glossaries on various aspects of information processing including computers, programming languages, data processing, standards, control computers, and graphics.

Ingrid Arneson collection of IBM promotional videos.

Identifier: CBI 209
Overview Collection includes IBM promotional videotapes (VHS and Betamax) from the early 1990s.

Inside Macintosh monographs

Identifier: CBI 192
Overview Collection includes guides and manuals for Macintosh computer use, including a number of volumes of the Inside Macintoshseries.

Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals records

Identifier: CBI 116
Overview Contains information relating to the Certificate in Data Processing (CDP), the Certificate in Computer Processing (CCP), the Registered Business Programmer (RBP), and the Certified Systems Professional (CSP) programs including minutes of certification council meetings (includes those meetings held under the auspices of DPMA before 1973), correspondence about and evaluations of certification examinations, and advertising and press releases, as well as correspondence, memoranda and reports...

Institute for Graphic Communication Conference preprints

Identifier: CBI 109
Overview Preprints of presentations made at various Institute for Graphic Communication (IGC) conferences on computer printers, facsimiles, and copiers. Brochures outlining the conference are also usually included.

International Business Machines Corporation. Petroleum Conferences contributed papers

Identifier: CBI 102
Overview Collection contains contributed papers presented at the IBM Petroleum Conferences in 1953 and 1955.

International computing collection

Identifier: CBI 62
Overview Contains literature about hardware, software, systems, and installations in countries other than the United States, as well as descriptions of other countries' computing technology (regardless of where those descriptions originated). It also includes comparisons of different countries' computer technology, as well as reports involving multi-national organizations.

International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) conference papers

Identifier: CBI 196
Overview Papers include a sample of IFIP conference and working group proceedings. The bulk of the papers are from 1986 and 1974.

International Federation for Information Processing Working Group 2.1 ALGOL Bulletin records

Identifier: CBI 29
Overview Collection includes an incomplete run of the ALGOL Bulletin, numbers 1-39 (numbers 9, 17, and 18 were not included in the collection), an ALGOL mailing list, a technical report, and a report on ALGOL 60.

International Summer School on Structured Programming and Program Structures records

Identifier: CBI 108
Overview Contributed paper on Pascal for Program Structures and Fundamental Concepts Programming conference (1971) and published outline, address list, and lecture notes related to structured programming and Pascal from the Structured Programming and Programmed Structures conference (1973).

International Y2K Cooperation Center records

Identifier: CBI 153
Overview Collection contains the materials of the International Y2K Cooperation Center (IY2KCC), assembled during the year leading up to the year 2000 date conversion (a.k.a. Y2K). Includes country reports, newsclippings, country questionnaires, country telephone directories, background materials on Y2K and IY2KCC, audio visual materials and papers of Bruce W. McConnell, director of IY2KCC.

Internet Legacy Institute Records

Identifier: CBI 250
Scope and Contents This collection contains the organizational records of the Internet Legacy Institute. Included are administrative records and original research into the history of the internet, information taxonomy, and the papers of the project's founders.

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Irving L. Wieselman papers

Identifier: CBI 97
Overview Collection contains reports, presentations, research notes, and articles related to product design, quality control, and product planning for printers at Dataproducts Corporation and written by Irving Wieselman as a consultant on computer printer technology.

Isaac L. Auerbach papers

Identifier: CBI 52
Overview Collection contains documentation of Isaac L. Auerbach's activities in several professional associations, especially IFIP, his consulting, and other business activities. The IFIP records include materials about the biennial congresses and document the growth and activities of the federation; its relationship with other professional organizations is also documented. The AFIPS records focus on the History of Computing Committee and the Computer History Project of the late 1960s to mid 1970s,...

James P. Cordes collection of Sperry Univac photographs and publications.

Identifier: CBI 218
Overview Collection contains photographs of Sperry Univac computing equipment and installation along with an assortment of Sperry Unisys publications.

James W. Birkenstock collection of IBM records and British Tabulating Machine Company histories

Identifier: CBI 132
Overview Collection contains fragments of a document detailing the contractual interaction between IBM and the British Tabulating Machine Company (BTM) in the first half of the 20th century, a verbatim proceedings of a foreign accounting machines meeting at IBM in 1954 and two histories of the British Tabulating Machine Company.

James W. Cortada papers

Identifier: CBI 185
Overview Papers include research materials for The Digital Hand, IBM publications, and books authored or edited by James W. Cortada on the history of business and computing.

Jerome Garfunkel papers

Identifier: CBI 71
Overview Collection contains Jerome Garfunkel's committee documents, correspondence, minutes, programming language standards drafts, and personal meeting notes from various COBOL and programming languages committees and task groups. The collection documents the development of COBOL and other programming languages from 1977 through 1989, especially the revision of COBOL into COBOL 85.

Joan Collins tapes

Identifier: CBI 257
Overview This collection consists of the tapes of Joan Collins.

Joan M. Winters papers

Identifier: CBI 22
Overview Contains electronic mail printings, subject files, notes, conference information, session reports, and conference evaluations that document Joan Winters' involvement in SHARE (an International Business Machines computer user group).

John C. Alrich papers

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 2
Overview The collection documents work in the development engineering department on the Burroughs 220 and contains correspondence as well as memoranda and reports.

John Day papers.

Identifier: CBI 165
Overview Papers contain documentation on ISO SC16 and SC21 and other materials documenting the history of computer networking.

John E. Parker papers

Identifier: CBI 100
Overview Collection contains reports and correspondence on ERA's capabilities and finances, the acquisition of ERA by Remington Rand, and the activities of the Electronic Computer Department.

