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Amos S. Deinard Papers

Identifier: umja0010
Overview The Amos S. Deinard Papers reflects the life of this prominent Minneapolis lawyer, from family papers and newsclippings, to records from organizations he was deeply involved in such as the Minneapolis Federation for Jewish Services and the Minnesota Fair Employment Practices Commission, to a collection of pamphlets and publications documenting his interests in topics such as antisemitism and Zionism.

Amy Dolnick Papers

Identifier: CLRC-467
Overview The collection contains written production material for a biography of Maud Hart Lovelace by Amy Dolnick.

Amy K. Kaminsky Papers

Identifier: uarc 2015-48
Overview Collection contains the papers of Amy K. Kaminsky, former professor and Chair of the Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

Ana Silva Papers

Identifier: Tretter: 381
Overview The Ana Silva Papers reflect Ana’s involvement in the Minneapolis LGBTQ community, with an emphasis on the lesbian communities of color, from the 1980s through 2010; as well as papers documenting her personal and family life.

Ananya Dance Theatre records

Identifier: PA137
Overview Collection contains press clippings, publications, and administrative records related to the the intellectual and creative work of the Ananya Dance Theatre.

Anatol Julian Kurdydyk papers

Identifier: IHRC1302
Overview Papers ( 1914-1975) of Anatol Julian Kurdydyk (1905- ) consist of newspaper clippings on Ukrainian community activities in Canada, and a document titled "An Act to incorporate the Ruthenian Greek Catholic Parishes and Missions in the Province of Manitoba."

Ancel B. Keys papers

Identifier: ua-00738
Overview Collection contains the papers of Ancel B. Keys, professor emeritus of physiology and director of the Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Keys was world renowned in the field of public heath, creating the K ration during World War II, conducting starvation experiments that helped guide relief workers in post-war Europe, and was the first to link diet to cholesterol and heart attack risk.

Anders C. Shafer Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2264
Overview Contains process art and related material for one title by Anders Shafer.

Andre Francois Papers

Identifier: CLRC-844
Overview The collection contains illustrative material for a book written by John Symonds and published by Pantheon.

Andrea Davis Pinkney Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2132
Overview This collection consists of manuscript materials for fifteen titles written by Andrea Davis Pinkney, including corrected typescripts, page proofs, correspondence, ephemera, research and notes.

Andrea Jenkins Papers

Identifier: Tretter-435
Overview This collection documents Andrea Jenkins' activites within the City of Minneapolis, including her fight for the rights of LGBT people and racial minorities.

Andrejs Rozentals papers

Identifier: IHRC3253
Overview The papers of Andrejs Rozentals consist of personal documents, financial documents, personal letters, newspapers clippings, business cards, short notes, song texts, scout newsletters.

Andrew Adin Stomberg Papers

Identifier: ua-00786
Overview Collection contains the personal and professional papers of Andrew Adin Stomberg, including correspondence with prominent Scandinavian and Scandinavian-American figures; organizations such as the American-Scandinavian Society, Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study and the Swedish Historical Society; publications, articles and speeches in Swedish and English; material on Swedish immigration.

Andrew Boss papers

Identifier: ua00686
Overview Collection contains the papers of Andrew Boss, professor emeritus and vice director of the agricultural experiment station at the University of Minnesota.

Andrew Canepa papers

Identifier: IHRC3329
Overview Two printed pieces of sheet music (with lyrics): "Inno dei fascisti" and "In Aeroplano"

Andrew Eddy Papers undated, 1980-2014

Identifier: Tretter: 318
Overview The collection contains the organizational documents related to Andrew Eddy and the organizations to which he belonged from 1980-2014.

Andrew Rolik papers

Identifier: IHRC2279
Overview Papers (1919-1975) of Rev. Andrew Rolik consist of his typescripts, poetry, various church publications (including jubilee programs from Evangelical Lutheran churches in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and Muskegon, Michigan), and sheet music.

Andrews Hotel collection

Identifier: N116
Overview Collection includes photographs and plans of the Old Andrews Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Andrii Bohdan papers

Identifier: IHRC345
Overview Papers (1963-1969) of Andrii Bohdan consist of flyers and programs pertaining to cultural events in the Philadelphia, Pa. Ukrainian community. Included are lists of recordings, a flyer of the Americans to Free Captive Nations, Inc., Ukrainian Division; and a program for the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus 50th anniversay tour.

Andy Warhol collection

Identifier: Tretter: Collection 34
Overview Collection contains page proofs and layouts of six art books by Andy Warhol.

