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Alexander A. Granovsky papers

Identifier: IHRC796
Overview A Ukrainian American entomologist, also an activist and poet, Granovsky was born in Berezhtsi, Ukraine, and came to the United States in 1913. He was educated at Colorado State Agricultural College and the University of Wisconsin, and taught entomology at the universities of Wisconsin and Minnesota. He became a leader in the Ukrainian American community locally and nationally and was president of the Organization for the Rebirth of Ukraine, Inc. (ODWU). In St. Paul, Minnesota, he was also an...

Alexander Kajkowski papers

Identifier: IHRC1156
Overview Collection consists of memoranda, news releases, speeches and published materials regarding Polish American and Polish affairs, and the Polish Government in Exile, also correspondence with members of the Polish Government in Exile in London and other political figures from the United States, Great Britain, and with representatives of exile organizations of other European nationalities. Included are materials from the Katyn Memorial Fund Committee.

American Baltic Freedom Committee (Kalamazoo, Michigan) records

Identifier: IHRC156
Overview Records (1991) consist of photographs, documents (originals), press releases, flyers, articles in newspapers, maps, letters and addresses on envelopes from petition signers, sheets of information containing addresses of official offices, faxes, fax cover sheets and petitions to president George H.W. Bush.Materials include documents (originals) which deal with Latvian exile communities and their leaders who signed lettters to president Bush, senators Riegle, Wolpe, Levin, congressman...

American Italian Historical Association (AIHA) Conference records

Identifier: IHRC176
Overview Partial transcript of the American Italian Historical Association Conference (1972, Boston, Massachussetts) relate to the conference topic "Italian American Radicalism: Old World Origins and New World Developments".

Anthony Bimba papers

Identifier: IHRC320
Overview Papers consist of a copy of his autobiography and a typescript interview with him by Rudolph J. Vecoli.

Assembly of Captive European Nations (ACEN) records

Identifier: IHRC246
Overview Records (1954- ) of the ACEN include internal organization materials of delegations to various nations; information on the General Committee and its members; information on working committees; records of the Plenary assemblies; minutes; lists of national and international member organizations, consultative organizations, and associate-member organizations; an explanation of the archives organizational historical data; the United Nations and Council of Europe; relations and correspondence to...

Assembly of Captive European Nations (Estonian Archives in Lakewood compilation) collection

Identifier: IHRC3533
Overview Memorandums, reports, minutes, press releases, newspaper clippings

Association of Ukrainian Political Prisoners (Munich, West Germany) records

Identifier: IHRC253
Overview The Association was founded in 1947, in Munich, to care for its members and families of deceased prisoners and to collect, arrange, and publish works by or about Ukrainian political prisoners, living or deceased.

Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, Records

Identifier: IHRC254
Overview Collection consists of newsletters, pamphlets and circular letters produced by the organization, anniversary publications commemorating events and personalities of Ukrainian history.

Austria. Foreign Affairs Ministry (Ministerium des Aussern. Wien), Records

Identifier: IHRC260
Overview Records (1895-1914) of the Ministerium des Aussern, Austria, consist of selected consular reports and correspondence dealing with emigrants to the United States from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Included is information on Slovakian and Galician immigration, Slovak newspapers, the Greek Catholic Church in the United States, Russian Orthodoxy, the Catholic Church, Latin Rite, in the United States, Galicians, and consuls in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Correspondents include Archibishop John Ireland...

Austria. State Archives (Staatsarchiv. Wien) records

Identifier: IHRC259
Overview Records (1848-1918) of the Austrian Staatsarchiv consist of consular dispatches, telegrams, police reports, and correspondence pertaining to emigrants from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Included are communications and annual immigration reports from the Austro-Hungarian consulates in Canada, Germany, the United States, Latin America, the South Slav lands, and European cities. Reports and correspondence contain information on a wide variety of topics, including (but not limited to) analysis of...

Baltic Tribunal collection

Identifier: IHRC3230
Overview Copies of newspaper clippings, correspondence, news agency releases.

