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Ajakiri "Meie Tee" (Journal 'Our Path') records

Identifier: IHRC3195
Overview Correspondence, accounting documents, newspaper clippings.

Albany-Schenectady Eesti Ühing (Estonian Association in Albany and Schenectady, New York) records

Identifier: IHRC3049
Overview Minutes, correspondence, chronicle, brochures, material about the Estonian supplemental school in Albany-Schenectady (journals, correspondence, incoming brochures and bulletins)

Alfred and Jutta Anderson papers

Identifier: IHRC3103
Overview Collection consists of personal papers, certificates, documents, personal correspondence, documents of various Estonian diaspora organizations, included are also photographs and manuscripts of Anderson's memoirs and speeches.

Alfred Luts papers

Identifier: IHRC3711
Overview Manuscript "Heitluste keerises", collected materials about the deaths of Estonian soldiers in Siberia, report to the Kersten Commission 1953, correspondence with Ernst Lüebik, documents about Estonian military history, Karl Masik's letters, correpondence.

Ameerika-Eesti Heatahtlik Selts (Estonian American Benevolent Society) records

Identifier: IHRC3180
Overview Collection consists of newsreels "Sisu" published by the society, news about Estonia (copies), leaflets.

American Baltic Freedom Committee (Kalamazoo, Michigan) records

Identifier: IHRC156
Overview Records (1991) consist of photographs, documents (originals), press releases, flyers, articles in newspapers, maps, letters and addresses on envelopes from petition signers, sheets of information containing addresses of official offices, faxes, fax cover sheets and petitions to president George H.W. Bush.

Areng, Veljo, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3102
Overview Personal documents, newspaper clippings, materials pertaining to Boy Scout, architecture, postal stamps collecting, scholbooks, exercise books, schoolwork, correspondence about ESTO, accounting papers.

Assembly of Captive European Nations (Estonian Archives in Lakewood compilation) collection

Identifier: IHRC3533
Overview Memorandums, reports, minutes, press releases, newspaper clippings

August Albo papers

Identifier: IHRC591
Overview Personal papers, passports, copy art

Balti Arhiiv Rootsis (The Baltic Archives in Sweden) collection

Identifier: IHRC3199
Overview Collection consist of archival directories (6 pcs), material and brochures (3 pcs) sent to the Baltic Archives, press releases, a short overview of the history of the Baltic Archives by Kalju Lepik.

Baltic Tribunal collection

Identifier: IHRC3230
Overview Copies of newspaper clippings, correspondence, news agency releases.

Baltimore Eesti Maja (Baltimore Estonian House), Records

Identifier: IHRC3072
Overview Minutes, annual reports, correspondence (all mostly copies) and albums about organizing the Estonian festivals.

Baltimore Eesti Selts (Baltimore Estonian Society), Records

Identifier: IHRC3085
Overview Constitutions, minutes, reports, correspondence, bulletins

BATUN (Baltic Appeal to the United Nations), Records

Identifier: IHRC3070
Overview Letters, informational sheets, chronologies, newspaper clippings, bulletins.

Berendsen, Olev, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3110
Overview Correspondence, newspaper clippings, concert program brochures, pamphlets, post cards, photographs

Bostoni Eesti Selts (Boston Estonian Society) records

Identifier: IHRC3190
Overview Circular letter, correspondence, historical sketch, general ledger and rules of procedure documenting the organization's activities.

Chicago Eesti maja (Estonian House Inc in Chicago), Records

Identifier: IHRC3194
Overview Constitution, member list, reports, letters, programs, newspaper clippings

Clevelandi Eesti organisatsioonid (Estonian organizations in Cleveland ), Records

Identifier: IHRC3066
Overview Minutes, reports, correspondence, accounting documents, newsletters, bulletins.

Connecticuti Eesti Voitlejate Ühing (Estonian Veterans Association in Connecticut) records

Identifier: IHRC3170
Overview A copy of a publication " Eesti Võitlejate Ühing Connecticutis 40" by Vello Ruubel.

Dallase Eesti Ühing (Dallas Estonian Society) records

Identifier: IHRC3182
Overview The collection consist of 4 letters, list on Estonians around Dallas,Texas, area, bulletins by the society (4 pcs) and brochures about the 10th anniversary of the society (2 pcs).

Detroidi Eesti Hariduseselts "Kodu" (Estonian Educational Society of Detroit "Kodu"), collection

Identifier: IHRC3226
Overview A copy of a brief overview of Estonians in Detroit, including biographies of the founders of the society and newspaper articles about Estonians in Detroit (written by Harry Kord ja Linda Einpaul in 1990?)

