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3-Legged Race New Theater and Performance records

Identifier: PA074
Overview This collections contains materials relating to performance arts in aerialism, clowning, dance, theater, video and puppetry. The records are all contained in 3-ring binders, organized chronologically by year, from 1996 to 2003.

Adam DeGross photograph collection

Identifier: PA115a
Overview Collection contains photographs of punk and subculture musicians and audiences.

Aina Swan Cutler audio collection

Identifier: PA106
Overview Includes recordings of Aina Swan Cutler's work set to music on audio cassette.

Al Haug / New Riverside Café Collection

Identifier: PA122
Overview Collection includes audio cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes primarily of performances and practice sessions held at the New Riverside Café. Additionally, there are posters and flyers from performances [circa 1970s-1997], newspaper clippings about the café and performers who played there, some administrative paperwork regarding the management of the collective, and promotional materials and correspondence from musicians interested in performing at the venue.

Alive and Trucking Theater Company records

Identifier: PA088
Overview The collection contains scrapbooks, videos, and a published work chronicling the activities of the Alive and Trucking Theater Company

Amelia Howe Kritzer Collection of 19th and Early 20th Century Scripts

Identifier: PA152
Overview Collection contains antique play scripts, theater prints and postcards, and a toy theater collected by Dr. Amelia Howe Kritzer.

American Composers Forum records

Identifier: PA105
Overview Collection containsaudio/visual recordings, scores, publications, and administrative materialcreated by the Minnesota Composers Forum/American Composers Forum.

Ananya Dance Theatre records

Identifier: PA137
Overview Collection contains press clippings, publications, and administrative records related to the the intellectual and creative work of the Ananya Dance Theatre.

Anna Pavlova papers

Identifier: PA015
Overview Collection contains papers documenting the career of the prima ballerina, Anna Pavlova.

Arthur J. Gaines photograph collection

Identifier: PA012A
Overview Collection includes inscribed photographs from performers who worked with Arthur J. Gaines, manager of the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra.

Association of the Children's Theatre Company (ACT) records

Identifier: PA141
Overview Includes the administrative records, event programming files, and memorabilia from the Association of the Children's Theatre and the Children's Theatre Company.

At the Foot of the Mountain records

Identifier: PA045
Overview Files containing meeting minutes, funding, productions, financial records, and audio/video tapes from past productions

Austin Community College Theatre Collection

Identifier: PA025
Overview Collection contains production materials as well as biographical information and two books by Frank Bridges, director of the theatre.

Axel Lindahl collection

Identifier: PA041
Overview Collection contains the artwork and sketches of scenic artist Axel Lindahl.

Ballet Arts Minnesota records

Identifier: PA104
Overview Collection contains audio and video recordings, production notes, programs, flyers, and administrative and financial information.

Ballet of the Dolls records

Identifier: PA156
Overview Collection includes records from the Minneapolis-based dance company, The Ballet of the Dolls.

Barbra Berlovitz Collection of Theatre de la Jeune Lune Video Recordings

Identifier: PA094a
Overview Collection contains 9 video recordings of Theatre de la Jeune Lune and Berlovitz and Serrand performances.

Bel Canto Voices records

Identifier: PA084
Overview Collection contains scrapbooks, correspondence, publicity, administrative and A/V materials for Bel Canto Voices.

Beth Obermeyer papers

Identifier: PA150
Abstract Includes correspondence, press clippings, articles, photographs, notes, and production materials created or collected by author and dancer Beth Obermeyer.

Betty Rappaport Nathanson's Collection of the Guthrie Theater

Identifier: PA003a
Overview Collection consists of Guthrie Theater posters, programs, promotional materials, photographs, Board of Directors minutes, memos and directories, Stagehands directories, and press clippings of various productions.

Bill Caron collection

Identifier: PA115b
Overview Collection contains framed photographs, posters, and scrapbooks.

Bloomington Civic Theatre records

Identifier: PA033
Overview Collection contains correspondence, financial records, cast lists, newsletters, scrapbooks, photographs and production lists of the Bloomington Civic Theatre.

Brian Newhouse Collection

Identifier: PA012P
Overview Compact discs from Newhouse's one-hour MPR program: A Century in Sound. The Minnesota Orchestra Turns 100. Included are recorded interviews and other source materials for the broadcast.

Carl Rudolph Collection

Identifier: PA012Q
Overview Programs and other memorabilia of a performer with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra (later re-named the Minnesota Orchestra) and other bands and orchestras.

Center Opera Collection

Identifier: PA010
Overview Collection includes programs, publicity, news releases, and administrative records from the Center Opera Company, now known as the Minnesota Opera.