BATUN (Baltic Appeal to the United Nations), Records

Identifier: IHRC3070
Overview Letters, informational sheets, chronologies, newspaper clippings, bulletins.

Carl Ross papers

Identifier: IHRC2288
Overview Papers (1935-2000) of Carl Ross (1913-2004) consist of correspondence, brochures, photographs, newspaper clippings, essays and other published materials relating to the Minnesota Finnish American Family History Project; the founding and activities of the United Fund for Finnish American Archives (meeting minutes, by-laws, press releases, letterhead, and other materials) and the organizing of two Reunion of Sisters conferences (1986 and 1987).

Christ Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota records

Identifier: IHRC3250
Overview Collection consists of three microfilm reels holding the church records since its inception in 1972. Included are the governing documents of the congregation, congregational register, annual reports, meeting minutes, anniversary booklets and church bulletins. A large segment of the records document the congregation's activities and programs such as the Sunday School, pilgrimages, choir practices and performances, retreats, and also its involvement in political events and movements aimed at the...

Council for the Liberation of Captive Nations from Soviet Domination, Records

Identifier: IHRC3279
Overview Correspondence, meeting minutes, proclamations, clippings, photos, event programs of the organization pertaining primarily to the Council's political activities in Minnesota. Compiled by secretary/treasurer of the organization.

Detroiti Balti Komitee (The Baltic Nations Committee of Detroit) records

Identifier: IHRC3163
Overview Correspondence, newspaper clippings, resolutions, programs.

Don Binkowski papers

Identifier: IHRC329
Overview Collection consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, photocopied articles, pamphlets, print items, event fliers and other materials documenting the history and activities of the Polish American community in America and its relationships to Poland.

Duplak, Nicholas, Papers

Identifier: IHRC576
Overview Papers consist of photocopies of letters written by a former Ford auto worker Wasyl Lucenko to U.S. presidents and congress, Ukrainian community leaders, Ukraine's leaders, articles and newspaper clippings.

Dushnyck, Walter, Papers

Identifier: IHRC581
Overview Collection consists of materials (correspondence, reports, articles, conference booklets, etc.) pertaining to the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America; Displaced Persons; World Congress of Free Ukrainians; Shevchenko Centennial; Ukrainians in Brazil; congressional leaders; the Ukrainian American newspaper "Ameryka" and periodical "Ukrainian Bulletin; Ukrainian Catholic Church in Philadelphia; and the publication "The Ukrainian Heritage." Included are also photographs.

Eesti Naisliit (Federated Estonian Women's Clubs) records

Identifier: IHRC3082
Overview Newspaper clippings, programs, brochures, reports, correspondence, photos

Eesti Vabadusvõitlejate Liit (Legion of Estonian Liberation), Records

Identifier: IHRC3074
Overview Minutes, circular letters, correspondence, brochures, newspaper clippings.

Eesti Vangistatud Vabadusvõitlejate Abistamiskeskus USAs (Relief Committee for Estonian Prisoners of Conscience in the USSR, US branch), Records

Identifier: IHRC3073
Overview Correspondence, reports, reports, lists, circular letters, newspaper clippings.

Emilio Augusto papers

Identifier: IHRC255
Overview Papers (1931-1972) of Emilio Augusto consist of newspaper clippings and photographs pertaining to fascism in Mussolini's Italy and to the anti-fascist movement among Italian Americans; miscellaneous personal and business correspondence.

Erdelyi, Istvan, Papers

Identifier: IHRC624
Overview Collection consists of extensive files of correspondence between Istvan Erdelyi and numerous members of the Hungarian immigrant communities in the United States, Canada and Australia. Included are also newspaper clippings, copies of articles on Hungarian and Hungarian American subjects, materials pertaining to the St. Stephen of Hungary Church in New York City, the Viktor Padanyi Society and other organizations of Hungarians in exile, and documents and copies of articles that discuss...

