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A Century of Minnesota Architecture photographs

Identifier: N1
Overview The collection consists of 100 photograph illustrations taken by Jerome Liebling for A Century of Minnesota Architecture, edited by Donald Torbert.

A. Moorman and Company collection

Identifier: N56
Overview Collection contains the plans for the First National Bank of Coleraine, Minnesota, designed by A. Moorman and Company.

Ackerberg papers

Identifier: N234
Overview The collection consists of 27 sets of drawings for a variety of buildings design by Sandy Ackerberg, Ackerberg and Cooperman, or Ackerberg Associates, architects. There are specifications available for 14 of the commissions.

Albert G. Plagens collection

Identifier: N161
Overview Collection contains plans for the Ceylon School and the Prince of Glory Lutheran Church, designed by architect Albert G. Plagens.

Albert Hoffmeyer memorial slide collection

Identifier: N260
Overview This collection contains photographs taken by Albert Hoffmeyer. Subjects primarily include the local architecture of the Twin Cities, as well as some candid shots of friends and family.

Albert R. van Dyck papers

Identifier: N52
Overview Collection contains plans of buildings designed by Albert van Dyck, as well as photographs of residential interiors from homes in the Twin Cities area.

Alexander Rose papers

Identifier: N140
Overview Collection contains blueprints for one building designed by architect Alexander Rose.

Alexandria (Minn.) high school plans

Identifier: N139
Overview Collection contains blueprints of the Alexandria (Minn.) high school building.

Alfonso Iannelli collection

Identifier: N235
Overview A small group of miscellaneous papers; includes twophotos, one sketch and two letters between Iannelli and George Dean re: Assembly Hall, Duluth (MN)

Alfred H. Wheeler collection

Identifier: N73
Overview Collection comprises blueprints and photocopies for the Northwestern Shot and Leadworks Warehouse in Saint Paul, Minnesota

American Society of Interior Designers, Minnesota Chapter records

Identifier: N286
Overview The American Society of Interior Designers, Minnesota Chapter Records includes administrative records, Showcase homes photographs and planning records, design periodicals, and organizational histories.

American Swedish Institute collection

Identifier: N10
Overview Collection consists of two unbuilt plans for the Turnblad residence, by architects Frank G. Cauffman and W. H. Dennis. The third set of plans is for the Posten Building, designed by C.A. Boehme.

American Terra Cotta and Ceramic Company

Identifier: N5
Overview The collection contains shop drawings from the American, Midland, Indianapolis and Winkle Terra Cotta Companies, along with photographs, negatives, order books and indexes.

Andrews Hotel collection

Identifier: N116
Overview Collection includes photographs and plans of the Old Andrews Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Anton Jensen papers

Identifier: N135
Overview Collection contains the plans of the Files and Nash residences, designed by architect Anton Jensen.

Archie G. Parish collection

Identifier: N256
Overview This collection contains coorespondence, school work, sketches and articles relating to Archie G. Parishs' time as a student and architect

Architects’ interviews collection

Identifier: N148
Overview Collection includes interviews by George M. Goodwin of four architects: Gunnar Birkerts, Helmut Jahn, Philip Johnson, and Cesar Pelli, who express their opinions on significant examples and influences on 20th century architecture.

Arthur Dickey papers

Identifier: N297
Overview Collection contains plans of residences and buildings designed by Arthur Dickey Architects, Inc.

Ashelman and Gage collection

Identifier: N54
Overview Collection contains plans for a residence in Hillsboro, North Dakota, designed by architects Ashelman and Gage.

Association of Women in Architecture papers

Identifier: N145
Overview This AWA collection incorporates the Alpha Alpha Gamma (AAG) national sorority and Beta Chapter of AAG, University of Minnesota. Included are Beta chapter meeting minutes and notices, Beta Chapter and national convention agendas, correspondence, financial records, membership records, newsletters, scrapbooks and other materials.

Augustus F. Gauger papers

Identifier: N122
Overview Collection contains specifications and original drawings and blueprint reproductions for about 140 buildings designed by architect Augustus F. Gauger.