Detroiti Balti Komitee (The Baltic Nations Committee of Detroit) records

Identifier: IHRC3163
Overview Correspondence, newspaper clippings, resolutions, programs.

Displaced persons from Estonia records

Identifier: IHRC3033
Overview Collection consists of materials documenting life of Estonians in displaced persons camps in Germany. The records include correspondence, articles, reports, memoranda, bulletins, newsletters, lists, meeting minutes, regulations and instructions. Topics include Estonian schools, National Committees, Red Cross Committees and general life of DPs. Included are also ca. 51,000 cards containing biographical information on Estonian Displaced Persons after World War II. The cards are arranged in...

Dr Madis Laboratories, Records

Identifier: IHRC3175
Overview Catalogues

EELK Baltimore Markuse Kogudus (St. Mark Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Baltimore, Maryland), Records

Identifier: IHRC3091
Overview Collection consists of minute books, letters of membership applications and membership lists, activity reports, financial reports and budgets, correspondence, circulars and communications, congregation's bulletin "Koguduse Teataja", booklets of church services and concert programmes, newspaper clippings, clergyman's documents (marriage licences, photos, letters, notes, calendars, invitations), writings about the congregation by Aleksander Johannes Leinjärv, records about the Estonian literature...

EELK Bergen County Koqudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bergen County, New Jersey), Records

Identifier: IHRC3541
Overview Collection consists of death notices, booklets of church services, congregation's bulletins and booklet for congregation's 60th jubilee (1989).

EELK Buffalo Pauluse Kogudus (Estonian St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church in Buffalo, New York), Records

Identifier: IHRC3096
Overview Collection consists of chronicle and (mostly) copies of documents compiled by Edgar Zirna.There are also original documents from the district of Syracuse of the Buffalo St.Paul's congregation (membership papers, reports, correspondence) and the Estonian Youth Club "N" of Buffalo (minute book).

EELK Chicago Praostkond (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church - Deanery in Chicago records

Identifier: IHRC517
Overview Historical overview, circulars, correspondence.

EELK Cleveland-Ohio Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cleveland, Ohio), Records

Identifier: IHRC3216
Overview Collection consists of booklets about the congregation.

EELK Connecticuti Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Connecticut), Records

Identifier: IHRC3120
Overview Collection consists of the organizational records of the congregation (meeting agendas and minutes, correespondence, financial records). Also included are materials documenting the activities of the church choir.

EELK Esimene Chicago Kogudus (Estonian First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chicago, Illinois), Records

Identifier: IHRC3092
Overview Collection consists of records from the First Estonian Ev. Lutheran Congregation in Chicago (constitution and by-laws, minutes, budgets and financial reports, correspondence, bulletin "Teated", information sheets and communications to congregation, church song collection, booklets, letters of membership applications, information about members, information about former members transferred to other congregations) and records from other institutions (Estonian Ev. Lutheran St. Paul's Congregation...

EELK Indianapolise Pauluse Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Paul, Indianapolis, Indiana), Records

Identifier: IHRC3217
Overview Collection consists of church services book and minute books.

EELK Konsistoorium eksiilis (Consistory of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Exile) records

Identifier: IHRC3229
Overview Collection consists of circular letters, newsletters, reports, minutes.

EELK Los Angelese Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Los Angeles, California), Records

Identifier: IHRC3115
Overview Collection consists of records from different institutions: Estonian congregation in Los Angeles (correspondence, congregation's bulletins "Vastutuuli" and "Koguduse Teated", booklets of church services), Estonian St. Peter's congregation in Los Angeles (bulletins), Estonian Ap. Orthodox Church in Los Angeles (congregation's bulletin "Jumala Abiga", youth bulletin "Noorte Leht"), Estonian Ev. Lutheran Congregation in San Francisco (booklets, bulletins) and various records (correspondence,...

EELK Louna Florida Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of South Florida), Records

Identifier: IHRC3118
Overview Collection consists of minutes from meetings of the Church Council and the board, correspondence, membership lists and letters of membership applications, congregation's bulletins "Kirikuteade" and booklets of church services. There are also all the accounting documents preserved in the series two.

EELK Minneapolise Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in Minneapolis, Minnesota), Records

Identifier: IHRC3211
Overview Collection consists of minute book and the speech by dean Rudolf Kiviranna for Samuel Eduard Lind's 80th jubliee.

