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Alexander Rose papers

Identifier: N140
Overview Collection contains blueprints for one building designed by architect Alexander Rose.

Alexandra Jaskolski papers

Identifier: IHRC1124
Overview Papers (1930s-1970s) of Polish American musician and music teacher Alexandra (Nurcyzynski) Jaskolska (1918- ) document her musical and journalistic careers. Jaskolski was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and trained and taught at the New England Conservatory of Music there. As a soloist, she was known as "Olenka Nurczynska-Bertylda". Included in her papers are publications and administrative correspondence from the New England Conservatory of Music; Polish and Polish American music; diaries; and...

Alexandria (Minn.) high school plans

Identifier: N139
Overview Collection contains blueprints of the Alexandria (Minn.) high school building.

Alfonso Iannelli collection

Identifier: N235
Overview A small group of miscellaneous papers; includes twophotos, one sketch and two letters between Iannelli and George Dean re: Assembly Hall, Duluth (MN)

Alfred and Jutta Anderson papers

Identifier: IHRC3103
Overview Collection consists of personal papers, certificates, documents, personal correspondence, documents of various Estonian diaspora organizations, included are also photographs and manuscripts of Anderson's memoirs and speeches.

Alfred H. Wheeler collection

Identifier: N73
Overview Collection comprises blueprints and photocopies for the Northwestern Shot and Leadworks Warehouse in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Alfred Henry Forrester

Identifier: CLRC-835
Overview The collection consists of one black and white drawing of Tom Thumb.

Alfred J. Kahn collection

Identifier: SW0309
Overview Books, reports, articles and testimony on social work authored by Alfred J. Kahn. Topics include social policy, social planning, comparative U.S. and international child and family policy, juvenile delinquency, and social work education.

Alfred Luts papers

Identifier: IHRC3711
Overview Manuscript "Heitluste keerises", collected materials about the deaths of Estonian soldiers in Siberia, report to the Kersten Commission 1953, correspondence with Ernst Lüebik, documents about Estonian military history, Karl Masik's letters, correpondence.

Alfred O.C. Nier papers

Identifier: ua-00999
Overview The collection consists of correspondence, research data, instrument designs, conference papers and reports, talks and lectures, and class materials of Alfred O. C. Nier, University of Minnesota physicist best known for his work in mass spectrometer design, the Manhattan Project, and space science research.

Alfred Owre papers

Identifier: 760
Overview Collection contains the papers of Dr. Alfred Owre, Dean of the College of Dentistry at the University of Minnesota.

Alfred Slote Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1837
Overview The collection contains written production material for 22 titles, and includes typescripts, most corrected, carbon, or photocopied, front matter, galley proofs corrected, some photocopied, a corrected laser printout, correspondence, dummies, some with signatures, jacket material, photographs, page proofs, illustrations, notes, computer printouts, and layout proofs.

Alfred Vonetes papers

Identifier: IHRC1064
Overview Materials related to Alfred Vonetes and his work in the Order of AHEPA (American Hellenic Educational and Progressive Association). Included are meeting minutes, agendas, notes, correspondence, event programs, publications of the organization.

Alias | Wavefront records

Identifier: CBI 255
Overview The Alias | Wavefront records document the corporate history of the CGI company. Also intermingled are the executive papers and subject records of company founder, Mark Sylvester.

Alice and Martin Provenson Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1783
Overview The collection contains mostly illustrations done for The Mother Goose BookAlso included are an ink and watercolor drawing done in response to an invitation and one color page proof for Funny Bunny.

Alice Dalgliesh Papers

Identifier: CLRC-119
Overview Papers focus on her work as an author and illustrator of children's books. Collection contains production material for three titles published between 1935 and 1956 and includes manuscript and illustrative material. Collection also contains some miscellaneous water colors done by Alice Dalgliesh.

Alice E. Christgau Papers

Identifier: CLRC-945
Overview The collection includes typescripts, galley proofs, and correspondence for three children's books published between 1965 and 1968.

Alice E. Goudey Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1298
Overview The collection contains corrected typescripts for two children's books written by Alice E. Goudey.

Alice L. O'Connell Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1046
Overview The collection contains written production material for two children's books by Alice L. O'Connell.

Alice Low Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1998
Overview The collection includes written production material for children's books written by author Alice Low.