Finlandia Foundation, Pasadena, Caifornia, Records

Identifier: IHRC3379
Overview The material includes correspondence, newsletters, minutes, photographs, and various other documents, roughly organized chronologically within the various collections of papers.

Finnish American Trade Unionists, Records

Identifier: IHRC669
Overview The Finnish American trade unionists collection (1943) consists of conference proceedings; a pamphlet; memoranda; and correspondence relating to Finnish American activities denouncing Finland's participation as an Axis ally in World War II.

Finnish Socialist Chapter (Ely, Minnesota) records

Identifier: IHRC705
Overview Records (1905-1966) of the Finnish Socialist Chapter (Ely, Minn.) consist of chapter minutes.

Finnish Socialist Chapter, Gardner, Massachusetts, Records

Identifier: IHRC708
Overview Records (1905-1966) of the Gardner, Massachusetts Finnish Socialist Chapter Archive consist of chapter minutes and minutes of the chapter's suborganization.

Finnish Socialist Chapter, Markham, Minnesota, Records

Identifier: IHRC707
Overview Minutes (1911-1931) of the Markham, Minn. chapter of the Finnish Socialist Federation.

Finnish Socialist Club, Astoria, Oregon, Records

Identifier: IHRC710
Overview Minutes (1912-1915), in Finnish, of the Finnish Socialist Club (Astoria, Ore.), Board of Directors. Although the minutes deal mainly with business affairs, they indirectly reflect much of the cultural and political activity in the Astoria Finnish socialist community during this time. For example, the minutes for 1913 include records of donations to the striking copper miners in Michigan. Except for Board minutes published in the newspaper Toveri, these are the only known extant minutes of the...

Finnish Workers’ Club, Hibbing, Minnesota records

Identifier: IHRC888
Overview Records, in Finnish and English, of the Hibbing Finnish Workers' Club (Minn.) consist of minutes (1962-1974) and a ledger of accounts (1935-1972).

Finnish Workers’ Society Kehitys, Cloquet, Minnesota, Records

Identifier: IHRC723
Overview Records (1911-1939) of the Finnish Workers' Society "Kehitys" (Cloquet, Minn.) Archive consist of financial records; minutes; membership lists; and play scripts.

Heikkila, William, Papers

Identifier: IHRC885
Overview Papers (1947-1962) of William Heikkila (1906-1960) consist of legal files relating to his deportation case, and newspaper clippings about the case.

Helmi Dagmar Mattson papers

Identifier: IHRC1513
Overview Papers of Helmi Dagmar Mattson (1890-1974) include an autobiography; correspondence; diaries; handwritten and typescript articles, plays, poetry and books; records and papers relating to the Northwestern Finnish Historical Society; minutes of meetings of the Mt. Solo Washington Finnish Club; bylaws of the Finnish Workers Association (Portland, Ore.); miscellany; memorabilia; photographs and photograph albums; and scrapbooks.

Humanitas records

Identifier: IHRC3209
Overview Constitutions, organizational records and correspondence.

Indianapolise Eesti Selts (Estonian Society in Indianapolis) records

Identifier: IHRC3829
Overview Minutes, correspondence, bulletins, photos

Italy. Office of the Commissioner of Emigration (Commissariato Generale dell' Emigrazione), Records

Identifier: IHRC1108
Overview Records of the office pertain to emigration and immigration legislation (Italian and foreign), office activities, office personnel, and field offices in border towns and port cities. Inventory available (in Italian only). Negatives held by Centro Studi Emigrazione, Rome. Originals in Archivio Storico Diplomatico, Ministero degli Affari Esteri, Roma, Italia.

Joseph Alecks papers

Identifier: IHRC127
Overview Papers (1938-1976) of Joseph Alecks include personal correspondence; newspaper clippings; pamphlets; and photographs.

Kajastus Finnish Laborers Association, Milford, New Hampshire records

Identifier: IHRC1154
Overview The records (1913-1966) of the "Kajastus" Finnish Laborers' Association (Milford, New Hampshire) comprise the official papers and bylaws (1913-1928); and clippings and articles on New England Finnish Americans (1951-1966).

