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Afton Press records

Identifier: Mss086
Abstract Collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, proofs, and other documentation of nine books published by Afton Historical Society Press (now known as Afton Press).

Alex Boies collection of Ueland family letters

Identifier: Mss093
Abstract Collection contains letters to and from various members of the Ueland family (bulk), clippings, photographs, and miscellaneous other writing.

Ann Berryman Collection of John Berryman

Identifier: Mss070
Abstract Collection includes correspondence (bulk), clippings, and personal effects of John Berryman, collected or received by Ann Berryman.

Archer Gilfillan papers

Identifier: Mss051
Overview Personal papers of Archer Gilfillan, a writer, consisting primarily of coded diaries maintained during his time as a sheepherder in South Dakota, from 1924 to 1933, along with correspondence and publications.

Arthur Motley papers

Identifier: Mss058
Overview The collection includes copies of his speeches, often reworked for different audiences, articles and publications, tapes of his presentations (1950-1956), and other materials. Also included are some personal correspondence and recordings.

Asher White papers

Identifier: Mss029
Overview The collection consists of material assembled by Dr. White while he was associated with the US-AEC. Materials about atomic energy include correspondence, notes, reports, photographs, clippings, and publications.

Bill Holm papers

Identifier: Mss100
Overview This collections contains the papers of Minnesota poet, musician, and essayist Bill Holm (1943-2009), including manuscripts, correspondence, published works, journals, publicity, teaching curricula, and materials collected from Holm's travels.

Black Hat Press Records

Identifier: Mss085
Overview Collection includes office records, correspondence, financial records, promotional materials, and copies of publications for the books, poetry calendars, and magazine, Rag Mag, published by the press.

Blomgren Autograph Collection

Identifier: Mss041
Overview Collection contains signed photographed and signed letters from noted Minnesotans from the first half of the 20th century.

Bovey autograph collection

Identifier: Mss040
Overview The collection contains signed autographed letters, signed documents, and signed photographs of notable persons from the United States, England, France, Germany, Austria, and Russia.

Carl Jacobi papers

Identifier: Mss045
Overview The collection contains correspondence with editors of pulp magazines and drafts of short stories written for a variety of magazines.

Carl Reichmann papers

Identifier: Mss049
Overview The Carl Reichmann papers include many documents, chiefly relating to his military career in the United States and South Africa, as well as immigration and naturalization documents and other personal papers.

Carol Bly papers

Identifier: Mss079
Overview The papers of Carol Bly encompass her writings from childhood through her career as a professional author. The collection is especially rich in correspondence, notes from the many writing workshops and courses she has conducted, and drafts of her works.

Charles Stuart, Baron de Rothesay papers

Identifier: Mss024
Overview The collection contains letters, papers and documents of Charles Stuart. The letters were primarily written during his ambassadorship to France (1815-1830) and deal with such subjects as Gibraltar, Portugal, Mexico, the West Indies and France.

Charles Wright papers

Identifier: Mss022
Overview The collection includes correspondence to and from Wright (mostly on topics concerning books), a collection of memoranda, lists and notes regarding the cataloging of several collections including Lord Harewood's library, a library at Buxted Park, and the library of the Reverend W. Bowens.

Clara C.T. (Darragh) Aldrich Manuscripts

Identifier: Mss008
Overview The collection contains manuscripts of plays, short stories, and a novel.

Claude Washburn papers

Identifier: Mss092
Abstract Papers of Minnesota author Claude Carlos Washburn, including correspondence, manuscripts, and ephemera.

Clifford Donald Simak papers

Identifier: Mss044
Overview The collection includes correspondence, literary manuscripts, pamphlets and other printed material, and clippings of reviews of Simak's works.

Community Collection of Robert Bly Correspondence

Identifier: Mss081A
Overview Collection contains letters and postcards.

Dacotah Territory Press records

Identifier: Mss074
Abstract Books, magazines and administrative records from Dacotah Territory Press and Plains Distribution Services

Dan Brennan Papers

Identifier: Mss052
Overview The collection contains correspondence (1970-74), speeches, book reviews, and manuscripts of short stories and articles.

Dawn Langley Simmons - The Two Lives of Baby Doe manuscript

Identifier: Mss007
Overview The collection comprises a typewritten manuscript of the book.

Donald Morrison Collection of Robert Bly Audio Recordings

Identifier: Mss081K
Overview The collection contains audio recordings of the Mendocino Men's Conferences in 1991 (13 tapes), "A Day for Men with Robert Bly" from Santa Barbara, CA, and "Matter and the Longing for God," a ten part series by Ruth and Robert Bly. It also contains a two page personal reflection of "Iron John" written by Donald Morrison, and an index to the Mendocino tapes.