Aneesur Rahman papers

Identifier: uarc 63
Overview Collection contains the papers of Aneesur Rahman, professor of physics at the University of Minnesota.

Angela Ament papers

Identifier: IHRC147
Overview Family history of the Ament family, Minnesota.

Angela Bambace papers

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: IHRC279
Overview Papers (ca. 1930-1976) of Angela Bambace (1898-1975) include correspondence; speeches; newspaper clippings; photographs; and publications. Bambace was a labor organizer and vice-president of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union.

Angela Mischke papers

Identifier: IHRC1608
Overview Papers (1908-1969) of Angela Mischke (b. 1905), a Polish American, consist of an autobiography.

Angelica Serrano Punell Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1784
Overview The collection consists of 6 prints with folder.

Angelo Cohn papers

Identifier: CLRC-1102
Overview This collection consists of manuscript materials related to two publications by Angelo Cohn.

Angelo Viani papers

Identifier: IHRC1993
Overview Papers (1923-1962) of Angelo Viani (1893-1974) include records of the the Mountaineer Building and Loan Association (Fairmont, W.Va.), OSIA materials including ritual books, photographs, membership applications, incorporation papers of the OSIA West Virginia Grand Lodge (1923), and officers' regalia.

Anita Lobel Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2008
Overview The papers focus on Anita Lobel's work as an author and illustrator of children's books. It contains production material for 7 titles, and includes both manuscript and illustrative materials, with an emphasis on the latter. Manuscript material includes typescripts and proofs, and illustrative material includes illustrations done in a variety of media, some with separations, studies, and dummies.

Anita M. Petermark papers

Identifier: IHRC2072
Overview Documentation pertaining to the Italian Americans in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Included are correspondence, newspaper clippings, flyers, pamphlets.

Ankha Shamin papers

Identifier: Tretter: 191
Overview The Ankha Shamin papers, 1950-2012 includes correspondence, personal writings, publications, informational resources, photographs, artworks, ephemera, and audio-visual material.

Ann (Anna) Pyk Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1785
Overview The collection contains production materials for two titles by or translated by Ann Pyk.

Ann Atwood Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1198
Overview The Ann Atwood Collection contains written production material from one title, The Wild Young Desert, published in 1970, including corrected typescripts, galley proofs and paste-up dummies.

Ann Berryman Collection of John Berryman

Identifier: Mss070
Abstract Collection includes correspondence (bulk), clippings, and personal effects of John Berryman, collected or received by Ann Berryman.

Ann Cameron Papers

Identifier: CLRC-719
Overview Includes typescript and correspondence from her book, The Stories Julian Tells.

Ann Conrad Lammers Papers

Identifier: CLRC-898
Overview The papers consist of papers related to Ann Conrad Lammers's translation of Rabbit Island.

Ann Crowell Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1390
Overview Collection contains typescripts and a proof for one children's book title by Ann Crowell.

Ann DeGroot papers

Identifier: Tretter: Collection 185
Overview This collection contains notes, meeting minutes, budgets, proposals and corespondents from Ann DeGroot's involvement with the organizations she served on and was an active member from the 1970s-2000.

Ann Grifalconi Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2279
Overview This collection contains artwork, proofs, correspondence and other materials related to writings and illustrations by Ann Grifalconi.

Ann Halam Papers

Identifier: CLRC-624
Overview Ann Halam's papers represent the work associated with her book, Dr. Franklin's Island.

Ann Herbert Scott Papers

Identifier: CLRC-67
Overview The collection contains correspondence and a corrected typescript, for one title.

Ann Kahl papers

Identifier: CLRC-590
Overview Collection contains 1 illustration for 1 title, plus 2 miscellaneous sketches

Ann Kirn Papers

Identifier: CLRC-651
Overview The collection contains 3 original colored illustrations for 3 titles.

Ann Knowles Papers

Identifier: CLRC-659
Overview The collection contains written production materials for 1 title.

Ann M. Martin papers

Identifier: CLRC-771
Overview The collection contains written materials for 37 titles in the "Baby-Sitters Club" and the "Baby-Sitters Little Sister" series of books.

Ann M. Monson Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1005
Overview The collection contains written production materials for 2 titles, and includes holographs, some corrected, corrected typescripts, some photocopied, corrected page and jacket proofs, dummies, correspondence, notes, photocopies of illustrations, front matter, corrected galley proof, layout notes, and a magazine.

Ann McGovern Papers

Identifier: CLRC-916
Overview The collection contains written production material, and includes typescripts, some corrected, much correspondence, layout notes, clippings, page proofs, pamphlets, front matter, a book proposal, flap copy, reviews, an ad, an article, promotional material, an exercise, an internet printout, photocopies of illustrations, a book jacket, research material, and galley proofs.

