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Alexander A. Granovsky papers

Identifier: IHRC796
Overview A Ukrainian American entomologist, also an activist and poet, Granovsky was born in Berezhtsi, Ukraine, and came to the United States in 1913. He was educated at Colorado State Agricultural College and the University of Wisconsin, and taught entomology at the universities of Wisconsin and Minnesota. He became a leader in the Ukrainian American community locally and nationally and was president of the Organization for the Rebirth of Ukraine, Inc. (ODWU). In St. Paul, Minnesota, he was also an...

Armenian Cultural Organization of Minnesota records

Identifier: IHRC240
Overview Organizational files and correspondence, records of donations, membership cards, accounting documents, program brochures and fliers, includes some print (books, newsletters, notecards).

Austra Austrina papers

Identifier: IHRC257
Overview Collection consists of materials documenting the life of the Latvian American community in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and beyond.

Baltimore Eesti Maja (Baltimore Estonian House), Records

Identifier: IHRC3072
Overview Minutes, annual reports, correspondence (all mostly copies) and albums about organizing the Estonian festivals.

Baltimore Eesti Selts (Baltimore Estonian Society), Records

Identifier: IHRC3085
Overview Constitutions, minutes, reports, correspondence, bulletins

Bryn, Oksana, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2963
Overview Papers consist of personal and professional correspondence, programs, music scores, photographs, and material pertaining to Bryn's activities in the Twin Cities Ukrainian community.

Clevelandi Eesti organisatsioonid (Estonian organizations in Cleveland ), Records

Identifier: IHRC3066
Overview Minutes, reports, correspondence, accounting documents, newsletters, bulletins.

Don Binkowski papers

Identifier: IHRC329
Overview Collection consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, photocopied articles, pamphlets, print items, event fliers and other materials documenting the history and activities of the Polish American community in America and its relationships to Poland.

EELK Baltimore Markuse Kogudus (St. Mark Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Baltimore, Maryland), Records

Identifier: IHRC3091
Overview Collection consists of minute books, letters of membership applications and membership lists, activity reports, financial reports and budgets, correspondence, circulars and communications, congregation's bulletin "Koguduse Teataja", booklets of church services and concert programmes, newspaper clippings, clergyman's documents (marriage licences, photos, letters, notes, calendars, invitations), writings about the congregation by Aleksander Johannes Leinjärv, records about the Estonian literature...

EELK Bergen County Koqudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bergen County, New Jersey), Records

Identifier: IHRC3541
Overview Collection consists of death notices, booklets of church services, congregation's bulletins and booklet for congregation's 60th jubilee (1989).

EELK Buffalo Pauluse Kogudus (Estonian St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church in Buffalo, New York), Records

Identifier: IHRC3096
Overview Collection consists of chronicle and (mostly) copies of documents compiled by Edgar Zirna.There are also original documents from the district of Syracuse of the Buffalo St.Paul's congregation (membership papers, reports, correspondence) and the Estonian Youth Club "N" of Buffalo (minute book).

EELK Cleveland-Ohio Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cleveland, Ohio), Records

Identifier: IHRC3216
Overview Collection consists of booklets about the congregation.

EELK Connecticuti Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Connecticut), Records

Identifier: IHRC3120
Overview Collection consists of the organizational records of the congregation (meeting agendas and minutes, correespondence, financial records). Also included are materials documenting the activities of the church choir.

EELK Esimene Chicago Kogudus (Estonian First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chicago, Illinois), Records

Identifier: IHRC3092
Overview Collection consists of records from the First Estonian Ev. Lutheran Congregation in Chicago (constitution and by-laws, minutes, budgets and financial reports, correspondence, bulletin "Teated", information sheets and communications to congregation, church song collection, booklets, letters of membership applications, information about members, information about former members transferred to other congregations) and records from other institutions (Estonian Ev. Lutheran St. Paul's Congregation...

EELK Indianapolise Pauluse Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Paul, Indianapolis, Indiana), Records

Identifier: IHRC3217
Overview Collection consists of church services book and minute books.