Alice McLerran Papers

Identifier: CLRC-932
Overview The collection contains written material for 4 titles, and includes typescripts, pageproof photocopies, jacket proofs, dummies, correspondence, notes, cover notes, research material, front matter, layout notes, and a holograph

Alice Taylor Davis papers

Identifier: SW 143
Overview Alice Taylor Davis was known for her contributions to social work education and commitment improving social service. The Alice Taylor Davis papers reflect her career in social work education, consultation, and on the staff of the U.S. Department of Health Education and Welfare, Technical Training Division. They also relate to her work as co-director of the Study of Social Work Education, which culminated in the report, Social Work Education in the United States (1952) and was a factor in the...

Alice Wellman Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1627
Overview Collection contains corrected production material for one title.

Alida Malkus Papers

Identifier: CLRC-757
Overview The collection contains a corrected typescript, corrected galley proof, pasteup, page proof, and 7 sheets of photoreproductions of drawings from ASM correspondence.

Aliki Barnstone Papers

Identifier: CLRC-396
Overview The collection consists of a typescript for a single book, published in 1968.

Aliki Brandenberg Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1162
Overview Aliki Brandenberg has created or helped create more than 100 publications for children, working as an illustrator or as both author and illustrator. Materials for 18 of her children's titles and one adult title have been contributed to the Kerlan Collection. Art production materials feature artist's dummy pasteups, ink illustrations (many with separations), proof sheets, some typescripts, and a small amount of correspondence and notes. The collection is arranged by title, with folder level...

Alise Osis-Stunda papers

Identifier: IHRC131
Overview Correspondence, postcards, albums of photographs featuring Latvian cities and landscapes, scrapbook documenting trips to New York City, typed poetry. Also printed volumes of Latvian fiction.

Alison McGhee Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2053
Overview The collection contains production material for five published titles.

Alison Morgan Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1014
Overview The collection contains production material for the American editions of three titles written by Alison Morgan.

Alison Uttley Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1649
Overview Alison Uttley's papers comprise production materials for forty-one short stories, two novels, a play, eight collections of legends and stories, and eleven collections of essays, many of which are partly or wholly autobiographical or biographical. All were created between 1931 and 1967. Production materials include manuscript and illustrative material. Correspondence consists of one letter from a school child, and Uttley's suggestions for illustrators and printers.

Alive and Trucking Theater Company records

Identifier: PA088
Overview The collection contains scrapbooks, videos, and a published work chronicling the activities of the Alive and Trucking Theater Company

Alixa Naff Papers

Identifier: IHRC1644
Overview Papers (1962) of Alixa Naff consist of photocopied summaries of interviews conducted by Alixa Naff. They pertain to folklore and life histories collected from Christian Syrian-Lebanese first generation immigrants in the United States. Originals as well as tapes with the recordings are deposited at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, as part of the Alixa Naff Collection there.

All-University Schedule Committee papers

Identifier: 534
Overview Collection contains the papers of the All-University Schedule Committee at the University of Minnesota.

Allan H. McCoid papers

Identifier: 289
Overview Collection contains the papers of Allan McCoid, professor of law at the University of Minnesota.

Allan Spear papers

Identifier: Tretter: Collection 184
Overview The collection contains personal and professional correspondence, news articles, newsletters, campaign materials, photographs, films, publications, diaries, planners, awards, buttons and personal materials of Allan Spear, documenting Spear's early years, career as a faculty member in the History Department at the University of Minnesota, and as a state senator and gay politician in Minnesota.

Allen J. Hubin Collection (SCRB Collection 145)

Identifier: SCRB 0145
Overview This collection contains the personal library of Allen J. Hubin, including his own manuscripts, and those typescripts given to him for review, and some correspondence.

Allen Lewis Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1970
Overview The Allen Lewis materials consist of four woodcut illustrations from one title as well as miscellaneous original art.

Allen W. Trelease Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1582
Overview Collection contains typescripts and a proof for one title by Allen Trelease.

Allena Best Papers

Identifier: CLRC-715
Overview The collection consists of a single ink illustration for a single title.

Alliance Lilly of Wisconsin (Zveza Lilija Wisconsin) records

Identifier: IHRC134
Overview Records (1935-1946) of the Zveza "Lilija" Wisconsin (Alliance "Lily" of Wisconsin), Milwaukee, Wisconsin, consist chiefly of financial records. Also included are records of the Juvenile Department, consistution, and by-laws.