E. Hoffmann Price Memoir Manuscripts

Identifier: Mss053
Overview The collection contains photocopies of typescripts for two sets of memoirs written by Price: Trooper of the 15th Horseand Friends of Yesteryear: Fictioneers and Others.

Elizabeth Woodbridge Phelps Pearsall Resse papers

Identifier: Mss025
Overview The collection contains several hundred letters to the Countess Resse from friends and others.

Francis C. Shenehon papers

Identifier: Mss060
Overview The collection includes Shenehon family papers including the Judson Cross papers, the Cross-Shenehon family ancestry papers, the Lewis Washburn Child papers, personal papers of family members, and many photographs. Included are F.C. Shenehon’s Regulation of Niagara and St. Lawrence Rivers(1919), and Preservation of Niagara Falls(1911), with other publications and unpublished papers.

Frank Elli papers

Identifier: Mss006
Overview The collection contains papers relating to Elli's book, The Riot, including correspondence, clippings, criticisms, a typewritten manuscript, and galley proof . The collection also includes correspondence course lessons, Elli's autobiography, and "Skid Row Santa," a short story manuscript.

Frederick F. Manfred Papers

Identifier: Mss009
Overview The papers detail the life and works of this prominent regional novelist who lived in the area he called "Siouxland" and contain manuscripts, typescripts, research material, galleys, proofs, class notes and papers, photographs, audio and video recordings.

Frederick Manfred Memorial Service video recordings

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: Mss009a
Overview Collection contains 10 videotape recordings of the Frederick Manfred Memorial Services, October 1, 1994, recorded by Mike Hazard.

French Contemporaries autographed photographs

Identifier: Mss021
Overview The collection consists solely of autographed photographic portraits of leading French men and women. Included are George Clemenceau, Jean Cocteau, Ferdinand Foch, André Maurois, and Raymond Poincaré.

George Perrigo Conger autographs and papers

Identifier: Mss020
Overview The collection contains George Perrigo Conger's personal correspondence with colleagues in his field of philosophy and a collection of autographs of the leading philosophers of the past. In addition, Conger's notes and drafts for his book "Epitomization" are included.

Gerald Kegler collection of Robert Bly published works and news clippings

Identifier: Mss081E
Overview This collection contains published works by and about poet, translator, and activist, Robert Bly. In addition, there is a small amount of articles by and about Bly, as well as a catalog from a small press which features many Bly-related materials.

German Propaganda collection

Identifier: Mss038
Overview The collection includes propaganda leaflets, newspapers, booklets, pamphlets, stickers, and postcards distributed by the various political parties in Germany, prior to the election of 1932 and Nazi period. Included are items from the Nazi, Communist, Socialist, Centrist and Catholic parties.

Gordon Rupert Dickson papers

Identifier: Mss039
Overview The collection includes writings and personal papers of noted science fiction author Gordon Dickson. Materials include correspondence, manuscripts of published and unpublished short stories, novels, novelettes, anthology material and non-fiction articles, book reviews, books, journals, and clippings, together with notes, outlines, drafts and proofs.

Graywolf Press Records

Identifier: Mss095
Overview This collection include books, manuscripts, proofs, catalogs, and AV materials related to Graywolf Press.

H. A. Nicholls Diary

Identifier: Mss010
Overview Collection comprises a photocopy of the typewritten version of the diary

Harold Boatner - Stilwell and the American Experience in China manuscript

Identifier: Mss032
Overview The collection includes General Boatner’s 50-page statement refuting, rebutting, and correcting certain passages in Ms Tuchman’s book, which refer to either General Boatner’s career in the China-Burma-India theatre, World War II, or to events in which he participated.

Harold C. Deutsch papers

Identifier: Mss067
Overview The Deutsch papers comprise declassified OSS reports and transcripts of interrogations of German officials of World War II.

Henry Miller Literary Society records

Identifier: Mss018
Overview The collection includes business correspondence (1956-1972) and personal correspondence of Eddie Schwartz and others about Henry Miller and his works, material relating to lawsuits connected with the sale of Miller's 1935 Tropic of Cancer,society mailing lists and newsletters, reviews of Miller's works, and clippings relating to the 1967 marriage of Miller and Hoki Tokuda. Included in the collection are 283 letters...

H.P. Lovecraft and E. Hoffman Price correspondence

Identifier: Mss047
Overview The microfilmed collection contains correspondence exchanged between Howard Phillips Lovecraft and Edgar Hoffmann Price on literary matters, between October 3, 1932 and November 11, 1937.