Barnett and Record Company collection

Identifier: N149
Overview Collection contains plans for two buildings designed by the Barnett & Record Company.

Bentz, Thompson, Rietow (BTR) records

Identifier: N239
Overview This collection contains the correspondence, specifications, photographs, drawings, and other related materials to projects by the firm Bentz, Thompson, Rietow (BTR).

Bertrand and Chamberlin collection

Identifier: N168
Overview Collection contains plans for five buildings, including the Minneapolis Athletic Club, designed by the architectural firm of Bertrand & Chamberlin.

Beverly Wachsmuth papers

Identifier: N110
Overview The collection includes original drawings, sample materials boards, and photographs for office and other interior design projects at Syracuse University, IBM Corporation (New York), Oak Hill Country Club (Minneapolis MN), Xerox Corporation (New York) and Welch Foods (Westfield NY), among others.

Bissell, Belair and Green papers

Identifier: N74a
Overview Collection contains drawings of over 250 projects, as well as photographs and some specifications, designed by the architectural firm of Bissell, Belair and Green.

Boehme and Cordella collection

Identifier: N203
Overview Collection contains the blueprints for the Minneapolis Brewing Company (Grain Belt Brewery) warehouse in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Bray and Nystrom papers

Identifier: N94
Overview Collection includes plans for hotels, schools and civic buildings designed by the architectural firm of Bray and Nystrom.

Brooks Cavin papers

Identifier: N118
Overview Collection contains original drawings, photographs, specifications and job files by the architectural firms of Brooks Cavin.

Buechner Orth papers

Identifier: N58
Overview The collection contains orginal drawings and some specifications for many Buechner and Orth projects plus some from the Buechner & Jacobsen practice. Among the buildings documented with plans are the St. Paul Labor Temple (1922), Lagoon Theatre (Minneapolis, 1915), several buildings for Luther Seminary in St. Paul (1921, 1923), the Henry Orth residence (St. Paul, 1915), Shriners' Hospital (Minneapolis, 1922). In addition, there are drawings for 19 courthouses in Minnesota and the Dakotas...

Builders Exchange of St. Paul records

Identifier: N62
Overview Collection contains bound copies of minutes of Board of Directors meetings (1909-ongoing), and bound copies of the Weekly Newsletter (1912-ongoing).

C. P. Pesek collection

Identifier: N209
Overview Collection contains plans for the Sigma Nu fraternity house at the University of Minnesota, designed by architect C. P. Pesek.

C. W. Farnham collection

Identifier: N193
Overview Collection contains blueprints for three buildings in Minneapolis, Minnesota designed by architect C. W. Farnham.

C.A.P. Turner collection

Identifier: N137
Overview Collection contains plans for the Minneapolis Brewing Company and Walker Commission Warehouse, engineered by C.A.P. Turner.

Carl Gage collection

Identifier: N188
Overview Collection consists of plans for two homes designed by Carl Gage.

Carl H. Buetow papers

Identifier: N124
Overview Collection contains the original drawings, renderings and job files for over 220 buildings designed by architect Carl Buetow.

Carl R. Betcher collection

Identifier: N34
Overview Collection contains blueprints for approximately 125 residences by builder Carl Betcher.

Carl Stravs collection

Identifier: N131
Overview Collection contains blueprints and plans for buildings designed by architect Carl Stravs.

Cass Gilbert collection

Identifier: N15
Overview Collection contains studies of the University of Minnesota campus plans and plans for the Roselawn Cemetery.

Cerny Associates papers

Identifier: N29
Overview The collection includes extensive working drawings, microfilm, photographs, job files, and specifications. It includes examples of the work of all the successive partnerships from 1886 to 1978, and a collection of specifications from Thorshov and Cerny and from Cerny Associates for later work.