EELK New Yorgi Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in New York, New York), Records

Identifier: IHRC3054
Overview Collection consists of administrative documents (constitution, by-laws, guidelines), documents regarding to meetings (minutes, correspondence, annexes), financial reports, church notices, correspondence (with annexes, also postcards and samples of congregation's envelopes), communications to church members (information sheets, bulletins), booklets of church services (among others also funeral and confirmation booklets), different printed matter and newspaper clippings.

EELK New Yorgi Pauluse Kogudus (St. Paul Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, New York, New York), Records

Identifier: IHRC3084
Overview Collection consists of minutes, correspondence, bulletins, booklets of church services, information sheets, articles, printed matter, newspaper clippings, also documents from the funeral fund (matusekassa) and accounting documents.There are also records from the Schenectady-Albany dirstrict.

EELK Patersoni Pauluse Kogudus (St. Paul Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Paterson, New Jersey), Records

Identifier: IHRC3078
Overview Collection consists of minutes, correspondence, reports, membership documents, bulletins and booklets of church services and also from other institutions. There are seven folders of newspaper clippings from period 1958-1986.Collection was originally organized by Voldemar Arge.

EELK Philadelphia Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Records

Identifier: IHRC3210
Overview Collection consists of correspondence, minutes, letters of membership applications and membership lists, congregation's bulletins, booklets and sheets of church services and newspaper clippings.There are also documents from the Estonian mixed choir in Philadelphia, photos from the Subjugated Nations' Day in Philadelphia and booklets from other institutions.

EELK Portlandi Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Portland, Oregon), Records

Identifier: IHRC3214
Overview Collection consists of congregation's bulletins, information about the members of congregation, newspaper clippings, booklets of church services and printed matter.

EELK San Francisco Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in San Francisco, California), Records

Identifier: IHRC3089
Overview Collection consists of correspondence, budgets and reports, congregation's communications, booklets of church services and congregation's bulletins ("Teataja" 1950-1975 and "Koguduse Teated 1975-1995).Collection also consists records from the Estonian Society in San Francisco and Estonian mixed choir (communications, budgets and reports, bulletin "Eesti by the Bay" 1997-2000).

EELK Seabrooki Kogudus (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Seabrook, New Jersey), Records

Identifier: IHRC3212
Overview Collection consists of circulars and bulletins, congregational journal, letters from pastors and Church Council to the congregation, budgets, booklets of church services and regulations in Northville Lutheran cemetery.

EELK Toronto Vana-Andrese Piiskoplik Kogudus (St. Andrew's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Toronto) records

Identifier: IHRC3218
Overview Collection consists of programs of the church services, bulletins of the congregation.

EELK USA Esimene Praostkond (USA First Synod of Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church), Records

Identifier: IHRC3223
Overview Collection consists of synod's bulletins, bulletins for children (Laste Sõber), synod's budget, financial and services reports.

Eesti-Ameerika Spordiklubi (Estonian American Athletic Club, Incorporated) records

Identifier: IHRC3894
Overview Minutes, member lists, correspondence, magazines, photos.

Eesti-Amerika Kodanike Ühing (Estonian American Citizen Association), Records

Identifier: IHRC3183
Overview Minutes, constitutions, correspondence, lists.

Eesti Arhiiv Austraalias (Estonian Archives in Australia) collection

Identifier: IHRC3198
Overview Annual reports, correspondence, lists of books, newspaper clippings.

Eesti Helikunsti Keskus (Estonian Music Association), Records

Identifier: IHRC3069
Overview Songbooks, newspaper clippings, programs

Eesti ühingute põhikirjad (Constitutions of Estonian American Associations), Collection

Identifier: IHRC3166
Overview Constitutions of Estonian associations and societies in the United States.

Eesti Kodu Bradfordis (Estonian Home at Bradford, England) records

Identifier: IHRC3235
Overview Annual report of 1999, program brochures 1999-2002.

Eesti Kogudused Austraalias (Estonian Congregations in Australia), Records

Identifier: IHRC3222
Overview Collection consists mainly of documents from Estonian St. John's Church in Sydney (bulletins and collection of church songs), Adelaide Estonian Ev. Lutheran Congregation (bulletin "Lõunaristi All" 1958, 1966-1990) and small amount of various booklets.

Eesti Kogudused Kanadas (Estonian Congregations in Canada), Records

Identifier: IHRC3221
Overview Collection consists of materials from different Estonian congregations: Hamilton Lutheran Congregation, Montreal St. John's Lutheran Congregation, Estonian Babtist Congregation in Toronto, St. Andrew's Ev. Lutheran Church in Toronto, Estonian St. Jacob's Congregation in Toronto, Estonian Holy Trinity Ev. Lutheran Church of Toronto, St. Peter's Estonian Ev. Lutheran Church in Toronto, St. Peter's Estonian Ev. Lutheran Church in Vancouver and Estonian United Congregations in Vancouver.Materials...