Karuks, Vello, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3112
Overview Correspondence between Vello Karuks and legislators in the US Congress about Estonian political prisoners in USSR. Newspaper clippings pertaining to Estonian American issues from the Seattle, WA, area.

Latvian Welfare Association of Cleveland, Ohio papers

Identifier: IHRC2908
Overview 6 binders containing correspondence, meeting minutes and other documentation pertaining to the Asscoiation's Cleveland Chapter (Daugavas Vanagu).

Lauris Kalnins papers

Identifier: IHRC1166
Overview The papers of Lauris Kalnins consist of materials related to different exile communities, organizations, newspapers. There is an extensive collection of periodicals - mostly from local Latvian communities in the U.S. Collection also consist of Kalnins personal papers, information sheets, advertisements, brochures, newspaper clippings, conventions and seminar materials, member lists, financial records and letters. Also included is a set of audio materials.

Ülemaailmne Eesti Ühing (World Association of Estonians) records

Identifier: IHRC3825
Overview Constitutions, minutes, correspondence, member lists, accounting documents, prints.

Ülemaailmne Eesti Vabadusvõitlejate Keskus (World Legion of Estonian Liberation), Records

Identifier: IHRC3114
Overview Meeting minutes, organizational correspondence, financial records, newspaper clippings.

Leonard Pasqualicchio papers

Identifier: IHRC1967
Overview The Leonard Pasqualicchio Order Sons of Italy in America Collection (1945-1965) consists of a copy of the OSIA Constitution and by-laws (1949), miscellaneous photographs, and correspondence, and personal papers of Pasqualicchio. Personal papers include his notes for a book; newspaper clippings, brochures, material on Constantino Bromidi, the artist of the United States Capitol building; Pasqualicchio's speeches (1960-1968); miscellaneous newsletters and newspapers; invitations to the...

Log Cabin Republicans records

Identifier: Tretter: Collection 24
Overview The collection contains administrative records, correspondence, newsletters, news clippings, reports, educational materials and media created by and concerning the Log Cabin Republicans (LCR). LCR promotes awareness and support of gay/lesbian concerns within the Republican party, Republican GLBT candidates, and the Republican party agenda within the gay community. In addition to records of the national organization, the collection contains administrative records for state and local Log Cabin...

Los Angelese Eesti Ameerika Vabariiklik Klubi (Estonian-American Republican Club of Los Angeles), Records

Identifier: IHRC3095
Overview Albums (newspaper clippings, lists, letters, photos, reports).

Maria Dushnyck papers

Identifier: IHRC580
Overview Collection consists of materials (correspondence, reports, articles, conference brochures, etc.) pertaining to the Ukrainian National Women's League of America (UNWLA) - Branch 72; the Women's National Republican Club, Inc.; and the New York Metropolitan Committee Commemorating the Milenium of Chrsitianity in Ukraine. Included are also photographs.

Maria, Frank (Francis), Papers

Identifier: IHRC1469
Overview The Frank Maria collection includes extensive files of correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, and more, reflecting his wide-ranging career and involvement in national and international organizations.

Marija Skutans Netz papers

Identifier: IHRC3362
Overview Manuscript materials pertaining to the Latvian American community in Minneapolis, Minnesota, particularly the artistic community and events related to the Republic of Latvia’s independence in 1991.

Michael and Nadia Karkoc papers

Identifier: IHRC1182
Overview The Michael and Nadia Karkoc Papers consist of 26 notebooks of correspondence (USA, Canada, Europe, Ukraine); memoirs, correspondence, minutes and documents of Ukrainian political and community organizations and publishers (in USA and Europe); articles in various Ukrainian newspapers pertaining to events in the Ukrainian American community and Ukraine (in particular the Orange Revolution); material pertaining to various Ukrainian churches in the Twin Cities; and photographs.