C.F. Haglin Company papers

Identifier: N33
Overview The collection consists of drawings and some specifications from the architects for whom Haglin built structures. Among the buildings are Grain Exchange (1901), Cream of Wheat Company warehouse and factory (1905), Federal Reserve Bank (1921), Nicollet Hotel (1923), Radisson Hotel (1908-09), all in Minneapolis. The Peavey Grain Elevator in Duluth (1899), the Puritan Office Building in Detroit (1926), the Watkins Medical Company warehouse in Winona (1913-14), CP Railroad elevator in Fort William,...

C.G. Maybury papers

Identifier: N88
Overview Collection contains photoreproductions of plans for the Ellsworth Ara Sprague residence (Caledonia, MN), and ink on linen drawings for the residence of the Rev. Charles F. Garvin (St. Paul, MN), both designed by architect C.G. Maybury.

Charles A. Hausler papers

Identifier: N6
Overview Collection contains watercolor renderings, sketches, and photographs from Charles Hausler's private practice, documenting more than one hundred buildings, including civic and commercial structures, churches, residences, banks, hospitals, and schools.

Charles Pohlmann papers

Identifier: N222
Overview This collection contains job files, drawings, photographs, and slides of liturgical designs by Charles Pohlmann, and of buildings designed by others.

Charles S. Frost papers

Identifier: N48
Overview Collection includes plans for several railroad stations in Minnesota, designed by architect Charles Frost.

Chuck Sullivan papers

Identifier: N231
Overview This collection contains drawings, project files, planning documents, and trade literature pertaining to the work of The Sullivan Group Architects, Inc.

Churches of Minnesota

Identifier: N274
Overview The collection contains research notes, clippings, and church-related publications, including a wide variety of pamphlets and self-published, commemorative works by the congregations themselves.

Clarence H. Johnston papers

Identifier: N46
Overview The papers contain original drawings and prints for a number of Johnston's buildings, including Ancker Hospital (St. Paul, 1889), College of St. Theresa Chapel in Winona MN (1924-26), St. Paul YMCA (1906-7). The collection also contains photographs for 25 buildings and specifications for 6 more, plus 5 volumes of account ledgers detailing costs of construction for several hundred projects completed between 1905 and 1959.

Claude H. Smith papers

Identifier: N95
Overview Collection includes three sets of plans for buildings designed by architect Claude H. Smith.

Close Associates papers

Identifier: N78
Overview Collection contains working drawings, correspondence, contracts, cost estimates and specifications for hundreds of structures, mostly residences, designed by the Close Associates architectural firm.

Cone and Peterson papers

Identifier: N84
Overview Collection includes original drawings, photographs, correspondence and business records for various structures, mostly churches, designed by the architectural firm of Cone and Peterson.

Craig Starbird collection

Identifier: N212
Overview Collection contains plans for theatres, constructed in the Midwest, during in the 1920s.

David Salmela papers

Identifier: N199
Overview Collection contains the papers of Duluth, Minnesota based architect David Salmela.

Design One, Inc. collection

Identifier: N166
Overview Collection contains plans for Fairmount Housing (Fairmount, Minnesota), designed by the architectural firm Design One, Inc.

Don E. Harley papers

Identifier: N242
Overview This collection is the near-complete body of work from the industrial design firm Don E. Harley & Associates. It contains approximately 7,000 detailed colored presentation drawings, design concepts, and artists’ renditions, notable for their highly skilled draftsmanship. A continuum of the initial presentation drawings, nearly 6,500 production (i.e. mechanical) drawings represent the next stage of the product’s development. An estimated 12,500 slides of the present art-work (as well as...

Donald R. Torbert collection

Identifier: N8
Overview Collection consists of photographs of residences, commercial buildings, churches, bridges, hotels, government structures, and other buildings gathered by Donald Torbert.

Downs and Eads collection

Identifier: N51
Overview Collection contains plans for four commercial structures, designed by the architectural firm of Downs and Eads.

Drake Marble Co. papers

Identifier: N157
Overview Collection contains photographs of Drake Marble Co. installations.