Eesti Kogudused Rootsis (Estonian Congregations in Sweden), Records

Identifier: IHRC3219
Overview Collection consists of bulletins of the EELK Stockholm Congregation (Teated), press notice, letter from archbishop Konrad Veem, Richard Koolmeister in memoriam, "The Fate of Religion and Church under Soviet Rule in Estonia in 1940-1941" (manuscript, in English) and booklets: "The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Estonia in Exile". Stockholm, 1957"Evangelisatsiooni jutlused" by Konrad Veem. Stockholm, 1968"Estonian Religous Literature Published in the Estonian Language during the Period...

Eesti Kooli Fond (Estonian School Fund), Records

Identifier: IHRC3057
Overview Correspondence, minutes, accounting reports.

Eesti Koolide Keskus (Coordinating Center for Estonian Supplemental Schools), Records

Identifier: IHRC3039
Overview Minutes, reports, correspondence, brochures, educational materials, newspaper clippings

Eesti Kultuurifond Ameerika Ühendriikides (Foundation for Estonian Arts and Letters), Records

Identifier: IHRC3065
Overview Constitutions, minutes, reports, correspondence, accounting documents, programs, play texts, brochures

Eesti Üliõpilaste Toetusfond (Estonian Students Fund in USA, Inc), Records

Identifier: IHRC3117
Overview Constitutions, correspondence, applications for scholarship, accounting documents.

Eesti Naisliit (Federated Estonian Women's Clubs) records

Identifier: IHRC3082
Overview Newspaper clippings, programs, brochures, reports, correspondence, photos

Eesti Naisüliõpilaste Selts USAs (Estonian Women Students' Society in USA) records

Identifier: IHRC3827
Overview Constitutions, circular letter, minutes, annual reports, correspondence, accounting documents, brochures, newspaper clippings.

Eesti Organisatsioonid Saksa Liiduvabariigis (Estonian Organizations in the Federal Republic of Germany), Records

Identifier: IHRC3061
Overview Reports, lists, minutes, correspondence, prints, newspaper clippings.

Eesti Organisatsioonide Liit Läänerannikul (The Estonian League of the West Coast) records

Identifier: IHRC3486
Overview Programs, brochures, circular letters, correspondence, tickets, songbooks, reports.

Eesti Põllumeeste Kogude Esindus Paguluses (Estonian Farmers Unions' Representation in Exile), Records

Identifier: IHRC3134
Overview Correspondence, reports, accounting documents, brochures.

Eesti Spordiliit USAs (Estonian Athletic Union in USA), Records

Identifier: IHRC3104
Overview Constitutions, reports, minutes, correspondence, prints.

Eesti sport Inglise okupatsioonitsoonis Saksamaal ja Inglismaal (Estonian athletics in the English occupation zone, Germany and England), Records

Identifier: IHRC3893
Overview Organizational records include correspondence, constitution, minutes and other materials.

Eesti Teaduslik Ühing Ameerika (Estonian Learned Society in the United States) records

Identifier: IHRC3178
Overview Constitutions, reports, circular letters, correspondence, accounting documents.

Eesti teatrite kollektsioon (Estonian theaters collection), Records

Identifier: IHRC3037
Overview Playscripts, programs, newspaper clippings.

Eesti Vabadusvõitlejate Liit (Legion of Estonian Liberation), Records

Identifier: IHRC3074
Overview Minutes, circular letters, correspondence, brochures, newspaper clippings.

Eesti Vabariigi Kaitsevägi (Estonian Defense Forces and Defense League), Collection

Identifier: IHRC3225
Overview Collection consists of a pennant, 2 certifications, newspaper clippings and copies of newspaper clippings.

Eesti Vabariigi Politsei kohta 1939-1940 (Estonian Police, 1939-1940) collection

Identifier: IHRC3213
Overview Correspondence, memoirs, lists, newspaper clippings.

Eesti Vabariigi Saadikud (Estonian Ambassadors) records

Identifier: IHRC3208
Overview Newspaper clippings, lists of diplomatic corps.

Eesti Vabariigi Sõjavägi (Estonian Armed Forces), Records

Identifier: IHRC3059
Overview Newspaper clippings, copies of photos, memoirs.

Eesti Vangistatud Vabadusvõitlejate Abistamiskeskus USAs (Relief Committee for Estonian Prisoners of Conscience in the USSR, US branch), Records

Identifier: IHRC3073
Overview Correspondence, reports, reports, lists, circular letters, newspaper clippings.