Miloslav Rechcigl Sr. papers

Identifier: IHRC2236
Overview Papers of M. Rechcigl, Sr. include typescripts of his programs for the Radio Free Europe where he was employed from 1951 to 1970 (Boxes 1-6), and correspondence with the leading figures of Czech and Slovak exile in America, a large portion of it pertaining to the Rada Svobodneho Ceskoslovenska (Council of Free Czechoslovakia), (Boxes 7-11). Included are also personal notebooks and diaries (Box 12).

Minnesota Eesti organisatsioonid (Estonian organizations in Minnesota) records

Identifier: IHRC3243
Overview Constitutions, minutes, reports, accounting documents, programs, newsletters and bulletins.

Minnesota Hungarians (Minneapolis) records

Identifier: IHRC1568
Overview Records consist of correspondence, meeting agendas and miuntes, membership lists, invitations, posters, and material on the Hungarian American actress Zita Szeletszky and other personalities of Hungarian and Hungarian American life. Substantial parts of this collection are available only as photocopies; originals returned to donors.

Minnesotans for Democracy in Greece, Records

Identifier: IHRC1575
Overview Records (1964-1979) of the Minnesotans for Democracy in Greece consist of correspondence, clippings, minutes, reports, and published material ofthe organization.

Myron Leskiw papers

Identifier: IHRC1366
Overview Papers (1946-1958) of Myron Leskiw (1909- ) include correspondence, newspaper clippings, leaflets, and brochures. Personal correspondence largely pertains to the Ukrainian American community and its fight against communism, and to Ukrainian community activities. Also included are reports, newsletters and other materials of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America.

Nashwauk Finnish Socialist Chapter and Related Organizations records

Identifier: IHRC1647
Overview Records (1906-1953) of the Nashwauk Finnish Socialist Chapter and related organizations (Nashwauk, Minnesota) consist of twenty-two ledgers reflecting Finnish organization activity in Nashwauk. Included are minutes, membership ledgers; and financial records.

Niklus, Mart Olav, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3585
Overview Collection consists of newspaper clippings, correspondence and pamphlets. Extensive collection of writings about and by Niklus. Correspondence with Juhan Simonson of the Estonian American National Council. Letters of support by U.S. President, senators, and congressmen. Mart Niklus graduate of Tartu Univ (biology) 1957 Human rights dissident. Jailed as a political prisoner during the soviet regime 1958-66, 1976, 1980-88, member amnesty international/Estonian wildlife fund member of the Estonian...

Order Sons of Italy in America, John G. Spatuzza papers

Identifier: IHRC2479
Overview The John G. Spatuzza Order Sons of Italy in America collection (1958-1985) includes Supreme Lodge records, Illinois Grand Lodge records, and other OSIA materials. Supreme Lodge records include convention documents (1965-1985), committee reports, correspondence (1975-1985), and financial reports. Illinois Grand Lodge materials include grand convention books and reports (1960-1980), correspondence (1958-1980), newsletters, scholarship and committee reports, and brochures from a variety of OSIA...

Organization for the Rebirth of Ukraine (ODWU), Minnesota Branch, Records

Identifier: IHRC1719
Overview Organizational records of the ODWU local branch based in the Twin Cities. Collection consists of correspondence, meeting minutes, flyers, event programs and pamphlets.

Potach, Steven, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3345
Overview Newspaper and magazine clippings, event programs, organizational correspondence and other materials documenting various Czech American and Czech American-related activities, in Minnesota as well as nation-wide.

Radio Programs Scripts, Collection

Identifier: IHRC3116
Overview Collection consists of file folders holding scripts for individual programs broadcast by the Radio Free Europe, Estonian Desk, between December 1975 and 1993 Each file folder contains scripts for 5-10 programs, indicating the date and the time of broadcast, table of contents, duration, codes of the editor, author, translator, speaker and producer of each segment, followed by the individual scripts. The set starts with Script No. 3, 1975, ends with the year 1993. Included are also scripts from...