EELK Los Angelese Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Los Angeles, California), Records

Identifier: IHRC3115
Overview Collection consists of records from different institutions: Estonian congregation in Los Angeles (correspondence, congregation's bulletins "Vastutuuli" and "Koguduse Teated", booklets of church services), Estonian St. Peter's congregation in Los Angeles (bulletins), Estonian Ap. Orthodox Church in Los Angeles (congregation's bulletin "Jumala Abiga", youth bulletin "Noorte Leht"), Estonian Ev. Lutheran Congregation in San Francisco (booklets, bulletins) and various records (correspondence,...

EELK Louna Florida Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of South Florida), Records

Identifier: IHRC3118
Overview Collection consists of minutes from meetings of the Church Council and the board, correspondence, membership lists and letters of membership applications, congregation's bulletins "Kirikuteade" and booklets of church services. There are also all the accounting documents preserved in the series two.

EELK Minneapolise Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in Minneapolis, Minnesota), Records

Identifier: IHRC3211
Overview Collection consists of minute book and the speech by dean Rudolf Kiviranna for Samuel Eduard Lind's 80th jubliee.

EELK New Yorgi Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in New York, New York), Records

Identifier: IHRC3054
Overview Collection consists of administrative documents (constitution, by-laws, guidelines), documents regarding to meetings (minutes, correspondence, annexes), financial reports, church notices, correspondence (with annexes, also postcards and samples of congregation's envelopes), communications to church members (information sheets, bulletins), booklets of church services (among others also funeral and confirmation booklets), different printed matter and newspaper clippings.

EELK New Yorgi Pauluse Kogudus (St. Paul Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, New York, New York), Records

Identifier: IHRC3084
Overview Collection consists of minutes, correspondence, bulletins, booklets of church services, information sheets, articles, printed matter, newspaper clippings, also documents from the funeral fund (matusekassa) and accounting documents.There are also records from the Schenectady-Albany dirstrict.

EELK Patersoni Pauluse Kogudus (St. Paul Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Paterson, New Jersey), Records

Identifier: IHRC3078
Overview Collection consists of minutes, correspondence, reports, membership documents, bulletins and booklets of church services and also from other institutions. There are seven folders of newspaper clippings from period 1958-1986.Collection was originally organized by Voldemar Arge.

EELK Philadelphia Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Records

Identifier: IHRC3210
Overview Collection consists of correspondence, minutes, letters of membership applications and membership lists, congregation's bulletins, booklets and sheets of church services and newspaper clippings.There are also documents from the Estonian mixed choir in Philadelphia, photos from the Subjugated Nations' Day in Philadelphia and booklets from other institutions.

EELK Portlandi Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Portland, Oregon), Records

Identifier: IHRC3214
Overview Collection consists of congregation's bulletins, information about the members of congregation, newspaper clippings, booklets of church services and printed matter.

EELK San Francisco Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in San Francisco, California), Records

Identifier: IHRC3089
Overview Collection consists of correspondence, budgets and reports, congregation's communications, booklets of church services and congregation's bulletins ("Teataja" 1950-1975 and "Koguduse Teated 1975-1995).Collection also consists records from the Estonian Society in San Francisco and Estonian mixed choir (communications, budgets and reports, bulletin "Eesti by the Bay" 1997-2000).

EELK Seabrooki Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Seabrook, New Jersey), Records

Identifier: IHRC3212
Overview Collection consists of circulars and bulletins, congregational journal, letters from pastors and Church Council to the congregation, budgets, booklets of church services and regulations in Northville Lutheran cemetery.

EELK USA Esimene Praostkond (USA First Synod of Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church), Records

Identifier: IHRC3223
Overview Collection consists of synod's bulletins, bulletins for children (Laste Sõber), synod's budget, financial and services reports.

Eesti-Amerika Kodanike Ühing (Estonian American Citizen Association), Records

Identifier: IHRC3183
Overview Minutes, constitutions, correspondence, lists.