Alliance of Cambridge Settlement Houses records

Identifier: SW 0057
Overview The Alliance of Cambridge Settlement Houses records consist of minutes, correspondence, project applications and reports, financial documents, and group work records. The Alliance of Cambridge Settlement Houses was a federation of Cambridge, Massachusetts, neighborhood centers, incorporated in June 1963. Participants included Cambridge Community Center, Cambridge Neighborhood House, East End House, and Margaret Fuller House. The records, which are mostly from the 1960s, reflect problems of...

Alliance of Poles in America (Cleveland, Ohio) records

Identifier: IHRC135
Overview Records (1903-1932) of the Alliance of Poles in America include minutes of meetings of the Central Body of the Alliance (1917-1930) and its predecessor, the Alliance of Poles in State of Ohio (1907-1917), lists of officers, minutes of conventions (1907-1932), and texts and revisions of constitutions.

Alliance of Transylvanian Saxons, Series I-III (Cleveland, Ohio) records

Identifier: IHRC137
Overview Records (1902-1981) of the Alliance of Transylvanian Saxons (Cleveland, Ohio), a fraternal and insurance organization, include convention minutes. Founded in 1902, the Alliance is open to Americans of Transylvanian Saxon descent. It has forty-three branches and approximately 10,000 members. Its weekly publication is the Volksblatt. Series III contains the records (1923-1981) of the Alliance of Transylvanian Saxons (Cleveland, Ohio), a fraternal and insurance organization, consist of application...

Alliance Publishing Company, (Chicago, Illinois) records

Identifier: IHRC141
Overview Records (1939-1961) of the Alliance Publishing Company of Chicago, Ill., a publisher of Polish American newspapers Dziennik Zwiazkowy and Zgoda, include correspondence; cartoons; editorial material; newspaper clippings; photographs; and material for the 1952 Kalendarz Zwiazkowy (an annual publication). Also included are material on the American Slav Congress of 1949; and a financial report for the Polish American Congress (1953).

Alma Olivia Scott Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1535
Overview The collection contains drafts for two titles by Alma Olivia Scott.

Alma Schultz papers

Identifier: IHRC94
Overview Memoranda and correspondence concerning various Latvian American organizations and Latvia; personal correspondence; Southern Methodist University Conservatory materials, list of Latvian displaced persons resettled in Texas and Oklahoma; notes, clippings, event programs, photographs.

Alpha Chi Sigma records

Identifier: uarc 636
Overview This collection contains the records of Alpha Chi Sigma, a chemistry and chemical engineering fraternity at the University of Minnesota.

Alpha Delta Sigma. Samuel C. Gale Chapter records

Identifier: uarc 637
Overview This collection contains the records of Alpha Delta Sigma. Samuel C. Gale Chapter, a national professional advertising fraternity at the University of Minnesota

Alpha Phi Omega records

Identifier: uarc 306
Overview Collection contains the records of the Alpha Phi Omega's Gamma Psi Chapter at the University of Minnesota.

Alpha Tau Omega papers

Identifier: 639
Overview Collection contains the papers of the Alpha Tau Omega Gamma Nu chapter at the University of Minnesota.

Alpha Zeta Fraternity, LaGrange Chapter records

Identifier: uarc 01216
Overview The collection includes minutes, membership, financial records and photographs of the university-based Minnesota chapter of the Alpha Zeta Fraternity, the national professional agricultural fraternity.

Alphabet Soup Records, 2006-2008

Identifier: Tretter: Collection 265
Overview The collection contains workshop, financial and program related papers from the GLBT Alphabet Soup Conferences

Alrik Gustafson papers

Identifier: 276
Overview Collection contains the papers of Alrik Gustafson, professor and chair of the Scandinavian department at the University of Minnesota.

Alvar W. Carlson papers

Identifier: IHRC414
Overview Carlson was a professor of geography at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Collection consists of reprints of his journal articles relating to immigrant settlements in Cleveland, Detroit, Toledo and Chicago.

Alvin R. Tresselt Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1583
Overview Contains typescripts and correspondence related to three books written by Alvin Tresselt.