Ann Nolan Clark Papers

Identifier: CLRC-960
Overview Contains holographs, typescripts, galley proofs, correspondence, etc. for three of Nolan's children's books.

Ann W. Turner Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2224
Overview The collection contains typescripts and production material for titles by Ann Warren Turner.

Anna B. Raines papers

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: SW 195
Overview One folder of photocopies of Anna Raines’ papers.

Anna Bienias collection

Identifier: IHRC316
Overview Collection consists of handwritten autobiography manuscript, as well as family photographs and documents, and photocopied excerpts from magazine and newspaper articles.

Anna Chopek papers

Identifier: IHRC439
Overview Papers (1950-1959) of Anna Chopek (b. 1912), a retired Ukrainian American lawyer, include a manuscript her father, Elias Chopek, read to a fifth grade class about his immigration to America.

Anna Gertrude Hall Papers

Identifier: CLRC-673
Overview The collection contains a partial proof for the children's book Cyrus Holt and the Civil War.

Anna-Marie Kaseoru (nee Kuuse) papers

Identifier: IHRC3546
Overview Personal memoir of displaced camps experience.

Anna Motivans papers

Identifier: IHRC2976
Overview Excerpt from memoir "Anna's Story", concerning experiences in Augsburg, Germany, Displaced Persons camp, covering the period of Summer 1945 - Fall 1949.

Anna Pavlova papers

Identifier: PA015
Overview Collection contains papers documenting the career of the prima ballerina, Anna Pavlova.

Anna Procanin papers

Identifier: IHRC2183
Overview Papers (1914-1975) of Anna (Barzyk) Procanin include business and personal correspondence, photographs, and newspaper clippings.

Annabel and Edgar Johnson Papers

Identifier: CLRC-576
Overview The collection contains written materials for 13 titles, and includes typescripts, galley proofs, proofs, bibliography, correspondence, layout sheet, notes, research material.

Anne Fine Papers

Identifier: CLRC-817
Overview Anne Fine's papers include drafts and production material for one book written by Anne Fine.

Anne Guzy papers

Identifier: IHRC847
Overview Papers consist of an account of family life in Velkrop, Austria-Hungary (now in Czechoslovakia), in the late 1800s. Guzy discusses agriculture, the role of the churches, marriage customs, housing, folk medicine, foods, clothing, funerals, holidays, and child care.

Anne M. Pascarelli papers

Identifier: IHRC1837
Overview The Anne M. Pascarelli Order Sons of Italy in America collection (1942-1981) pertains mostly to the Dorchester, Mass. Order Sons of Italy in America lodges Grazia Deledda Lodge. No. 1783 and Dorchester No. 1848. Grazia Deledda Lodge was chartered in 1936; it merged with the Dorchester Men's Lodge No. 1848 circa 1981. Records of Deledda Lodge No. 1783 consist of meeting minutes from 1960 to 1981. The Dorchester Men's Lodge was founded in 1938. Records consist of minutes (1942-1975),...

Anne Marie Jauss Papers

Identifier: CLRC-97
Overview The collection focuses on Jauss' work as an illustrator and author of children's books, with emphasis on the former. The collection contains production material for 48 titles published between 1947-75. It includes illustrations done in a variety of media, many with separations, sketches and studies, photostats, layouts, dummies, paste-ups, proofs, samples and swatches, notes, publication information and contracts, correspondence, and some miscellaneous art work. There is also a small amount of...

Anne McCaffrey Papers

Identifier: CLRC-810
Overview The Anne McCaffrey collection contains written production materials for one juvenile fantasy title written by Anne McCaffrey.

Anne Ophelia Dowden Papers

Identifier: CLRC-481
Overview Collection contains written and illustrative production materials for 7 titles, including lecture papers and a slide collection.

Anne Pellowski Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1349
Overview The Anne Pellowski manuscript collection includes manuscripts for 11 titles, several in more than one edition. These titles include the "Four Farms" manuscripts as well as bibliographies and collections of children's literature, which Ms. Pellowski compiled alone or with others, in conjunction with her work for the Information Center on Children's Cultures. The collection is arranged by title, with folder level control.

Anne Rockwell Collection

Identifier: CLRC-65
Overview Anne Rockwell's papers focus on her work as an author and illustrator of children's books. The collection contains production material for seventy-four titles published between 1966 and 1994. The collection includes typescripts, front matter, galley proofs, layout notes, notes, and a style sheet, a small amount of correspondence, illustrations done in a variety of media many with separations, studies and sketches done in a variety of media, paste-ups and mechanicals, separations, dummies,...