Eesti ühingute põhikirjad (Constitutions of Estonian American Associations), Collection

Identifier: IHRC3166
Overview Constitutions of Estonian associations and societies in the United States.

Eesti Kodu Bradfordis (Estonian Home at Bradford, England) records

Identifier: IHRC3235
Overview Annual report of 1999, program brochures 1999-2002.

Eesti Kogudused Austraalias (Estonian Congregations in Australia), Records

Identifier: IHRC3222
Overview Collection consists mainly of documents from Estonian St. John's Church in Sydney (bulletins and collection of church songs), Adelaide Estonian Ev. Lutheran Congregation (bulletin "Lõunaristi All" 1958, 1966-1990) and small amount of various booklets.

Eesti Kogudused Kanadas (Estonian Congregations in Canada), Records

Identifier: IHRC3221
Overview Collection consists of materials from different Estonian congregations: Hamilton Lutheran Congregation, Montreal St. John's Lutheran Congregation, Estonian Babtist Congregation in Toronto, St. Andrew's Ev. Lutheran Church in Toronto, Estonian St. Jacob's Congregation in Toronto, Estonian Holy Trinity Ev. Lutheran Church of Toronto, St. Peter's Estonian Ev. Lutheran Church in Toronto, St. Peter's Estonian Ev. Lutheran Church in Vancouver and Estonian United Congregations in Vancouver.Materials...

Eesti Kogudused Rootsis (Estonian Congregations in Sweden), Records

Identifier: IHRC3219
Overview Collection consists of bulletins of the EELK Stockholm Congregation (Teated), press notice, letter from archbishop Konrad Veem, Richard Koolmeister in memoriam, "The Fate of Religion and Church under Soviet Rule in Estonia in 1940-1941" (manuscript, in English) and booklets: "The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Estonia in Exile". Stockholm, 1957"Evangelisatsiooni jutlused" by Konrad Veem. Stockholm, 1968"Estonian Religous Literature Published in the Estonian Language during the Period...

Eesti Organisatsioonide Liit Läänerannikul (The Estonian League of the West Coast) records

Identifier: IHRC3486
Overview Programs, brochures, circular letters, correspondence, tickets, songbooks, reports.

Eestlased Hollandis (Estonians in the Netherlands), Records

Identifier: IHRC3186
Overview Correspondence, newsletters, programs brochures. Collection consists of letters from and to the Estonians in Netherlands, newsletters by the Estonians in the Netherlands, community event programs.

Eestlased Lõuna-Ameerikas (Estonians in South America), Records

Identifier: IHRC3187
Overview Programs, announcements, magazines, bulletins.

Eestlased Uus-Meremaal (Estonians in New Zealand), Records

Identifier: IHRC3191
Overview Collection consists of bulletins and articles (4 pcs) about Estonians in New Zeeland and copies and photos (2 pcs) of Estonians in New Zealand.

Eestlaste Koondis Karoliinades (Estonian-American Association of the Carolinas) records

Identifier: IHRC3201
Overview Collection consists of newsletters of the association (1991-1997) with reference letters. Materials document the activities of the Association in the states of North Carolina and South Carolina.

Ernests Broze papers

Identifier: IHRC371
Overview Collection consists of personal correspondence, church services brochures, and materials pertaining to the Latvian Center "Garezers" in Michigan.

Esto Festival 1980, Records

Identifier: IHRC3237
Overview ESTO 1980 took place in July 06 - 13, 1980 in Stocholm, Sweden. In frames of ESTO ´80 also 3rd National Congress (July 08.-09.1980) and 3rd Women´s Congress ( July 09. 1980) were held.

Fabrizi, Oreste, Papers

Identifier: IHRC639
Overview Collection consists of correspondence, pamphlets, newspaper clippings and other materials pertaining to Italian American labor and community activists, also to the Sacco-Vanzetti case. In 1967, Oreste Fabrizi served as sponsor of the Sacco/Vanzetti Commemoration Committee in Boston, Massachusetts.

