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Adam Shilling files

Identifier: Y.USA.73
Content Description The Adam Shilling files document the YMCA of the USA's work on impact measurement, training, and leadership development as well as its Activate America and Healthy Living programs. Materials include reports, surveys, frameworks and research, and meeting information.

Adrian Lyon papers

Identifier: Y.USA.24
Overview Papers of Adrian Lyon documenting his work at many levels within the YMCA, primarily as chairman of the General Board of the National Council of the YMCA.

Affiliated organization records of the YMCA of Metropolitan Minneapolis

Identifier: Y.MPL.002
Overview Records documenting the Metropolitan Minneapolis YMCA interactions with various related organizations, including the Ladies Auxiliary, Minneapolis Y Wives, Minneapolis Church Athletic Association (MCAA), and the Y Men's International clubs.

Annual and quarterly reports of YMCA international work in China

Identifier: Y.USA.9-1-1
Overview Collected reports, primarily quarterly and annual, of North American YMCA foreign secretaries working in various cities in China.

Army YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.65
Overview The collection includes invoices, pamphlets, program information, leases and other materials involving the two Army YMCA branches at Fort Hamilton and Fort Totten in the 1950s though 1980s.

Bedford YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.1
Overview Collected materials from the Bedford Branch of the YMCA of Greater New York, located in Brooklyn. Covers early history and founding, focuses on the 1960s and 1970s with special attention to the Board of Managers and vocational training.

Bowery YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.2
Overview Collected records of the Bowery Branch of the New York YMCA, from its early history to its merger with the YMCA Vocational Service Center in 1945.

Bronx YMCA photographs

Identifier: Y.GNY.8-1
Overview Collected photographs from the Bronx branch of the YMCA of Greater New York, primarily exterior and interior building shots and athletic activities, as well as group photos.

Bronx YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.8
Overview Collected minutes, program brochures, event memorabilia, fundraising and financial records, operations and policy materials, and annual reports, yearbooks, and other publications, from the Bronx branch of the YMCA of Greater New York.

Brooklyn Central YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.24
Overview Collected minutes, reports, correspondence, pamphlets, flyers, governing documents, fund raising material, program information and publications primarily from the Brooklyn Central branch of the YMCA of Greater New York.

Butler Street YMCA records

Identifier: Y.ATL.1
Overview Records of the Butler Street YMCA, which served primarily the African American community of Atlanta from 1894 to 2012.

Carlton Avenue YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.25
Overview Collected brochures, clippings, branch publications and reports from the Carlton YMCA branch in Brooklyn..

Cephas Brainerd papers

Identifier: Y.USA.15
Overview Correspondence, speeches, writings and biographies of Cephas Brainerd, secretary general of the YMCA International Committee from 1867-1892.

Channing Tobias papers

Identifier: Y.USA.7
Overview Papers of Channing H. Tobias, who served as senior secretary of the YMCA's Colored Work Department from 1924 to 1946, documenting his work in the area of race relations.

Charles K. Ober papers

Identifier: Y.USA.14
Overview Papers of Charles Kellogg Ober, documenting his work in the student movement of the YMCA.

Chinatown YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.88
Overview Includes Board of Managers minutes and brochures from the Chinatown branch of the YMCA of Greater New York.

Clement "Pete" Duran papers

Identifier: Y.GNY.52
Overview The collection contains the personal papers and office files of Clement A. Duran, known as Pete Duran, founder of the YMCA's Youth in Government program.

Clifford Petitt papers

Identifier: Y. USA. 33
Overview Collection contains primarily correspondence of Clifford Petitt with other YMCA leaders and an extensive manuscript autobiography of Clifford Petitt.

Colored Work Department records

Identifier: Y.USA.1
Overview Reports, correspondence, publications, and other records of the Colored Work Department and predecessor programs, established as avenues for African American participation in and service to the YMCA.

Coney Island YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.82
Overview Collection includes Board of Managers minutes.

Cross Island YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.26
Overview Collected minutes, planning documents, newspaper clippings, brochures, flyers and program announcements from the Cross Island (formerly Eastern Queens) branch of the YMCA of Greater New York.

Dalton McClelland papers

Identifier: Y.USA.28
Overview Papers of Dalton McClelland, documenting his work as general secretary in India, special secretary of the YMCA International Committee for North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, as well as representative of the YMCA World Alliance to the United Nations.