Duluth stained glass collection

Identifier: N132
Overview Collection contains 65 slides of stained glass from buildings in Duluth and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Dunedin Terrace Housing Project collection

Identifier: N23
Overview Collection contains 45 photographs showing construction of the Dunedin Terrace public housing project in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Dwight Churchill collection

Identifier: N171
Overview Collection contains the plans of buildings in Minnesota designed by architect Dwight Churchill.

E. S. Stebbins papers

Identifier: N74
Overview The collection includes specifications, correspondence, estimates and photographs for more than 170 residences, churches, court houses, schools and other structures in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest. Also included are the original drawings for nearly 40 buildings, including the Crookston Minnesota Public School (1881), Holy Rosary Convent (Minneapolis, 1887), Polk County Court House (Minnesota, 1881), Stryker Seminary (St. Anthony Park Minnesota, 1889) and numerous residences.

Edmund Prondzinski collection

Identifier: N240
Overview This collection contains exterior alteration drawings for the Chamber of Commerce Building in Minneapolis.

Edward H. Enger collection

Identifier: N207
Overview Collection contains plans for two schools designed by architect Edward H. Enger.

Edward Larrabee Barnes collection

Identifier: N127
Overview Collection contains plans designed by Edward Larrabee Barnes for a remodel of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

Edward Renwick manuscript

Identifier: N102
Overview Consists of a manuscript by Edward A. Renwick detailing his life and career up until 1932.

Edward V. Lofstrom papers

Identifier: N185
Overview Collection contains prints, files and drawings by Minnesota architect Edward V. Lofstrom.

Edwin H. Lundie papers

Identifier: N86
Overview The collection represents the complete work of master draftsman and architect Edwin H. Lundie. Included are renderings, working drawings for his buildings, specifications, scrapbooks, diaries, photographs, and his architectural library of more then a hundred volumes.

Edwin Larson papers

Identifier: N217
Overview This collection contains the personal and business-related materials of Edwin Laron, architect, in the firm of Ellerbe & Co. from 1924-1968.

Eileen Manning Michels papers

Identifier: N298
Overview The Eileen Michels papers includes papers related to her work as an architectural historian. Material includes research on Harvey Ellis, her involvement in the Society of Architectural Historians, Michel's education, research files, publications by Michels, as well as general publications related to art and architectural history.

Ekman, Holm and Company collection

Identifier: N215
Overview Collection contains the plans for the Lake Amusement Company theatre and store building (El Lago Theatre) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, designed by Ekman, Holm & Co.

E.L. King residence (Rockledge) plans

Identifier: N181
Overview Collection contains the plans of the 1928 renovation of the E.L. King residence "Rockledge."

Electus Litchfield papers

Identifier: N40
Overview Collection consists of mylar reproducibles of the front and rear elevations and the roof plans for the St. Paul Public Library

Ellerbe Architects papers

Identifier: N4
Overview The collection contains tracings, drawings and specifications for 45 buildings, including the working drawings for the Mayo Clinic 1914 building and Mayo's Plummer Building, the St. Paul City Hall & Courthouse, the Chateau Dodge Theater in Rochester, MN, the Blackhawk Hotel of Davenport, Iowa, and several private residences.

Emma F. Brunson papers

Identifier: N123
Overview The collection consists of specifications and plan sets for about 15 residences and private garages. Most of the plans are blueprint reproductions. Houses documented in the collection include those for Emma Brunson (1925), Hugo Koch (1923), Theodore Maier (1926), C.E. Smith (1926) and Dr. W.B. Stone (n.d.), all in St. Paul.

Emmanuel Louis Masqueray collection

Identifier: N12
Overview Collection includes drawings for the Cathedral of St. Paul (St. Paul, Minnesota) as well as drawings for four other churches, an orphan asylum, and St. Joseph's College (Dubuque, Iowa). The collection also includes photographs, notes, and watercolor paintings.

Ernest C. Haley collection

Identifier: N218
Overview Collection contains blueprints for the Tri-State Telephone Building (Minneapolis, MN), designed by architect Ernest C. Haley.

Ernest Kennedy papers

Identifier: N60
Overview Collection includes plans for residences, including the Charles A. Pillsbury and Gilbert Walker residences, designed by architect Ernest J. Kennedy.