Federation of Turkish American Societies, Inc., New York, New York, Records

Identifier: IHRC647
Overview Records consist of letters to U.S. senators, newspaper clippings, and mailing lists. Most materials pertain to Turkish-American relations.

Freeze, Karen, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3866
Overview Collection consists of materials pertaining to Karen Freeze's work on the Czech immigration chapter in the Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups (1980).

Hanson, JoAnn M., Collection

Identifier: IHRC3923
Overview Collection consists of one video tape (29 min.) entitled "Children of the Finnish Homestead" documenting the Brimson, Minnesota-based project developed under the direction of JoAnn Hanson in 1995, and a calendar for 2012 containing reproductions of photographs depicting Finnish American life in northern Minnesota and activities related to the Petrell Hall built by Finnish immigrants in 1912 near Brimson in Saint Louis County.

Hussar, Bob, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3952
Overview Materials pertaining to the activities of Mr. Robert Hussar in the Ukrainian Youth League of North America. The organization was founded in 1951 in New York.

Inglismaa Eestlaste Ühing (Association of Estonians in Great Britain), Records

Identifier: IHRC3188
Overview Correspondence, brochures, bulletins, newspaper clippings.

Ivan Pujo papers

Identifier: IHRC2200
Overview Papers (ca. 1946-2000) of Ivan Pujo consist of correspondence, personal documents, certificates, diplomas, typescript/manuscript articles, newspaper clippings, passports and photos.

Joint Virginia Finnish Organizations Committee (Virginia, Minnesota) records

Identifier: IHRC1144
Overview Meeting minutes, financial records, correspondence. Sponsoring organizations included: American-Finnish Civic Association of Virginia, Finlandia Foundation - Virginia Chapter, Good Shepherd Ladies Aid, Knights of Kaleva, Ladies of Kaleva, Suomi Kerho, Zion Chapel Ladies Aid.

Kirikud Eestis (Churches in Estonia), Records

Identifier: IHRC3215
Overview Collection consists of booklets, articles, brochures, bulletins and newspaper clippings about churches and congregations in Estonia: Consistory of Estonian Ev. Lutheran Church, Baptist Churches, Orthodox Church of Estonia and others.

Lakewoodi Eesti Ühing (Lakewood Estonian Association), Records

Identifier: IHRC3485
Overview Annual reports, programs, ledgers, newspaper clippings

Lakewoodi Eesti Ühingu Seenioride Ring (Estonian Seniors' Club of Lakewood, New Jersey), Records

Identifier: IHRC3512
Overview Minutes, member lists, reports, speech texts.

Leon, Ramon, Oral History

Identifier: IHRC3886
Overview Oral history interview with Ramon Leon of the Latino Economic Development Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ramon Leon immigrated to the United States from Mexico in 1987. First settling in California, he moved to Minnesota in 1991.

Leskovec, Matt (Photographs), Papers

Identifier: IHRC3380
Overview Collection consists of four original photographs depicting Slovenian community organizations in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Brief annotations provide context and some identification for photographs.

Life Histories Project (University of Minnesota) collection

Identifier: IHRC3871
Overview Collection consists of 7 biographical essays written by University of Minnesota students about their family members or community elders. Included are life stories of refugees from East Africa and Southeast Asia. Also of a native of Wisconsin.

Long Islandi Eesti Selts (Estonian Society of Long Island), Records

Identifier: IHRC3077
Overview Constitutions, rules of procedures, minutes, circular letters, correspondence, brochures, bulletins.

Los Angelese Eesti Pensionäride Klubi (Los Angeles Estonian Senior Citizens Club) records

Identifier: IHRC3167
Overview Correspondence, programs, greeting cards, newspaper clippings of the organization based in Los Angeles, California..

Mario Manzardo papers

Identifier: IHRC1465
Overview Papers (1967-1977) of Mario Manzardo consist of articles on the Pullman, Roseland, and Kensington neighborhoods of Chicago, Illinois (ca. 1920s and 1930s); articles on labor history (ca. 1890-1930s); book reviews; ephemera from labor, political, and community activities in Chicago (ca. 1960s-1970s). Many articles are typescripts; clippings are mainly from the South End Reporter (Chicago, Illinois) and Hyde Park Herald.