Anne Siberell Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1680
Overview The collection contains illustrative material for 3 titles, and includes woodcut illustrations, a dummy, correspondence, maps, woodcuts on blocks, a jacket layout, separations, pencil sketches, illustration proofs, negatives, and a lettering proof.

Anne Stringer Samson Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1477
Overview The collection contains illustrative material for 2 titles, and includes ink illustrrations, most with separations, a jacket illustration with separations, a page layout, and a text proof pasteup.

Anne T. Truax papers

Identifier: uarc 275
Overview Collection contains the papers of Anne T. Truax, instructor in the women's studies program and director of the Minnesota Women's Center at the University of Minnesota.

Anne Ursu Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2204
Overview The Anne Ursu Papers contain material related to the creation of the three titles in the Cronus Chronicles series.

Anne Vaughan Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1674
Overview Collection contains ink illustrations for a children's book.

Annie Laurie Baker Collection

 Collection — Box: SC 5
Identifier: sw0302
Scope and Contents Articles and reports on: tuberculosis control; the Medical Social Service Progarm of the Wheat Ridge Foundation, American Red Cross public health and military hospital programs; and the Social Service Department of the University of Minnesota Hospitals. The materials were created or collected by Annie Laurie Baker, professor and director of the University Hospital Social Service Department at the University of Minnesota.

Anniko, Henrik, Papers

Identifier: IHRC593
Overview Family history and memoirs of Henrik Anniko.

Annual and quarterly reports of YMCA international work in China

Identifier: Y.USA.9-1-1
Overview Collected reports, primarily quarterly and annual, of North American YMCA foreign secretaries working in various cities in China.

Antanas J. Jokubaitis papers

Identifier: IHRC1145
Overview Papers (ca. 1921-1973) of Lithuanian American poet Antanas Juozas Jokubaitis (1887-19- ) include correspondence; newspaper clippings; and one of his works. Jokubaitis used the pseudonymn Anthony J. Jacobsen.

Anthea Bell Papers

Identifier: CLRC-667
Overview The collection consists of the production materials for four titles and includes typescripts, a holograph and proofs.

Anthony Bimba papers

Identifier: IHRC320
Overview Papers consist of a copy of his autobiography and a typescript interview with him by Rudolph J. Vecoli.

Anthony Cama papers

Identifier: IHRC1818
Overview Papers of Anthony Cama consist of Order Sons of Italy in America materials, including Junior Division ritual book (Mass.), correspondence of the Riunite No. 889 chapter (Mass.). Also included are a Columbus Day Proclamation by Gov. John Volpe (1965), a resume of Paul Lazzaro, newspaper clippings pertaining to OSIA lodges in Lynn and to the Mass. grand lodge, and photographs of local OSIA lodge activities (1963-1965).

Anthony Capraro papers

Identifier: IHRC408
Overview Papers (1896-1975) of Anthony Capraro (1891-1975), an Italian American labor organizer, contain correspondence; photographs; and articles.

Anthony L. De Ore papers

Identifier: IHRC1950

Anthony Nurczynski papers

Identifier: IHRC1703
Overview Anthony Nurczynski was a community leader in Boston's Polish cultural life, particularly as an organizer and director of its musical groups. He arranged music for the Shep Nolan Band and Krakowiaki, who played live on the "Echoes of Poland" radio hour. Papers consist primarily of published and mimeographed sheet music.

Anthony Peyton (A. P.) Porter Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1765
Overview The collection contains typescripts for five titles.

Anthony Sola papers

Identifier: IHRC1751
Overview The Anthony Sola Order Sons of Italy in America collection consists of California Grand Convention booklets (1950, 1962-1970, 1976-1983); Convention minutes (1965, 1979 and 1982); scolarship award booklets; and several historical publications. The latter include Italian Culture in Action; OSIA, Grand Lodge of California, 1925-1960; 50th Anniversary of the Grand Lodge of California, 1925-1975; and Italians in California.

Anthony Sorrentino papers

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: IHRC2471
Overview Literary manuscript (1950-1975) of Anthony Sorrentino consists of two photocopied drafts of "It's An Inside Job," the story of a project to prevent juvenile delinquency and crime in Chicago's neighborhoods. One manuscript dates from 1950, the other from 1975 when it was being readied for publication.