Alvin S. Cutler papers

Identifier: 701
Overview Collection contains a bound volume of letters given to Alvin S. Cutler upon his retirement from the University of Minnesota after 39 years as a professor of civil engineering.

Alvin Schorr papers

Identifier: SW 103
Overview The Alvin Schorr papers reflect his influential career in the field of social work, in both the government and academic sectors, from the 1940's through the 1980s. The collection includes Schorr's books, (some in manuscript form), articles, and speeches, his professional correspondence files, and working files from his government and private-sector positions and activities.

Alvin Smith Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1840
Overview The collection contains illustrative materials for 3 titles, and includes watercolor illustrations, ink illustrations, many with separations, a colored paper illustration, a title page layout, a negative photo, and an illustrator's dummy with typescript.

Amanda Shepherd Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2273
Overview Contains illustrative material for four titles.

Amateur Computer Society records

Identifier: CBI 104
Overview Records contain newsletters, correspondence and announcements from the Amateur Computer Society, as well as articles on personal computing.

Amazon Bookstore Cooperative corporate records

Identifier: Tretter: Collection 15
Overview Collection contains documentation by and about the Amazon Bookstore Cooperative, a feminist women's bookstore founded in Minneapolis in 1970 and for many years the oldest operating women's bookstore in the United States.

Ameerika-Eesti Heatahtlik Selts (Estonian American Benevolent Society) records

Identifier: IHRC3180
Overview Collection consists of newsreels "Sisu" published by the society, news about Estonia (copies), leaflets.

Amelia Howe Kritzer Collection of 19th and Early 20th Century Scripts

Identifier: PA152
Overview Collection contains antique play scripts, theater prints and postcards, and a toy theater collected by Dr. Amelia Howe Kritzer.

America-Italy Society records

Identifier: IHRC152
Overview Records (1925-1959) of the America-Italy Society, a cultural organization, include minutes; correspondence; financial records; brochures; photographs; and corporate documents. Series include information regarding the Italy-America Society's dissolution and correspondence of founder Luigi Criscuolo. Also included is correspondence of Ellsworth Bunker; Thomas McKittrick; John Astor and Clare Booth Luce.

America Letters Project: University of Turku, Finland, Collection

Identifier: IHRC149
Scope and Contents Finnish DESCRIPTION OF THE COLLECTION 1) Letters from the Varsinais Suomi area of Finland: The America Letters, Varsinais Suomi (Finland), collection (1885-1960) contains 4,000 letters written by Finnish immigrants in the United States to relatives and friends in the Varsinais Suomi area of Finland. 2) Letters from the Etela-Pohjanmaa area of Finland. The America Letters (1890-1960), Etela-Pohjanmaa (Finland), collection consists of 4,000 letters sent...

American Arabic Association (AMARA) records

Identifier: IHRC155
Overview Records (1969-1981) of the American Arabic Association, a cultural and charitable organization, consist mainly of program announcements for meetings.

American Association of University Professors, Minnesota Chapters papers

Identifier: 446; 447; 448; 2000-55; 2001-36
Overview Collection contains the records of the Minnesota chapters of the American Association of University Professors, including the University of Minnesota chapter.

American Baltic Freedom Committee (Kalamazoo, Michigan) records

Identifier: IHRC156
Overview Records (1991) consist of photographs, documents (originals), press releases, flyers, articles in newspapers, maps, letters and addresses on envelopes from petition signers, sheets of information containing addresses of official offices, faxes, fax cover sheets and petitions to president George H.W. Bush.Materials include documents (originals) which deal with Latvian exile communities and their leaders who signed lettters to president Bush, senators Riegle, Wolpe, Levin, congressman...

American Committee for Italian War Relief (St. Paul, Minnesota) records

Identifier: IHRC157
Overview The American Committee for Italian War Relief (St. Paul, Minn.), composed of representatives of Italian American organizations and Catholic churches, was organized to aid war victims in Italy. Records (1943-1948) include minutes; correspondence; articles of incorporation; and newspaper clippings.

American Committee for Resettlement of Polish Displaced Persons records

Identifier: IHRC158
Overview Records (1948-1968) of the American Committee for Resettlement of Polish Displaced Persons include correspondence, financial records, information on fund drives, reports, and organizational papers including bylaws and articles of incorporation. Correspondents include the Travelers Aid Society of Chicago (Ill.), the Displaced Persons Commission, the Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid, the American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Services, Inc., the Attorney General of the...