Mary K. Skotzko papers

Identifier: IHRC2415
Overview Collection consists of one folder of materials documenting Mary Skotzko's (Marussia Kissel Skotzko) involvelment and activities in the Ukrainian American community life in Connecticut, New York and Washington, D.C., particularly music and religious programs.

Milwaukee Eesti Rahvusgrupp (Estonian Society of Milwaukee) records

Identifier: IHRC3892
Overview Minute books, mission and procedure of the society, lists, correspondence

Minnesota Eesti Naiskoondis (Estonian Women's Club of Minnesota) records

Identifier: IHRC3204
Overview Constitution, minute books, correspondence, guest books

Minnesota Eesti organisatsioonid (Estonian organizations in Minnesota) records

Identifier: IHRC3243
Overview Constitutions, minutes, reports, accounting documents, programs, newsletters and bulletins.

New Yorgi Eesti Seenioride Keskus (New York Estonian Seniors) records

Identifier: IHRC3179
Overview Constitution, rules of procedure, minutes, member lists, correspondence, circulations, newspaper clippings.

Oakland Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation (California) records

Identifier: IHRC1708
Overview Collection consists of correspondence and financial records of the congregation, church services programs, event brochures and pamphlets.

Omaha (Neb.) Photograph Collection, Records

Identifier: IHRC3032
Overview Photograph collection documenting past and present ethnic community buildings, businesses, homes, and places of worship in Omaha, Nebraska. Also included are maps, correspondence, and an article related to the locations photographed.

Organization for the Rebirth of Ukraine (ODWU), Minnesota Branch, Records

Identifier: IHRC1719
Overview Organizational records of the ODWU local branch based in the Twin Cities. Collection consists of correspondence, meeting minutes, flyers, event programs and pamphlets.

Philadelphia Latvian Archives records

Identifier: IHRC2077
Overview The records (1947 -1958) of Philadelphia archives consist of recollection books, notebooks, autobiographies, papers, newsletter.

Philia Geotes Hayes collection

Identifier: IHRC884
Overview An unpublished memoir/family history by Philia Geotes Hayes titled "Twice My Child" (413 p.), spanning five generations of the author's family, originally from the Anafi Island in the Aegean Sea. (Included is also a self-published, revised version of the work from 2010 - "Twice My Child: From the Aegean to the American Midwest: The stories of Five Generations of Island Mothers," 442 pages)

Polanie Club of Minneapolis, Minnesota records

Identifier: ihrc2161
Overview This collection consists of organizational administrative records documenting over 80 years of existence of the Minneapolis-based Polish American women's club.

Polish White Eagle Association (Minneapolis, Minnesota), Records

Identifier: IHRC3004
Overview Collection consists of constitution and by-laws, meeting minutes, newsletters, convention booklets, correspondence, and financial records. Included are also death claim records and non-claim insurance files.

Portlandi Eesti Selts (Estonian Society of Portland, Oregon), Records

Identifier: IHRC3200
Overview Newsletters, bulletins, brochures, programs, biographical data about Estonians in Portland, Oregon.

Robert Tanzilo papers

Identifier: IHRC2579
Overview Photocopies of published materials pertaining to the Italians in Milwaukee, pamphlets by the local Italian organizations, newspaper clippings, draft of a research paper by RT - Their Absence fills the World, included are also photographs. A significant portion of the materials pertain to the Monferrini immigrants and their descendants (from the Monferrato region of Piedmont, Alessandria Province, Italy).

San Francisco Eesti Selts (Estonian Society of San Francisco) records

Identifier: IHRC3154
Overview Newsletter, bulletins, leaflets, constitution.