Anthony Toro papers

Identifier: IHRC1757
Overview Anthony Toro lived in Hartford, Conn. and held the office of Order Sons of Italy in America Supreme Trustee (1957-1959, 1961-1965). Collection (1943-1978) consists of lists of officers, grand convention information, the booklet of the 1950 state convention, materials on grand lodge activities, and correspondence.

Anthony Zeleny papers

Identifier: 982
Overview The collection includes correspondence, notes, legal papers, clippings and photos relating to Czechs in the U.S., electricity, smoking, students and other topics of interest to Anthony Zeleny, professor of physics at the University of Minnesota.

Antinoro and Polizzi Family photographs

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: IHRC3955
Overview Three photographic prints of members of the Antinoro and Polizzi Families of Rochester, New York, including an undated wedding photo of Jenny (Antinoro) and Michael Maniscalco; a school graduation photo of Mt. Carmel School circa 1919; and a wedding party at Mt. Carmel Church dated 1929. Student names are identified on verso of school graduation photo. Futher family information is also provided with the photographs.

Anton Jensen papers

Identifier: N135
Overview Collection contains the plans of the Files and Nash residences, designed by architect Anton Jensen.

Anton Nemanich papers

Identifier: IHRC1669
Overview Papers (1911-1963) of Anton Nemanich, an early Slovene immigrant, include minutes, correspondence, and photographs. Nemanich was once president of the Grand Carniolian Slovenian Catholic Union (KSKJ).

Anton Zakelj papers

Identifier: IHRC2887
Overview Typescript of a memoir "Starting Over in Cleveland" by Anton Zakelj, translated from Slovenian into English and edited by John Zakelj, with photographs by Anton Zakelj. Also a typescript of an article "Cleveland in the 50s" by Anton Zakelj. The Zakelj family immigrated to the United States from Slovenia in 1950, settling in Cleveland, Ohio. The memoir depicts life in the Slovenian neighborhood of Cleveland, around the St. Vitus Church.

Antonino Crivello papers

Identifier: IHRC479
Overview Papers (1939-1965) of Antonino Crivello (1888-1969), an Italian American labor organizer and poet, comprise correspondence; drafts of his poetry; and some published material. Correspondence relates largely to the I.L.G.W.U., in which Crivello was a director of Local 144 in Newark, New Jersey and a representative for Local 25 in New York.

Antonio L. Sarcone papers

Identifier: IHRC2359
Overview Antonio L. "Tony" Sarcone (1884-1964) was editor of The American Citizen, an Italian-American newspaper published in Des Moines, Iowa. Papers include correspondence, citations, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, and photographs relevant to Sarcone's life and to the Italian community in Des Moines. Included are constitutions and by-laws of various Italian American organizations, correspondence and clippings re Sarcone's work with the Italian Welfare Society, materials pertaining to The American...

Antonio Sotomayor Papers

Identifier: CLRC-74
Overview The collection contains illustrative material for one title.

Anuta, Michael Joseph, Papers

Identifier: IHRC217
Overview Personal research notes, miscellaneous German/Prussian documents, and land ownership certificates. In English and German.

Anwar G. Chejne papers

Identifier: uarc 60
Overview Collection contains the papers of Anwar G. Chejne, professor of Spanish and Portuguese and chair of the Middle Eastern Languages Department at the University of Minnesota.

Applied Data Research, Software Products Division records

Identifier: CBI 154
Overview The collection consists of company records and subject materials accumulated by Martin A. Goetz during his twenty-eight year (1959-1987) career with the company. The collection documents the Software Products Division's involvement in the development of the software industry, its activities relating to patent and copyright protections for software, separate pricing for software and hardware, bundling, antitrust issues, and relations with IBM.

Arab Cultural Center (San Francisco, California) records

Identifier: IHRC233
Overview Records of the Arab Cultural Center (San Francisco, Calif.) consist of by-laws, objectives, press releases, flyers, etc. Also included are press releases of the American Federation of Ramallah Palestine and its founding.

Aranka Siegal Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1684
Overview Photocopies and proofs for two titles by Aranka Siegal.

Arba Sicula Society records

Identifier: IHRC234
Overview Records (1981-1983) of the Arba Sicula Society, a Sicilian American cultural organization, consist of correspondence; publications; newspaper clippings; and miscellany.

Archer Gilfillan papers

Identifier: Mss051
Overview Personal papers of Archer Gilfillan, a writer, consisting primarily of coded diaries maintained during his time as a sheepherder in South Dakota, from 1924 to 1933, along with correspondence and publications.

Archie G. Parish collection

Identifier: N256
Overview This collection contains coorespondence, school work, sketches and articles relating to Archie G. Parishs' time as a student and architect

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