American Committee on Italian Migration, (Chicago Chapter Illinois) records

Identifier: IHRC159
Overview Records (1954-1967) of the American Committee on Italian Migration, Chicago Chapter (Ill.), include a brief history; correspondence; organizational papers; souvenir journals and symposia; photographs and newspaper clippings; and publicity concerning special events. Correspondents include United States senators and church dignitaries, the Italian ambassador and consulate, and other figures in the Italian government, Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago, Everett M. Dirksen, Jacob H. Javits, Birch Bayh,...

American Composers Forum records

Identifier: PA105
Overview Collection containsaudio/visual recordings, scores, publications, and administrative materialcreated by the Minnesota Composers Forum/American Composers Forum.

American Council of Polish Cultural Clubs records

Identifier: IHRC3283
Overview The American Council of Polish Cultural Clubs was founded in 1948 to facilitate communication among Polish cultural clubs and promote understanding of Polish culture in the United States. Records (1949-1982) consist of official convention records and publications of affiliated organizations.

American Federation of Information Processing Societies (AFIPS) records

Identifier: CBI 44
Overview The American Federation of Information Processing Societies (AFIPS) records document the organization’s administration and activities, and the AFIPS-sponsored Spring and Fall Joint Computer Conferences (later the National Computer Conference). The records include budget and financial information, reports, board and committee minutes, conference materials, and publications.

American Fund for Czechoslovak Refugees, (New York, New York) records

Identifier: IHRC171
Overview Records consist of organizational correspondence, meeting minutes, annual reports and case files produced by the New York headquarters, and also materials generated by the AFCR field offices both in the United States and in Europe. In addition to the assistance provided to refugees from the former Czechoslovakia, the records include documentation of the AFCR resettlement work with refugees from Southeast Asia in late 1970's and 1980's.

American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA), National Office records

Identifier: IHRC98
Overview Collection contains bound correspondence of the local chapters for the period of 1923-1950.

American Immigration and Citizenship Conference records

Identifier: SW 128
Overview The American Immigration and Citizenship Conference records include materials relating to the Conference's efforts to monitor and influence federal immigration policies, especially efforts to replace or revise the national origins quota system and to liberalize policy on the admission of refugees.

American Italian Historical Association (AIHA) Conference records

Identifier: IHRC176
Overview Partial transcript of the American Italian Historical Association Conference (1972, Boston, Massachussetts) relate to the conference topic "Italian American Radicalism: Old World Origins and New World Developments".

American Italian Historical Association (AIHA). Stella del Nord Chapter records

Identifier: IHRC177
Overview Records of the American Italian Historical Association, Stella del Nord Chapter consist of organizational minutes, correspondence, and financial materials as well as photographs and oral history tapes gathered by the group to document the history of Italian Americans in Minnesota.

American Latvian Association in the United States, (Washington, DC) records

Identifier: IHRC189
Overview Records (1948-1974) of the American Latvian Association (Washington, D.C.) include correspondence; organizational records; records of local branches; and publications of the Association.

American Lutheran Church, Division of Social Services records

Identifier: SW 129
Overview Records consist of reports, newsletters, and board minutes of state and regional Lutheran welfare organizations and local Lutheran welfare institutions.

American National Standards Institute. X3H2 records

Identifier: CBI 168
Overview The ANSI X3H2 Records consist entirely of materials accumulated by Michael M. Gorman in his role as secretary to the committee, beginning with the first meeting in May 1978. The collection, which documents the H2 committee’s development of the NDL and SQL standards, includes three interrelated sets of documents: “Base Documents,” “Papers,” and meeting minutes.

American Orthopsychiatric Association records

Identifier: SW 130
Overview The collection contains copies of papers presented at the association's annual conferences, reflecting a multidisciplinary approach to a broad range of issues affecting children, adolescents, and their families, schools, and communities. The archives continues to receive the proceedings of recent conferences.

American Polish Civil War Centennial Commission records

Identifier: IHRC193
Overview The American Polish Civil War Centennial Commission was established to stimulate research into, and public awareness of, Polish participation in the American Civil War. It was affiliated with the Polish American Historical Society. Records consist of correspondence; press releases; and publications of the Commission.