Eestlased Hiinas (Estonians in China), Records

Identifier: IHRC3185
Overview Unpublished manuscript material, brochures, newspaper clippings.

Eestlased Hollandis (Estonians in the Netherlands), Records

Identifier: IHRC3186
Overview Correspondence, newsletters, programs brochures. Collection consists of letters from and to the Estonians in Netherlands, newsletters by the Estonians in the Netherlands, community event programs.

Eestlased Kanadas (Estonians in Canada), Records

Identifier: IHRC3050
Overview Material of many Estonian organizations in Canada: brochures, bulletins, newsletters, programs, correspondence, minutes etc

Eestlased Lõuna-Ameerikas (Estonians in South America), Records

Identifier: IHRC3187
Overview Programs, announcements, magazines, bulletins.

Eestlased Rootsis (Estonians in Sweden), Records

Identifier: IHRC3062
Overview Brochures, bulletins, newsletters, programs, newspaper clippings.

Eestlased Seattle'is (Estonians in Seattle) records

Identifier: IHRC3177
Overview Collection consists of bulletins about Estonians in Seattle, Washington.

Eestlased Soomes (Estonians in Finland), Records

Identifier: IHRC3060
Overview Correspondence, newspaper clippings, prints.

Eestlased Uus-Meremaal (Estonians in New Zealand), Records

Identifier: IHRC3191
Overview Collection consists of bulletins and articles (4 pcs) about Estonians in New Zeeland and copies and photos (2 pcs) of Estonians in New Zealand.

Eestlaste Koondis Karoliinades (Estonian-American Association of the Carolinas) records

Identifier: IHRC3201
Overview Collection consists of newsletters of the association (1991-1997) with reference letters. Materials document the activities of the Association in the states of North Carolina and South Carolina.

Eik, Kalju, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3093
Overview correspondence, newspaper clippings, personal documents

Elmer Epner papers

Identifier: IHRC3875
Overview Collection consists of 29 film reels containing motion pictures made by Elmer Epner featuring cultural events of Estonians in exile and documentaries of Estonians living abroad, including countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Canada, the United States. DVD versions are available for the following titles: Metro Rhythmics; Harmony in Motion; Estonian Heritage: and Midsummer Holiday

Esto Festival 1980, Records

Identifier: IHRC3237
Overview ESTO 1980 took place in July 06 - 13, 1980 in Stocholm, Sweden. In frames of ESTO ´80 also 3rd National Congress (July 08.-09.1980) and 3rd Women´s Congress ( July 09. 1980) were held.

Estonian Writers in P.E.N. records

Identifier: IHRC3159
Overview Correspondence, brochures

Hammar, Rudolf, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3747
Overview Materials pertaining to Rudolf Hammar's activities in the Estonian Philatelic Society, Estonian Cultural Society, Estonian Educational Society, the student fraternity Rotalia; and also to his career in banking, stock trade, and to his other business endeavors. Included is also Rudolf Hammar's poetry.

Hardy Nurmsen papers

Identifier: IHRC3547
Overview Correspondence, newspaper clippings, typescripts of English versions of selected chapters from Hardy Nurmsen’s Estonian-language book "Suestal Laebi Ameerika" (Discovering Americans, published in Tallinn, Estonia, 1938, 402 p.), and a copy of the Estonian edition of the book.

Indianapolise Eesti Selts (Estonian Society in Indianapolis) records

Identifier: IHRC3829
Overview Minutes, correspondence, bulletins, photos

Inglismaa Eestlaste Ühing (Association of Estonians in Great Britain), Records

Identifier: IHRC3188
Overview Correspondence, brochures, bulletins, newspaper clippings.

Isak, Harry, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3765
Overview Collection of Harry Isak's military service. Meritorious service medal's certificates, memorabilia

Ivask, Ivar, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3796
Overview Ivar Ivask's collection consists mainly of the documents, books and magazines collected by Olga Berendsen and the Estonian Archives in the U.S about Ivar Ivask. Correspondence, bulletins, programs, scholarly papers, notes on 8 publications, exhibitions, announcements, biographical info.

Joonson, Arnold, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3554
Overview Personal and financial correspondence with the members of the Estonian World Council E.Vallaste and A.Anderson. By-laws, minutes, projects of the treaties, resolutions and statements of the Estonian World Council.

Jüri Mandre papers

Identifier: IHRC3129
Overview Music composed by Jüri Mandre and others, handwritten sheet music, song books, correspondence, misc. printed works, documents about Mandre Music Fund.