H.P. Lovecraft correspondence

Identifier: Mss046
Overview The collection consists of 5 holograph postcards (Aug. 31, 1934 to Sept. 2, 1926), 10 holograph letters (Aug. 14, 1934 to Aug. 14, 1935), 1 typescript letter (Jan. 16, 1936), one chain letter (typescript and holograph, undated), one typescript letter signed by August Derleth (April 21, 1968).

Irving Adler - What We Want of Our Schools manuscript

Identifier: Mss003
Overview The collection comprises one typewritten manuscript, corrected.

James Dickey and Robert Bly Correspondence Collection

Identifier: Mss081I
Overview Collection contains letters from Robert Bly to James Dickey, and letters to and from Dickey's publishers.

James Lenfestey Collection of Minnesota Poets

Identifier: Mss113
Abstract Includes broadsides, books, correspondence, clippings, and conference materials about Robert Bly and Bill Holm.

James Wright papers

Identifier: Mss066
Overview Collection contains correspondence, journals, manuscripts, typescripts and galley proofs of James Wright's poetry and prose works. In addition, there are photographs, clippings and other writings about Wright, plus teaching notes from his various academic posts.

John Berryman papers

Identifier: Mss043
Overview Collection contains manuscripts, notes, typescripts, galleys and proofs of works in poetry and prose. Also includes photographs, diaries, awards, financial records and other personal papers.

John Rosenwald collection of Great Mother Conference materials

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: Mss081D
Overview This collection contains advertising for the annual Robert Bly Great Mother and New Father conferences. In addition, correspondence, evaluations, and reports of the conference are included. Finally, there is a draft of the presentation John Rosenwald made at the "Robert Bly in This World" conference sponsored by the University of Minnesota Libraries in 2009 which documents the history of the Great Mother Conference, begun in 1975.

Joseph Amato Papers

Identifier: Mss088
Overview Collection includes Joseph A. Amato's early writing, correspondence, reviews, lectures and talks, materials related to his research, and a library of both Amato’s published works and personally annotated books.

Kathleen Catlin papers

Identifier: Mss072
Overview Collection contains personal correspondence, family photographs, inter-office memos, advertisements and brochures, photographs, and scrapbooks

Leonard Lewisohn collection of Robert Bly poetry translation materials

Identifier: Mss081C
Overview This collection contains audio recordings of a 2002 London reading of Persian poetry in translation by poet and translator Robert Bly, correspondence regarding publishing the recordings, and posters of various Bly readings. In addition, there is a 2008 edition of Shokaran, a literary magazine published in Tehran, Iran, devoted entirely to Bly's poetry.

Lewis Hyde Papers

Identifier: Mss102
Overview Collection contains research, drafts, manuscripts, and correspondence.

Lola Wilcox collection of The Crow newsletter

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: Mss081J
Overview Collection contains a near complete run of The Crow newsletters from 1993-2012.

Louis Jenkins papers

Identifier: Mss073
Overview The contents of the Jenkins Papers reflect Jenkins involvement in creating poetry.

Louise Erdrich - The Round House manuscript

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: Mss105
Overview Collection contains an edited draft of Erdrich's book, The Round House.

Madeleine L'Engle - The Other Side of the Sun production material

Identifier: Mss030
Overview The collection of production materials includes the original manuscript (typescript, 427 leaves), uncorrected repro proofs, a corrected paged galley and two corrected long galleys.

Malcolm Macdonald Willey papers

Identifier: Mss019
Overview The collection includes correspondence, ships' bills of outfit and shipping receipts, bills of sale, deeds, contracts, wills, court proceedings, and receipts for whaling, all involving individuals, ships or property located in or around Sag Harbor, New York, and reprints of articles written by Willey dealing with various aspects of the history of Sag Harbor.

Marcia Pankake Collection of A Prairie Home Companion

Identifier: Mss096
Overview Contains Marcia Pankake's research and drafts from editing books for and about the radio show A Prairie Home Companion.

Margaret Hasse papers

Identifier: Mss107
Overview This collections contains the papers of Minneapolis (Minnesota) poet, teacher, and arts consultant Margaret Hasse, including manuscripts, correspondence, and published works, as well as material related to her teaching and commissions.

Margot Benary-Isbert - The Adventure of Growing Old manuscript

Identifier: Mss011
Overview Collection contains a typewritten manuscript.

Mark Vinz papers

Identifier: Mss110
Overview Collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, and other editorial materials from Mark Vinz's work with three Minnesota publishers.