Darius A. Davis papers

Identifier: Y.USA.57
Overview Papers of Darius Alton Davis, mostly relating to his YMCA career during the 1930s and 1940s, particularly his work with World War II prisoner-of-war camps. The collection also includes personal correspondence between Davis and his wife and their daughter while she was at college.

Dick Kautz papers

Identifier: Y.USA.70
Overview Papers of agricultural industrialist and YMCA Archives patron Richard C. "Dick" Kautz, documenting his volunteer work as chairman of the National Board of the YMCAs United States and for the World Alliance of YMCAs, as well as for the Muscatine, Iowa YMCA.

Dodge YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.81
Overview The collection contains the Dodge branch Board of Managers meeting notebooks for 2014.

Eastern District YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.5
Overview Collected materials from the Eastern District Branch of the YMCA of Greater New York. This collection covers governance, administration, facilities, and history of this branch.

Edward Arnoldi papers

Identifier: Y.GNY.54
Overview The collection consists of materials related to the work of Edward Arnoldi, long time staff member of the YMCA of Greater New York.

Emma Young Dickson papers

Identifier: Y.USA.8
Overview Correspondence, diaries and other papers of Emma Young Dickson, documenting her service with the YMCA in France during World War I.

Eugene Barnett papers

Identifier: Y.USA.25
Overview Papers of Eugene Barnett documenting, in part, his work with Chinese YMCAs and his international travels in his role as general secretary of the International Committee.

Flatbush YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.6
Overview Collected materials from the Flatbush Branch of the YMCA of Greater New York, located in Brooklyn. This collection consists of governance, public programs, fundraising and development, financial information, and facilities.

Flushing YMCA photographs

Identifier: Y.GNY.23-1
Overview Includes black and white photographs, primarily 5 x 8 images, of events, buildings and people at the Flushing YMCA in Queens, New York. The collection includes a small number of snapshot-size photographs.

Flushing YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.23
Overview Collected minutes, reports, clippings, program announcements, fundraising material. correspondence and building plans from the Flushing branch of the YMCA of Greater New York.

Francis S. Harmon papers

Identifier: Y.USA.20
Overview Collection contains correspondence, news clippings, articles written by and about Harmon, speeches given by Harmon, as well as travel letters written during his extensive world travels.

Frank Kiehne papers

Identifier: Y.USA.69
Overview The Frank Kiehne Papers reflect Kiehne's life long involvement in the YMCA from his experience as a youth program director in Chicago in 1947 to his retirement as the Secretary for Refugees and Rehabilitation for the World Alliance of YMCAs in 1990.

François L. Sheats papers

Identifier: Y.GNY.55
Overview The collection consists of the subject files and correspondence of François L. Sheats, director of public relations for the YMCA of Greater New York from 1957 to 1972.

Gayle J. Lathrop papers

Identifier: Y.GNY.71
Overview The collection includes reports, event programs, planning materials, studies, reports, minutes, clippings and other materials related to branches and camping collected by Gayle J. Lathrop.

George Jaynes papers

Identifier: Y.GNY.57
Overview The collection consists of the papers of George A. Jaynes, who served the New York City Y in a variety of administrative and financial positions during his 30-year career.

George Williams College records

Identifier: Y.GWC.1
Overview Records documenting the operations, administration, and academic output of George Williams College from its origins in the 1880s to its eventual merger with Aurora University in the mid-1980s, especially including dissertations and theses.

George Williams College theses and dissertations

Identifier: Y.GWC.1-1
Overview Theses and dissertations produced by students of George Williams College in partial fulfillment of the requirements for bachelors and masters degrees.

Gilbert Beaver papers

Identifier: Y.USA.19
Overview Correspondence and reports documenting YMCA student work and foreign work, especially in China during the early 20th century.

Governors Island (Army / Fort Jay) YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.32
Overview Collected correspondence, minutes, brochures and historical material from the Governors Island YMCA..

Greater New York YMCA Camping Services records

Identifier: Y.GNY.9
Overview Collected minutes, planning documents, correspondence about property and budgets, brochures and flyers, and materials from individual camps run by the YMCA of Greater New York.

Greenpoint YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.31
Overview Includes collected minutes, correspondence, program information, membership data and financial reports of the Greenpoint YMCA.

Grosvenor Neighborhood House YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.37
Overview Collected documents related to the relationship and merger between Grosvenor Neighborhood House and the YMCA of Greater New York as well as operating documents that governed the merged organizations.