Children's Theatre Company records

Identifier: PA099
Overview The collection contains administrative records, education records, production materials, publicity, and audio and photographic materials created by and about the Children's Theatre Company (CTC) and staff.

Chimera Theatre records

Identifier: PA048
Overview Collection contains posters, programs, workshop and audition announcements, letters and clippings.

Circle of the Witch collection

Identifier: PA026
Overview Collection contains meeting minutes, photographs, publicity materials, programs, a script and production notes.

Creative Theatre Unlimited records

Identifier: PA057
Overview Collection contains advertising, correspondence, financial documents, oral histories, class materials and program materials.

Danz Family papers

Identifier: PA012F
Overview The collection contains programs, photographs, scrapbook materials, publications, clippings, and correspondence about Frank Danz, Jr., first concertmaster of the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra and director of the Danz Band and Danz Orchestra. There is a small amount of material about Frank J. Danz (his son), from whom the collection was received.

David Bernstein papers

Identifier: PA145
Overview Collection contains David Bernstein's scripts, programs, photos, and posters from The Ann Arbor Medieval Festival (bulk), the Attic Theatre in Detroit, and the Performance Network in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

David Marlowe papers

Identifier: PA054
Overview Memorabilia and production materials from the career of a local actor/stage manager, Louis J. Rader, who adopted the stage name David Marlowe.

David Voss papers

Identifier: PA131
Overview Collection contains musical scores, notes, music books, scripts and flyers.

Desmond Heeley papers

Identifier: PA052
Overview Collection contains designs and models from ballets and theater productions, as well as publications, photographs, correspondence, clippings, and other ephemera.

Donald Fogelberg - The Impact of the Architecture of the Tyrone Guthrie Theater on the Process of Play Production dissertation and research

Identifier: PA079
Overview Collection contains doctoral dissertation, supporting photos and audio interviews.

Dorothy Cummings photograph collection and scrapbook

Identifier: PA012M
Overview The collection includes photographs of famous performers autographed to Dorothy and a scrapbook compiled for her retirement.

Dottie Carpenter photograph collection

Identifier: PA012B
Overview The collection contains photographs from guest artists and people associated with the Minnesota Orchestra.

Eastside Theatre collection

Identifier: PA002
Overview Collection includes playbills, photographs, prompt books, news releases, correspondence, and clippings related to the Eastside Theatre productions.

Edouard Marquis Blitz papers

Identifier: PA095
Abstract Collection includes original scores and recordings, as well as scrapbooks, photographs, press clippings, and other family historical materials.

Elbert L. Carpenter Collection of Minnesota Orchestra

Identifier: PA012D
Overview The collection includes historic documents from the Orchestra; books, pamphlets, clippings; photographs of conductors autographed to the Carpenters; letters and telegrams.

Ella Richards papers

Identifier: PA013
Overview Collection contains the papers of Ella Richards, a piano teacher in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Eric Stokes papers

Identifier: PA091
Overview The collection contains the professional correspondence, programs, program notes, recordings, composition materials and scores of composer Eric Stokes.

Eye of the Storm Theater records

Identifier: PA077
Overview The collection contains production, administrative, financial and development records.

Firehouse Theatre collection

Identifier: PA070
Overview Collection contains posters, programs, clippings and publications of the Firehouse Theatre.

Frederick Adler Collection of Movie Stills

Identifier: PA031
Overview Collection includes movie stills and various promotional materials for movies distributed between 1942 and 1969.

Frederick Gaines papers

Identifier: PA022
Overview The collection includes correspondence and drafts of Frederick Gaines’ plays.

Frederick Hilgendorf papers

Identifier: PA008
Overview Collection contains correspondence, diaries, clippings, certificates and diplomas, copies of 72 plays directed by Hilgendorf, phonograph recordings and photos.

Fridley Footlighters records

Identifier: PA001
Overview Collection contains minutes, correspondence, legal documents, working papers, clippings, programs, financial reports, production material, newsletters, committee reports, a scrapbook, posters and personnel cards relating to the Fridley Footlighters.

Friends of the Minnesota Orchestra records

Identifier: PA067
Overview Collection contains administrative records, press and publicity for events and programs, and a small collection of A/V materials.

Friends of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra records

Identifier: PA042
Overview Collection contains agendas, minutes, by-laws, committee assignments and reports, clippings and financial records.

Gene Gutchë papers

Identifier: PA065
Overview Collection contains score manuscripts, published scores, proofs, correspondence, programs, and clippings. Also includes scrapbooks, books, journals, photographs, business records, personal financial records, legal documents, CDs, LPs, open-reel tapes, cassette tapes, and memorabilia.