Sheeko: Somali Youth Oral History collection

Identifier: IHRC3926
Overview Sheeko is a collection of Somali youth stories created by and for Somali youth. During 2010- 2011, a team of Somali students conducted dozens of video interviews with Somalis living outside of Somalia who were between the ages of 18-25. Many of the narrators lived in Minnesota, Minnesota and London, England. A website provides context to the project and video clips from these interviews. High-resolution full video interviews are available through the Immigration History Research Center Archives.

Siemon, Mary, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3925
Overview Collection consists of materials pertaining to the history of St. Michael's Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Minneapolis, the Ukrainian Folk Ballet of the Twin Cities, the local chapter of the Ukrainian Youth League of North America and other activities of immigrants from Ukraine in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metropolitan area of Minnesota. Church bulletins and ledger, correspondence, photographs, typescripts of articles by Mary Siemon, newpaper clippings, event flyers and brochures. Included is...

Skotzko, Eugene, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2935
Overview Papers (1931-1996) consist of general correspondence; correspondence pertaining to ODWU (Organization for the Rebirth of Ukraine), publication of his book "Na Storozhi Ukrainy," New York Republican State Committee (Naturalized Citizens Division-Ukrainian Section); ODWU circulars; drafts of articles; and newspaper clippings pertaining to the Ukrainian Bureau of Washington, D.C.

St. John First Hungarian Wendish Evangelical Lutheran Church, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, Records

Identifier: IHRC3228
Overview Collection consists of constitution of the congregation, constitution of church choir, annual reports from the pastor and committees, letters to the congregation from the pastor, Church Council and New Jersey Synod, annual reports of other congregations and pastors.

Steven Kroll Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2162
Overview This collection consists of production material for numerious published and unpublished titles by author Steven Kroll.

Storozynsky, Theodora and Walter, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3877
Overview Collection consists of leaflets, pamphlets and program brochures documenting various community-sponsored events (festivals, art exhibits, concerts, cultural heritage celebrations) within the Ukrainian American population of mainly Cleveland, Ohio, but also elsewhere in the United States and Canada. (Chicago, New York City, and other places).

Susan Patron Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2176
Overview This collection consists of manuscript materials related to five published titles, professional articles, and emphemera.

Telegraph Hill Dwellers Oral Histories records

Identifier: IHRC3412
Overview Oral histories of Joe Jachetta (also his "Wartime Memories"), Dante Benedetti, Thomas Cara, Virginia and Elios Anderlini, Norma Tealdi, Lena Massucco, Annie Guardino Wallace, John Valentini, and Richard Monaco.

Vitez, Francis, the Rt. Rev. Dr., Collection

Identifier: IHRC3950
Overview Collection consists of academic and practical theology writings by Rev. Vitez, and a copy of the "50th Anniversary Celebration Program of the Ordination of the Rt. Rev. Dr. Francis Vitez, Bishop" (1996, Perth Amboy, NJ) which includes biographical information on the Vitez family and also historical information on the life of the Hungarian American community.

Washingtoni Eesti Selts (Estonian Society of Washington), Records

Identifier: IHRC3202
Overview Collection consists of organizational correspondence, event program brochures and newspaper clippings.

Wasyl Dmytrenko papers

Identifier: IHRC1393
Overview Collection consists mainly of materials pertaining to the Ukrainian Polytechnic Institute in Munich, Germany. Included are also maps of Ukraine and the western Carpathian region, corespondence and items documenting Ukrainian American life.

Wolsfeld Family, Collection

Identifier: IHRC3924
Overview Collection consists of three binders containing: Volume I – “Wolsfeld Family Story,” compiled and written by Marcia MacKinnon, 1999; Volume II (red binder) - historical documentation related to the Wolsfeld family. Johann Wolsfeld, 1796-1854, immigrated to the United States with his family from Prussia in 1852, the surviving family settled in Minnesota’s Hennepin County in 1855. Included are ship contracts, newspaper clippings, correspondence, records pertaining to German American organizations...

Yarusso, Gentille R., Papers

Identifier: IHRC2867
Overview Papers (ca. 1977) of Gentille R. Yarusso consist of autobiographical sketches about his childhood and life in Swede Hollow in St. Paul, Minnesota.