Mary Ellen Chase - The Prophets for the Common Reader manuscript

Identifier: Mss001
Overview The collection contains a partial manuscript for "The Prophets for the Common Reader" handwritten in a spiral notebook plus two letters and a copy of the published book.

Mary Slattery Stolz Manuscripts and Clippings

Identifier: Mss012
Overview The collection comprises 23 handwritten and typewritten corrected manuscripts, and clippings of short stories and novels.

Maryanna Manfred papers

Identifier: Mss109
Scope and Contents This collection contains the manuscripts, correspondence, and personal documents of Maryanna Manfred. The collection also includes photos and correspondence from her husband's family, the Feikemas, as well as her parents’ family, the Shorba’s. Within personal documents is information on the name change from Feikema to Manfred, a personal essay written by Maryanna about her own spiritual philosophy, information on real estate owned by the Manfred’s and by her mother, a sizeable...

Max Bonnet Collection of Manuscripts

Identifier: Mss028
Overview Collection contains manuscipt notes on lectures and on various books and manuscripts.

Michael Dennis Browne Papers

Identifier: Mss065
Overview The collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and personal papers of the poet and teacher Michael Dennis Browne.

Michael Gray Papers

Identifier: Mss097
Overview The collection contains Michael Gray's administrative, research and development materials, professional correspondence, manuscripts and published works pertaining to Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa and Elvis Presley.

Michael L. Courtney Papers

Identifier: Mss054
Overview The collection includes Illinois Volunteer Infantry and United States Army commissions awarded for gallantry in the Civil War, a law degree from Columbia University, and a wedding invitation.

Mike Hazard collection of Robert Bly audiovisual materials

Identifier: Mss081B
Overview This collection contains the master tape and outtakes of the 1978 documentary on poet, translator, and social activist, Robert Bly entitled A Man Writes to a Part of Himself. It also contains other films and audio recordings in which Bly appears.

Milkweed Editions records

Identifier: Mss080
Overview This collection contains the records of Minneapolis (Minnesota) book publisher Milkweed Editions, originally founded by Emilie Buchwald and Randy "R.W." Scholes in 1979. The material includes manuscripts, correspondence, book design specifications, author biographies and press, administrative documentation, books, and issues of Milkweed Chronicle, the journal of art and literature published by the press from 1980 to 1987.

Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection

Identifier: Mss042
Overview Includes manuscripts, account books, ships' journals, travel diaries, government manuscripts, journals, etc. purchased by Library staff and consolidated in one collection.

Miscellaneous Manuscripts-II

Identifier: Mss048
Overview The collection comprises five different collections and includes samples of Noyes’ poetry, 2 holograph letters, and the original ms. of "Dead Man’s Morrice"; seven drawings by Wilfrid Huggins; four holograph letters by Ruth Draper; a collection of correspondence (holograph or typewritten) by many authors on a variety of subjects generally from the 19th century; and a second collection of holograph or typewritten correspondence and other items, mainly from the first half of the 20th century.

Naftalin Collection of John Berryman

Identifier: Mss043a
Overview Collection contains a manuscript with commentaries on Berryman's Dream Songs, and audio recordings on CD.

Notes of research on life and works of Joseph von Görres

Identifier: Mss035
Overview Collection contains historical extracts, documents, undated letters, indexes, bibliography of Görres works, and an analysis of Görres' letters.

Orson Welles - The Lady from Shanghai manuscript

Identifier: Mss004
Overview The collection comprises a mimeographed motion picture shooting script (152 leaves, 28 cm), autographed by Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles.

Oxhead Press records

Identifier: Mss089
Overview Includes publications, reviews, audio and video recordings, and other operational records created by the small press, Oxhead Press.

Paula Rabinowitz Collection of Pulp Fiction Novels

Identifier: Mss104
Abstract Includes pulp fiction novels collected by Paula Rabinowitz as inspiration for her 2014 book, American Pulp: How Paperbacks Brought Modernism to Main Street.

Pflaum Aeronautical Collection

Identifier: Mss002
Overview A collection of autographs and autographed letters and photographs from famous aviators.

Poster and Picture Collection

Identifier: Mss037
Overview The collection includes posters and pictorial materials covering architecture, travel, printing, the U.S. Civil War, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the United Nations, patriotism. Countries of origin and/or concern include the U.S., Latin America, Japan, Spain, France, U.S.S.R., Poland, Turkey, Britain, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, Holland and Canada.

Ray H. Zorn papers

Identifier: Mss094
Overview Contains correspondence, fanzines, and other publications by and about Ray H. Zorn, HP Lovecraft, and science fiction writing.