George H. Harrison papers

Identifier: PA061
Overview Collection contains photographs, sheet music, programs, flyers, correspondence and clippings.

Gertrude Lippincott collection

Identifier: PA055
Overview Collection contains correspondence, course materials, photographs, programs, publications by and about Lippincott, an extensive clippings collection, notecards, books and newsletters and three audio cassettes.

Gilbertson Orpheum Theater scrapbook

Identifier: PA089
Overview The collection consists of a scrapbook with many mounted and loose ephemera and clippings having to do with the St. Paul Orpheum Theater and cinema of the mid nineteen teens, as well as local news clips and personal items including letters, photos, dance cards, etc.

Glyde Snyder papers

Identifier: PA009
Overview Collection contains correspondence, contracts, tax records, ledgers, bills, receipts, statements, vouchers, theatrical equipment catalogs, scrapbooks, photos and other publicity material.

Great Western Stage Equipment Company collection

Identifier: PA044
Overview Collection contains rough drafts, refined pencil sketches, colored renderings, technical drawings and completed installation photographs of artists George F. Moody and Don Carlos DuBois.

Gustav S. Janossy's Music Books

Identifier: PA012K
Overview Jánossy’s music books include photocopies of newspaper clippings, programs, letters, and photographs that document the years he spent with the M.S.O.

Guthrie Theater Records

Identifier: PA003
Overview Collection includes play production material for every production staged, including promptbooks; correspondence; information on members of the theater company, including biographical sketches, résumés, and photos; lighting plans, stage plans and layouts, dressing room assignments, notes kept by the stage manager during rehearsals, and rehearsal schedules; equity files; purchase orders; office memos; scrapbook of clippings concerning theater productions and affairs; and programs, brochures,...

Gwendolyn Trent Harvey papers

Identifier: PA020
Overview Collection contains programs and clippings.

H.A. Wilson scrapbook

Identifier: PA012E
Overview The scrapbook includes numerous illustrations relating to music and musicians, a variety of programs, and miscellaneous clippings relating to musical concerts she attended in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Hal Goldman papers

Identifier: PA087
Overview The collection primarily contains scripts for radio, television and film written or cowritten by Hal Goldman.

Harold Dixon papers

Identifier: PA028
Overview Collection includes questionnaire returns and general information from Harold Dixon’s survey of theater companies around the United States.

Harry D. Maddy and Rhadames John Angelucci Collection

Identifier: PA012H
Overview The collection contains memorabilia collected by Harry D. Maddy and Rhadames John Angelucci during almost sixty years in the Minnesota Orchestra. It documents Angelucci’s career and those experiences that he and his father-in-law found most significant in their tenures with the Orchestra.

Helen Walden-Fodge collection of oral histories

Identifier: PA115c
Overview Collection contains transcriptions of interviews with Minnesota musicians and fans, conducted by Helen Walden-Fodge. Interviews primarily concern the history of punk rock and heavy metal in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from the late 1990s to the early 2010s.

Hennepin Theatre Trust records

Identifier: PA146
Overview Collection includes general operating records, program records, press clippings, and ephemera.

Henry Denecke, Jr. interview recordings and transcripts

Identifier: PA012L
Overview This collection includes audio cassette tapes and transcriptions of an interview of former Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra timpanist by current Minnesota Orchestra timpanist, Peter Kogan.

Historical Scenic Collection - Lyric Opera of Chicago

Identifier: PA059
Overview Collection contains 3,142 color slide reproductions documenting the Historical Scenic Collection held at Northern Illinois University.

Holak collection

Identifier: PA049
Overview Collection contains 174 colored renderings and 8 pencil sketches of stage design for fraternal organizations.

Howard Evenson Papers

Identifier: PA093
Overview Collection contains photographs, clippings, programs, and board materials.

Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts records

Identifier: PA148
Abstract Collection contains press clippings, print marketing materials, photographs, original artwork, audio visual materials, and administrative records related to the the creative work of the Interact Center.

Irina Lasoff papers

Identifier: PA154
Overview Collection contains photographs, correspondence, notes, programs, flyers, press clippings, publications by and about Irina Lasoff

Ivar Glemming papers

Identifier: PA097
Overview The collection includes sheet music composed by Ivar Glemming, faculty member at the University of Minnesota School of Music.

Jack Edwards papers

Identifier: PA096
Overview Collection contains costume designs, sketches, fabrics, photos, personal letters photos, cards and business materials, also contains gay videos, magazines and books.

James Langness papers

Identifier: PA014
Overview Collection contains the papers of James Langness, documenting his career with The Duluth Little Theatre.

James Sample papers

Identifier: PA090
Abstract Includes recordings (bulk), writing, scores, and a scrapbook.