American Public Welfare Association records

Identifier: SW 54
Overview The collection consists of minutes, correspondence, memoranda, reports, publications, speeches, statements, and news clippings generated or collected by the American Public Welfare Association. APWA, founded in 1930 as the American Association of Public Welfare Officials, is a professional organization for staff members of public agencies and others interested in public welfare. APWA studies and distributes information regarding legislation and also offers its members professional development...

American Relief for Poland, District 33, (Chicago, Illinois) records

Identifier: IHRC194
Overview Records (1952-1950) of the American Relief Fund for Poland, a charitable organizaton which participated in relief efforts in Poland during and after World War II, consist of correspondence; questionnaires; and case files. Also included are records produced by the American Committee for Resettlement of Polish Displaced Persons (1948-1968). The records are mostly personal files of persons brought to the United States from Europe after World War II. They also contain some correspondence and...

American Slovak Society of Lackawanna and Susquehanna Counties records

Identifier: IHRC3019
Overview Collection consists of organizational correspondence, financial records, event programs and news clippings. Included are also photographs related to the Society's activities, members or guest speakers.

American Social Health Association Records

Identifier: SW 45
Overview The records chronicle the American Social Health (originally "Hygiene") Association's efforts to control and prevent venereal disease, prostitution, and drug addiction through educational, legal, and medical measures. The records reflect considerable interaction with the armed forces, particularly during periods of war or full mobilization. Field reports document conditions in individual cities and the influence of housing, recreation, sanitation, and other factors on vice and public health....

American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIST) Minnesota Chapter records

Identifier: CBI 169
Overview The collection consists of the administrative records created by the Minnesota Chapter of ASIST, as well as papers regarding Audrey Grosch, first chair of ASIST in Minnesota.

American Society of Interior Designers, Minnesota Chapter records

Identifier: N286
Overview The American Society of Interior Designers, Minnesota Chapter Records includes administrative records, Showcase homes photographs and planning records, design periodicals, and organizational histories.

American Society of Public Administration records

Identifier: SW 131
Overview The collection consists of board minutes, general correspondence, membership lists, and financial records.

American Sokol Organization, Western District, Scrapbook, records

Identifier: IHRC196
Overview Records of the organization's Western District consist of a photocopied scrapbook containing clippings and printed ephemera documenting Sokol and Czech American community activities in Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota.

American Studies records

Identifier: ua-00890
Overview This collection contains the records of the American Studies program at the University of Minnesota.

American Swedish Institute collection

Identifier: N10
Overview Collection consists of two unbuilt plans for the Turnblad residence, by architects Frank G. Cauffman and W. H. Dennis. The third set of plans is for the Posten Building, designed by C.A. Boehme.

American Terra Cotta and Ceramic Company

Identifier: N5
Overview The collection contains shop drawings from the American, Midland, Indianapolis and Winkle Terra Cotta Companies, along with photographs, negatives, order books and indexes.

Americans for Human Rights in Ukraine records

Identifier: IHRC197
Overview Files of the law suit State of Israel vs. John (Ivan) Demjanjuk, filed at the Jerusalem District Court, 1987-1988.

Americo Susi papers

Identifier: IHRC2558
Overview Papers (1923-1935) of Americo Susi, an Italian-American laborer from Introdacqua, A'quila, Italy, consist of his membership booklets for "Club Introdacquese" (Youngstown, Ohio) and "Societa Italiana di M.S. Generale Gustave Fara" (Sharpsville, Pennsylvania).

Amerigo A. De Martinis papers

Identifier: IHRC1949
Overview Papers (ca. 1927-1988) of Amerigo A. De Martinis consist of a biographical sketch; two photographs of him; a certificate of Stella della Solidarieta Italian; a certificate of recognition from the OSIA New Jersey Grand Lodge; and photographs of the North Italy Social Club, mortgage burning, and the Men of Malvern, as well as miscellaneous newspaper clippings.

Amerikan Uutiset records

Identifier: IHRC198
Overview The Amerikan Uutiset collection (n.d.) consists of manuscripts and typescripts, in Finnish, of published articles by Terttu Katka, George Latvala, Matti Kantola, Paavo A. Kairanen, and Elina Beck.

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