Radzilowski, John, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2222
Overview Materials related to John Radzilowski's activities in the following Polish American organziations: Polish American Cultural Institute of Minnesota (PACIM), Polish American Historical Association (PAHA) and Polish Museum of America. Collection also contains documentation regarding the expansion of NATO in 1998 (to include Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary) and the associated lobbying efforts of the concerned ethnic groups in the United States, and also regarding the Holy Cross Parish and the...

Redgranite Finnish Socialist Club (Wisconsin) records

Identifier: IHRC2238
Overview Records (1908-1911) of the Redgranite Finnish Socialist Club consist of a minute book along with a two-page manuscript titled "Brief History of the Finn Hall, Redgranite, Wisconsin."

Sacco and Vanzetti Case collection

Identifier: IHRC2340
Overview The Sacco and Vanzetti Case collection (1922-1926) consists of seven folders containing copies of briefs, arguments, etc. presented in the case by defense counsel William G. Thompson.

Saima Workers’ Society (Fitchburg, Massachusetts) records

Identifier: IHRC2344
Overview Records (1914-1964) of the Saima Workers' Society (Fitchburg, Minn.) include proceedings; board of directors minutes (1916-1918); correspondence; economic committee reports; and property inventories (1919).

San Francisco Eesti Võitlejate Ühing (Legion of Estonian Liberation, San Francisco, California, Branch), Records

Identifier: IHRC3083
Overview Correspondence, minute books, photographs and newspaper clippings.

Skotzko, Eugene, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2935
Overview Papers (1931-1996) consist of general correspondence; correspondence pertaining to ODWU (Organization for the Rebirth of Ukraine), publication of his book "Na Storozhi Ukrainy," New York Republican State Committee (Naturalized Citizens Division-Ukrainian Section); ODWU circulars; drafts of articles; and newspaper clippings pertaining to the Ukrainian Bureau of Washington, D.C.

Swensrud, Sidney, Collection

Identifier: IHRC3436
Overview Collection consists of a typescript of Sidney Swensrud's reminiscences as recorded by the FAIR's Tenth Anniversary Oral History Project in 1990.

The Baltic American Freedom League, Records

Identifier: IHRC3135
Overview Correspondence, BAFL conference programs, leaflets, copies of newspaper clippings.

Tresca, Carlo (1879-1943) (Microfilm), Collection

Identifier: IHRC2609
Overview Papers consist of a mirofilm copy of Tresca's autobiography, original at New York Public Library. Autobiography forms part of Tresca Memorial Papers, New York Public Library, Manuscript Division.

Ukrainian Revolutionary Democratic Party (URDP), Records

Identifier: IHRC2766
Overview Organizational records.

United States Department of State. Records relating to Greece.

Identifier: IHRC1666
Overview Records of the U.S. Department of State relate to internal affairs of Greece and to political relations between Greece and the United states (decimal file 711.68). Bulk of records are instructions to and dispatches from diplomatic and consular officials. Also included are notes between the Department of State and foreign diplomatic representatives in the United States, memoranda prepared by Department officials, and correspondence with officials of other government departments and with private...

Vaclau Panucevich papers

Identifier: IHRC2035
Overview Collection consists of correspondence, Displaced Persons documentation, notebooks, newsletters, newspaper clippings and event memorabilia.

William Lahtinen papers

Identifier: IHRC1322
Overview Papers (1954-1967) of William Lahtinen, a political activist, consist of testimony and transcripts from his deportation trial.

Yugoslav Republican Alliance, Records

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: IHRC2879
Overview Records (1922-1949) of the Jugoslovansko Republicansko Zdruzenje (Yugoslav Republican Alliance), Chicago, Illinois, include correspondence, financial records, and other internal records. Correspondents include Ljudska Tiskarna.

Zajicek, Oldrich, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2886
Overview Papers (1949-1973) of Oldrich Zajicek (1925-1975) comprise correspondence, essays and publications of the National Committee for a Free Europe, Christian Democratic Union of Central Europe, the Czechoslovak Foreign Institute in Exile, and other organizations in which Zajicek was active. Also included is a poem by Zajicek.