James Sewell Ballet records

Identifier: PA085
Overview The collection contains corporate records, including board minutes and fundraising information, performance data, publicity and marketing materials, photographs and promotional materials.

Jazzdance records

Identifier: PA081
Overview The collection contains printed publicity and marketing material, financial records, and video (beta and VHS tapes, photographs) documentation of performances.

Jean Wormser collection of German plays

Identifier: PA011
Overview Collection contains 19th and 20th century German plays, collected by Jean Wormser.

Jenny Cullen Collection

Identifier: PA012O
Overview A collection of correspondence between Kittleson and Cullen, correspondence regarding Jenny Cullen, photographs, articles, and a biographical sketch about her.

John Kurtz Sherman papers

Identifier: PA004
Overview The collection includes correspondence, notebooks, reviews and other material relating to Sherman's book Music and Maestros, copies of Sherman's critical articles and reviews, speeches and lectures, notes and photos.

John Munger papers

Identifier: PA126
Overview Collection contains materials related to Dance, Consulting, and Life, as well as audio/visual material and other ephemera.

Jon Butler collection of Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra recordings

Identifier: PA012S
Overview This collection comprises 159 long playing (LP) and six 78rpm recordings of the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra between the late 1940s and 1968. Included are all known U.S. LP records issued under the name “Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra” by Mercury Records, RCA Victor, Columbia, plus some variants.

Judith Brin Ingber papers

Identifier: PA119
Overview Collection contains correspondence, research, writing, performance records, and teaching materials.

Katherine Goodale Dance Books

Identifier: PA135
Overview Collection contains three books by Katherine Goodale.

Lance Brockman papers

Identifier: PA125
Overview Collection contains three-dimensional models, two-dimensional designs, production records, and source materials of scenic designer Lance Brockman.

Laurel and Hardy collection

Identifier: PA086
Overview Photographic stills, prints, autographed photos, articles, clippings and other memorabilia related to Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy (as Laurel and Hardy,) actors and comedians.

L.N. Scott scrapbooks

Identifier: PA030
Overview Collection is composed of 39 volumes of scrapbooks collected by Louis N. Scott during his tenure as a theater and opera manager in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

Loyce Houlton - A Dancer's Twilight Tales manuscript

Identifier: PA047a
Overview Contains an unedited typewritten manuscript of Loyce Houlton's biography, A Dancer's Twilight Tales.

Lyon Studio collection

Identifier: PA056
Overview Collection contains dance notes, lesson plans, sheet music, lyrics, programs and memorabilia.

Malcolm Dana McMillan papers

Identifier: PA017
Overview Collection contains correspondence, clippings, programs, musical compositions, scrapbooks, financial records, photos and other papers relating to Malcolm McMillan’s career and the activities of the Orpheus Club.

Marie Gale Bainbridge collection

Identifier: PA005
Overview Collection includes reviews, programs, and articles about the Bainbridge Players and about individual actors and actresses in the company.

Martha Boesing papers

Identifier: PA069
Overview Collection contains scripts written by Martha Boesing, research and development materials, as well as works written by others.

Mary La Grange scrapbook

Identifier: PA012G
Overview The collection seems to be parts of a disbound scrapbook. Many pages have been cut into smaller pieces. The scrapbook documents performances sponsored by the Minnesota Orchestral Association and/or The University of Minnesota Artists’ Series. It consists of clippings, programs and pages of programs, and other information about the artists.

Marylee Hardenbergh Video Collection

Identifier: PA120
Overview Collection contains video recordings of dance and choreography by Marylee Hardenbergh.

Masque Theatre records

Identifier: PA092
Overview The collection contains prompt books, costume sketches, photos, videos and DVDs, operational and other materials related to a youth-focused theater and school based in Rochester, MN.

Mike Steele papers

Identifier: PA066
Overview The collection includes clippings/articles written by critic Mike Steele, primarily pertaining to dance, as well as research materials for these articles.

Minneapolis Musicians Association records

Identifier: PA037
Overview Collection contains minutes, letters, financial records, correspondence, clippings and by-laws of the Minneapolis Musicians Association.

Minnesota Citizens for the Arts video collection

Identifier: PA108
Overview Collection contains cover footage and interviews from Minnesota arts organizations and leaders.

Minnesota Dance Alliance records

Identifier: PA064
Overview The collection contains administrative files, financial records, grants, production related materials, outreach and publications, external professional organizations, audio/visual materials and artists files.

Minnesota Dance and the Ecstasies of Influences records

Identifier: PA147
Abstract Collection video recordings, mind maps, posters, and administrative materials created as part of the Minnesota Dance and the Ecstasies of Influences lecture series as the Cowles Center for Dance, Minneapolis.