John J. McCaffrey memoirs

Identifier: CBI 47
Overview Collection contains a reminiscence of McCaffrey's career in data processing. It describes the use of punched card machines for specific payroll, financial accounting, personnel, and inventory applications. The work also contains information about data processing at Reynolds Metal Company and the transition at the company from a punched card system to an IBM 1410 computer.

John K. Swearingen papers

Identifier: CBI 46
Overview Collection contains minutes, correspondence, and reports related to John Swearingen's work as international vice president and president of DPMA and president of ICCP. Material about the ICCP and the Certificate in Data Processing includes records of council and board meetings, test committee selection proceedings, correspondence related to CDP exams, and analyses of the exam. Material relating to the DPMA includes records about the interaction of DPMA with other computer professional...

John P. Nash papers

Identifier: CBI 14
Overview Collection contains reports relating to the ILLIAC, ORDVAC, and the Digital Computer Laboratory, mimeographed lecture notes, a small amount of correspondence, and articles, all relating to the University of Illinois' computing activities. The articles and reprints include a two-page article on an ILLIAC-generated music composition, a review of computer progress for 1955 (by Nash), and an article with information about the ILLIAC written in Japanese. Also included are ONR Task 30 records and...

John S. Davis papers

Identifier: CBI 70
Overview Collection contains reports, proposals, design notebooks, technical literature, brochures, and advertisements relating to John S. Davis' work at Ramo-Wooldridge and from the associated companies of Thompson Ramo Wooldridge (later renamed TRW) Thompson Ramo Wooldridge Products Company, and Bunker Ramo.

Keith W. Uncapher papers.

Identifier: CBI 87
Overview Papers contain Keith W. Uncapher's collection of materials on ARPA and other computing projects.

Kenneth R. Geiser papers.

Identifier: CBI 181
Overview Papers include reports, memoranda, reprints, publications, correspondence, and photographs documenting Kenneth R. Geiser's work with the General Electric Company Computer Department.

Kenneth W. Kolence collection of Association for Computing Machinery publications, 1965-1981.

Identifier: CBI 200
Overview Collection contains an assortment of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) journal issues and conference and workshop proceedings, many from various special interest groups (SIGs) within ACM.

Lockheed Martin Legacy Committee collection of patent applications and associated documentation, 1952-1988.

Identifier: CBI 207
Overview Collection contains patent application material from Engineering Research Associates (ERA).

Lockheed Martin records

Identifier: cbi00238
Overview This collection consists of the company administrative records for Lockheed Martin and its predecessor and subsidiary companies, dating from the 1940s through the 2000s.

Louis Schlueter collection of MAPPER records

Identifier: CBI 121
Overview Contains a book on user designed computing and MAPPER, articles and software documentation related to MAPPER, and an audio cassette featuring a song about MAPPER.

M. Eugene Cook papers

Identifier: CBI 151
Overview Collection contains the papers of M. Eugene Cook, documenting his professional career with RCA and the Federal Telephone and Radio Corporation, as well as his involvement with the International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT).

Margaret R. Fox papers

Identifier: CBI 45
Overview Collection contains records collected by Margaret Fox in an effort to document some of the early computer development activities of NBS. The collection contains reports, including the original report on the ENIAC, UNIVAC, and many early in-house National Bureau of Standards (NBS) activity reports, memoranda on SEAC, SWAC, and DYSEAC, seminar and conference materials -- including Samuel Alexander's notes from the Moore School of Engineering course, "Theory and techniques for design of electronic...

Mark P. McCahill papers

Identifier: CBI 195
Overview Collection contains newspaper and magazine articles, correspondence, presentations, and manuals documenting the development of the Gopher project at the University of Minnesota.

Market and product reports collection

Identifier: CBI 55
Overview Collection contains reports on the United States and international computer and electronics industries and markets as well as evaluations of specific computers, peripherals, and software published by a variety of market research firms. Contains reports about computer hardware, software, systems, and computer-related industries primarily in the United States that originated from numerous consulting firms.

Martin A. Goetz papers

Identifier: CBI 159
Overview The collection documents Martin Goetz's major professional interests; including the software industry, patent and copyright protections for software, separate pricing for software and hardware, bundling, anti-trust issues and IBM.

Michael S. Mahoney papers.

Identifier: CBI 213
Overview Papers contain 38 boxes of Michael S. Mahoney's collection of books and serials related to the history of computing, mathematics, and related fields. The collection also includes 17 boxes of Mahoney's archival materials, including course work, subject files, and publication drafts.

Microelectronics and Information Sciences Center records

Identifier: CBI 5
Overview Correspondence, subject files, newspaper clippings, brochures, minutes, center proposals, and reference material relating to the establishment of the Microelectronics and Information Sciences Center (MEIS). Also includes information about similar programs in the U.S.

Milton R. Wessel papers

Identifier: CBI 120
Overview Milton R. Wessel collected and bound documentation of his work with ADAPSO and the American Federation of Information Processing Societies (AFIPS).

Minnesota Joint Computer Conference (MJCC) records

Identifier: CBI 173
Overview Collection documents the activities of the MJCC from 1979 and consists of conference programs and brochures; conference planning and evaluation materials; meeting minutes of the executive board and committees; administrative records; and some photographs.

Monographs and serials, in-process

Identifier: CBI 8
Overview CBI's monographs and serials that are in the process of being cataloged cannot yet be located in the MNCAT online catalog. This finding aid is a method for locating such in-process books and journals.

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