H. Nevin Gehman papers

Identifier: Y.GNY.72
Overview The H. Nevin Gehman collection contains studies, proposals, correspondence and resports related primarily to fund raising collected by H. Nevin Gehman at the YMCA of Greater New York

Harlem YMCA (125th Street) records

Identifier: Y.GNY.3
Overview Collected materials from the 125th Street Harlem Branch covering governance, programming, financial, and historical materials from 1855-1922.

Harlem YMCA (135th Street) records

Identifier: Y.GNY.4
Overview Collected materials from the African American Harlem Branch of the YMCA of Greater New York. This collection covers governance and public programming with special attention to the Black Achievers program, which honors African Americans who distinguish themselves from their peers in a positive way.

Harlem YMCA photographs

Identifier: Y.GNY.4-1
Overview Collected photographic images from the Harlem Branch of the YMCA of Greater New York, located on West 135th Street in Manhattan.

Harold L. Cook papers

Identifier: Y.GNY.69
Overview Materials about branch building and renovation projects collected by Harold L. Cook during the 1980s.

Harper Sibley papers

Identifier: Y.USA.26
Overview Mostly personal materials on Harper Sibley and his wife, Georgiana's 50th anniversary and letters of condolence sent to Georgiana on Harper's death. Also included is correspondence concerning Harper's work with the YMCA.

Henry M. Orne papers

Identifier: Y.GNY.56
Overview The collection consists of the correspondence of Henry M. Orne during his years of service as associate and general secretary at the 23rd Street branch (now McBurney branch) of the YMCA of the City of New York.

Henry V. Lione papers

Identifier: Y.GNY.60
Overview The collection consists of files related to the fundraising work of Henry V. Lione of the YMCA of Greater New York.

Herb Minard papers

Identifier: Y.USA.67
Overview The collection includes biographical material, speeches and articles, and correspondence between Herbert L. Minard and other YMCA professionals, mostly dating from the transitional period between his stints in China and Jerusalem, and the months leading up to his retirement in 1973. Also included is information on the Nanking Union Church at which Minard was a Pastor during his time in China.

Herbert Parker Lansdale, Jr. papers

Identifier: Y.USA.22
Overview Geneaological material, correspondence, speeches and other largely personal materials from Lansdale's work with the YMCA in the United States and Greece.

Holiday Hills YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.38
Overview Collected minutes, correspondence, brochures and planning documents from the Holiday Hills branch of the YMCA of Greater New York. .

Intercollegiate YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.42
Overview Includes minutes, program information, correspondence and reports of the Intercollegiate Branch of the YMCA of Greater New York and its associated university clubs.

International work building files

Identifier: Y.USA.9-4
Overview Correspondence, minutes, reports, financial records, pamphlets, maps, newspaper articles and other records regarding the building projects of the North American YMCA’s international work division, especially during the post-world war eras, when reconstruction was a major focus of the YMCA's activities.

International work subject files

Identifier: Y.USA.9-3
Overview Subject files comprised of correspondence, reports, minutes, memoranda, and printed material concerning various aspects of YMCA work abroad, especially financial issues, boys' work, and war work.

Interracial programs records

Identifier: Y.USA.2
Overview Reports, correspondence, and other records documenting various committees, programs, and conferences intended to monitor and promote the process of integration and the elimination of racial inequality within the YMCA, as well as to identify and address the unmet needs of African American and other non-white people served by the organization.

Jamaica YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.46
Overview Collected minutes, anniversary programs, newspaper clippings and other documents related to the Jamaica Branch of the YMCA of Greater New York.

James B. Tompkins papers

Identifier: Y.GNY.44
Overview The collection includes branch planning materials, handbooks, project reports, conference reports, speeches, financial materials and facilities information collected by James B. Tompkins during the 1970s and 1980s.

James F. Whyte papers

Identifier: Y.GNY.66
Overview The collections contains correspondence, reports, memos, staff rosters, program information and other materials collected by James F. Whyte during his tenure as vice president for communications and membership services.

James O. Stephenson papers

Identifier: Y.GNY.73
Overview Correspondence, memos, reports and planning documents collected by James O. Stephenson while he was director of program services at the YMCA of Greater New York.

Jay Urice papers

Identifier: Y.USA.31
Overview Papers of Jay Urice, primarily from his early career with the YMCA, including his reference and research files.