Federal Building (Duluth MN) collection

Identifier: N138
Overview Collection contains the plans of the Federal Building in Duluth, Minnesota.

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis collection

Identifier: N81
Overview Collection contains a presentation volume, photographs, plans and perspectives of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

Flour City Ornamental Iron Works Company records

Identifier: N120
Overview Collection contains photographs, certificates and account books of the Flour City Ornamental Iron Works Company.

Foss Foss plans

Identifier: N184
Overview Collection contains the blueprints for a residence designed by Foss & Foss Architects.

Foster Dunwiddie papers

Identifier: N142
Overview Collection contains reports, papers, and lectures from Foster Dunwiddie's historic preservation classes at the University of Minnesota and materials from his personal collection.

Frank Horner papers

Identifier: N106
Overview Collection contains the papers of Frank Horner, including job files, specifications and plan sets.

Frank Kartowicz papers

Identifier: N68
Overview Collection consists of blueprints of working drawings for pre-built small house units of various designs. The text of the original patent for pre-fabricated building units is included in the collection as well as sets of plans illustrating the construction of such structures.

Frank Kerr papers

Identifier: N151
Overview Collection contains plans, job files, specifications and photographs for over 300 commissions by architect Frank Kerr; this includes designs commissioned for the various partnerships with which he was associated, such as Kerr-Johnson Architects.

Frank Lloyd Wright collection

Identifier: N19
Overview Collection contains renderings and blueprints for residences and other structures designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Mirovsky collection

Identifier: N190
Overview Collection contains photographs, catalogs and other materials regarding Donaldson's Department Store. Also contains historic photographs of Minneapolis.

Frank Reese papers

Identifier: N196
Overview The collections contains over 900 sets of drawings, job files and specifications for architectural commissions ranging from apartment buildings and condominiums to churches and commercial structures (stores, manufacturing plants, etc.), along with office files containing marketing, publicity and other internal office files.

Frank Thayer collection

Identifier: N80
Overview Collection contains 9 sheets of elevations and floor plans for the Dinehard-Holt residence in Slayton, Minnesota, designed by architect Frank Thayer.

Fraternity Row (University of Minnesota) collection

Identifier: N214
Overview Collection contains the plans of a remodel of the Delta Chi Chapter House at the University of Minnesota, designed by A. F. Preusch.

Frederick Corser papers

Identifier: N76
Overview Collection contains the plans of one home designed by architect Frederick Corser.

Frederick Strauel papers

Identifier: N38
Overview Collection contains elevations and floor plans for eight residences, drafted by Frederick Strauel.

Fremont D. Orff collection

Identifier: N98
Overview Collection contains the plans of two buildings designed by Fremont D. Orff.

Gargoyle Club records

Identifier: N225
Overview Minutes, annual reports, correspondence, financial material, publicity and other organizational records of a club for architects and draftsmen based in St. Paul, MN, founded in 1913.

Gene Rosenblum papers

Identifier: N180
Overview Collection consists of real estate materials belonging to Gene H. Rosenblum.

George F. Cook Construction Company records

Identifier: N133
Overview The collection consists of 85 sets of blueprints, representing some of the most important early buildings in the Twin Cities, including the Blake School in Hopkins; Saint Barnabas Hospital, the Northeast Neighborhood House and the Citizens Aid Building in Minneapolis; along with a number of plan sets for the residences of prominent Minneapolis families such as the Crosbys, Harringtons and Van Dusens, among others.

George J. Schroepfer papers

Identifier: N43
Overview Collection contains contract drawings and specifications for more than one hundred water and sewage treatment plants throughout the U.S., plus articles, reports and contract documents.

George L. Levin collection

Identifier: N55
Overview Collection contains the records of George L. Levin's architectural practice.

Gordon Oschwald papers

Identifier: N267

This collection consists of working drawings and renderings documenting Gordon Oschwald's extensive professional career as an architect, designer, and draftsman in the greater Minnesota and Twin Cities areas.

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