Reuel Harmon correspondence

Identifier: Mss050
Overview The collection comprises correspondence (April 17, 1945-August 13, 1945) relating to the problems of Special Services Division, Army Service Forces, in supplying U.S. Army troops in the Pacific Theater with athletic and recreation equipment, reading material and libraries. Reports and requisitions are also included.

Richard Kelly Collection

Identifier: Mss087
Abstract Collection includes research and manuscript materials related to Richard Kelly's research on John Berryman.

Robert Bly papers

Identifier: Mss081
Overview This collection contains the work of poet, writer, translator, activist, performer, literary editor, and publisher, Robert Bly. The materials include manuscripts, correspondence, journals, audiovisual items, photographs, publishers' galley proofs, news clippings, scrapbooks, and school assignments from childhood through Harvard, U.S. Naval service, State University of Iowa, and his career in writing, translating, and publishing poetry, prose, and plays.

Robert Hedin papers

Identifier: Mss112
Abstract Includes correspondence, manuscripts, drafts, published works, and other personal materials from Robert Hedin.

Robert Mezey Collection

Identifier: Mss090
Overview A collection of poems dedicated to Tony Stoneburner and written while Mezey was at Kenyon College, in Ohio.

Robert Sherwood - The Love Nest manuscript

Identifier: Mss005
Overview The collection comprises one typewritten manuscript (various foliations, 29 cm), and one letter from Sherwood to Guthrie McClintic (Nov. 2, 1926), tipped in.

Rosalynd Pflaum - The Emperor's Talisman manuscript

Identifier: Mss015
Overview The collection includes the corrected typescript, corrected carbon typescript, an uncorrected carbon typescript, a galley proof, a plate proof and two copies of the author's proof, all corrected.

Rose Muckley papers

Identifier: Mss059
Overview The collection includes correspondence to Harold Kittleson and from Ethel Andrus, two photographs of Muckley, clippings about Muckley’s published poetry and relating to the Kensington Rune Stone, a substantial collection of poetry manuscripts (chiefly by Muckley), a typescript draft of a novel "Thunder in his Hand," manuscript copies of "Good Friday Spell; A Pageant," and a copy of her published book of poetry.

Roseann Lloyd papers

Identifier: Mss108
Abstract Collection contains materials documenting the production of book publications by Roseann Lloyd, as well as posters, broadsides, and other ephemera.

Russell Roth Papers

Identifier: Mss064
Overview Collection includes correspondence, jazz recordings, lyrics and sheet music for “Easy Water”, a small library of research, and Roth’s writings, both published and unpublished.

Scott Walker Collection of Graywolf Press

Identifier: Mss095a
Overview This collection includes books printed by Graywolf Press.

Terrence Williams Collection of Poetry Broadsides

Identifier: Mss103
Overview Contains one box of broadside poetry.

The Little Sandy Review Collection

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: Mss098
Overview Collection contains a complete set of issues of The Little Sandy Review.

The Loft Benefit Poetry Reading video tapes

Identifier: Mss081L
Abstract Collection includes six video tapes and one edited DVD recordings of a benefit poetry reading from Robert Bly and other Minnesota poets.

Three Twin Cities Literary Printer-Publishers broadside collection

Identifier: Mss114
Overview Collection contains poetry broadsides.

University of Minnesota Collection of John Berryman

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: Mss043b
Abstract Collection contains materials related to the life and career of John Berryman, collected by University of Minnesota staff.

University of Minnesota Libraries collection of Robert Bly event materials

Identifier: Mss081F
Overview This collection contains materials gathered and created by the University of Minnesota Libraries staff relating to poet, translator, and activist Robert Bly.

Victoria Frenkel Harris collection of Robert Bly audio recordings

Identifier: Mss081G
Overview This collection contains audio recordings of poet, translator, social critic, and publisher, Robert Bly reading his and others' poetry.

Virginia Sorensen - I Knew a Woman manuscript

Identifier: Mss014
Overview The collection comprises a corrected typewritten manuscript, which became the first part of the novel published as Many Heavens.

WAMSO Encore Cookbook correspondence and manuscript

Identifier: Mss016
Overview The collection includes correspondence and manuscripts of recipes contributed by famous musicians to the cookbook. Included is personal correspondence which the musicians exchanged with Rosalynd Pflaum.

War in the Palatinate letters and documents

Identifier: Mss027
Overview The collection (from the Balthasard archives) contains letters from Charles Louis, Elector Palatine, and Charles Caspar von der Leyen, Elector of Trier, to Alexandre Hippolyte Balthasard, Duke of Bournonville. Enclosures with the French and German correspondence include copies of military reports from the field and a diplomatic protocol.