Jesse Alexander papers

Identifier: Y.USA.6
Overview Papers documenting the YMCA career of Jesse N. Alexander, Jr., particularly his work in the area of race relations within the movement and his involvement with the National Conference of Black and Non-White YMCA Staff (BAN-WYS).

John R. Mott papers

Identifier: Y.USA.13
Overview Papers of John R. Mott, a dominant figure in the YMCA of the early 20th century, documenting, in part, his work with the North American YMCA.

Joseph A. Benitez papers

Identifier: Y.GNY.63
Overview The collection consists primarily of reports related to branches of the YMCA of Greater New York assembled by Joseph A. Benitez.

K. Brooke Anderson papers

Identifier: Y.USA.27
Overview Papers of K. Brooke Anderson documenting his relief work in the Middle East, first with YMCA prisoner of war work and later representing other church organizations with refugees in the Gaza Strip.

Leo Marsh papers

Identifier: Y.USA.3
Overview Papers of Leo Bergman Marsh, YMCA National Board staff member and leader, documenting his career in the YMCA, which spanned the years from 1928 to 1976. The bulk of the papers concern his extensive work promoting improved race relations within the movement.

Linda Wolf Jones papers

Identifier: Y.GNY.83
Overview The collection includes materials related to Linda Wolf Jones's work as Director of Public Policy at the YMCA of Greater New York, focusing on issues involving tax exempt status, housing, and public policy organizations within and outside the Y.

Long Island City YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.7
Overview Collected minutes, reports, fundraising material, brochures, clippings, and newsletters from the Long Island City YMCA of Greater New York, located in Queens.

Louis Penningroth and family papers and research files

Identifier: Y.USA.53
Overview Records documenting the life of Louis Penningroth, who served in the YMCA's international POW-relief efforts during WWI in Europe and Russia. Includes Penningroth family papers, as well as research compiled by Phil Penningroth for a novel detailing Louis's trip to Russia to negotiate the release of Allied POWs in 1919.

Marvin Ludwig papers

Identifier: Y.USA.35
Overview Papers of Marvin Ludwig, documenting his work with the YMCA in the United States and Africa. The majority of the materials reflect Ludwig's interest in work with African YMCAs, especially the establishment in Ethiopian YMCA in the 1950s and 1960s and its re-establishment in the 1990s.

Max W. Clowers papers

Identifier: Y.USA.39
Overview The collection contains documents concerning the International Association of Retired Directors [of YMCAs], (IARD); speeches, articles as well as personal correspondence. Slides concerning the establishment of Camp Olson located in Longville, MN, the Sioux Indian YMCA and personal events are also part of the collection.

Max Yergan papers

Identifier: Y.USA.71
Overview Papers by and about Max Yergan, who pioneered YMCA work in South Africa during the 1920s and 1930s.

McBurney YMCA photographs

Identifier: Y.GNY.13-1
Overview Black and white photographs of the McBurney Branch of the YMCA of Greater New York. Subjects include buildings, programs and activities. The collection is particularly rich in photos from the period before 1900.

McBurney YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.13
Overview Collected minutes, correspondence, reports, fund-raising material, financial records, brochures, correspondence and letter books, statistical and other reports, clippings, and publications, from the McBurney YMCA of Greater New York, located in Manhattan.

Melvyn H. Zander papers

Identifier: Y.GNY.62
Overview The collection contains financial and accounting file of Melvyn H. Zander, treaurer and head of finance at the YMCA of Greater New York in the 1980s.

Minneapolis YMCA Boys' Work and Youth Services Records

Identifier: Y.MPL.003
Overview Records documenting YMCA Minneapolis programs focused on boys' work and youth development. This series includes materials on various notable YMCA programs as Indian Guides, Gra-Y, Junior Hi-Y, Hi-Y, Youth in Government, Model United Nations, and Summer Work Training.

Minneapolis YMCA Branch Records

Identifier: Y.MPL.004
Overview Records documenting the administration and evolution of the YMCA of Metropolitan Minneapolis branch system at the individual branch level. Available records include committee minutes, financial records, campaigns, programs, and marketing materials.

Minneapolis YMCA Camping Services Records

Identifier: Y.MPL.005
Overview Records documenting the administration of the camping programs of the YMCA Minneapolis are contained, including Camps Icaghowan, Ihduhapi, Menogyn, Warren, and various day camps. Available records include committee minutes, finances, evaluations, annual reports, and marketing materials.

Minneapolis YMCA General Administrative Records

Identifier: Y.MPL.006
Overview Records documenting the administration and evolution of the YMCA of Metropolitan Minneapolis organization, including committee minutes, finances, campaigns, general correspondence, reports, international and World Service activities, programs, and marketing and public relations materials.

Minneapolis YMCA Photographs, Slides, and Audiovisual Materials

Identifier: Y.MPL.007
Overview Photographs, slides, and audiovisual materials depicting the buildings, programs, events, and activities of the Minneapolis YMCA.

Minneapolis YMCA Print Materials

Identifier: Y.MPL.001
Overview Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and pamphlets highlighting the programs and activities of the Minneapolis YMCA.

Miscellaneous New York YMCA branch photographs

Identifier: Y.GNY.22
Overview Photographs of YMCA of Greater New York branches, buildings and activities.

Miscellaneous YMCA research, planning and development records

Identifier: Y.USA.34
Overview Reports, correspondence, publications, minutes, and other records from various YMCA of the USA departments dealing with research and planning.

Neighborhood Youth YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.39
Overview Contains minutes, printed brochures and flyers, and correspondence related to the Neighborhood Youth branch of the YMCA of Greater New York.

New Utrecht YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.36
Overview Contains printed materials from the New Utrecht YMCA.

New York City YMCA building and property records

Identifier: Y.GNY.77
Overview The collection includes contracts, inventories, blueprints and designs, bid documents, maintenance schedules, needs assessments, training materials, energy audits, appraisals, insurance policies and other materials related to the buildings and property owned by the YMCA of Greater New York. The bulk of the collection is from the period 1960-1990.

New York City YMCA development and finance files

Identifier: Y.GNY.75
Overview The collections contains letters, training materials, lists of donors and volunteers, studies, reports, surveys, case statements, brochures, tax forms, bank records, audit reports, and ledgers related to development and finance at the YMCA of Greater New York .

New York City YMCA public relations files

Identifier: Y.GNY.76
Overview The collection contains correspondence, examples of advertising and other printed material, press clippings, TV and radio scripts, promotional videos, newslettes, surveys, reports, contact lists and other items related to marketing and pubic relations at the YMCA of Greater New York.

New York City YMCA staff and board rosters

Identifier: Y.GNY.78
Overview The collections consists of lists of employees and board members during the years 1852-1988.

New York YMCA annual reports

Identifier: Y.GNY.45
Overview Annual reports of the YMCA of the City of New York, YMCA of Greater New York, Brooklyn Young Men's Christian Association, and Brooklyn and Queens Young Men's Christian Association for the period 1852-2000.

New York YMCA audio-visual materials

Identifier: Y.GNY.18
Overview Collected video (VHS), audio, film and photographic marketing and promotional materials used by the YMCA of Greater New York to publicize its programs and events. The collection also includes audio and video documentation of YMCA events such as General Assemblies, Dodge dinners and lunches, fund-raising events and radio and television broadcasts.

New York YMCA Board of Directors records

Identifier: Y.GNY.47
Overview Collected records of the YMCA of Greater New York Board of Directors and its subcommittees. The materials cover the period from the 1850s to the 2000s.

New York YMCA Board of Trustees records

Identifier: Y.GNY.50
Overview Records of the Board of Trustees of the YMCA of Greater New York.

New York YMCA Camping Services photographs

Identifier: Y.GNY.9-1
Overview Collected photographic images from the Camping Services Department illustrating the history of 14 overnight and day camps operated by the YMCA of Greater New York.

New York YMCA human resources files

Identifier: Y.GNY.74
Overview The collection contains correspondence, position announcements, personnel files, newsletters and other publications, subject files related to human resources, brochures, policy manuals, reports and training material involving human resources activities at the YMCA of Greater New York. Also includes files of national YMCA employee organizations such as Employee Alliance and Employed Officers Relief Fund.

New York YMCA International Program Services records

Identifier: Y.GNY.89
SCOPE AND CONTENTS OF THE COLLECTION The collection primarily contains materials collected by Alice (Bonnie) Mairs, for many years head of the International branch and its successor, International Program Services, until her retirement in 2005. The collection includes Board of Managers minutes, information about sources of grant funding, material about the relationship between the YMCA in New York City and the United Nations, material related to the World Alliance of YMCAs, information about exchange programs, and training...

New York YMCA memorabilia

Identifier: Y.GNY.87
Overview Includes flags, banners, awards and plaques, pins, badges and patches, souvenirs, medals and clothing with YMCA logos or other branding.

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