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Avril Lynne Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2248
Overview Contains production materials for one title illustrated by Lynne Avril.

Axel Lindahl collection

Identifier: PA041
Overview Collection contains the artwork and sketches of scenic artist Axel Lindahl.

Ayala Gordon Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1296
Overview The collection contains illustrative material in various media for 1 title.

Ayers Bagley papers

Identifier: 2002-10
Overview The collection contains the papers of Ayers Bagley, professor of education policy and administration at the University of Minnesota.

B. David Galt Papers

Identifier: Tretter:-422
Overview Includes various files and ephemera related to Galt's time at the University of Minnesota when he taught SEAM seminars and was director of the GLBT Programs Office, and other involvement in LGBT community activities such as the MN AIDS Pledge Walk.

B. J. (Beatrice Joy) Chute papers

Identifier: CLRC-956
Overview This collection consists of typescript, galley proofs, notes, clippings, reviews, photographs, dummies, photocopies of illustrations, playbills, a jacket cover, and correspondence from ten items published from 1938-1986. This collection also contains unpublished works including; an untitled manuscript, a musical production, and a collection of personal correspondence.

Baccalaureate Program Directors Association records

Identifier: SW 271
Overview Collection contains the records of the Baccalaureate Program Directors Association.

Baden Street Settlement records

Identifier: SW0003
Overview This Rochester, New York settlement house, which is still in operation, traces its origins to the work of the B'rith Kodesh Temple. The Baden Street Settlement records document child care, health care, casework, and group work at the settlement. The records include minutes from Board of Directors' meetings, annual reports, case reports, and commentary on the impact of the Great Depression and other events.

Balkits Family papers

Identifier: IHRC3927
Overview Collection consists of the following items: a copy of Janis Balkits' application for citizenship, a paper copy of the narrative (with sources) that Ivars Balkits researched and wrote about his father's life and the voyage of the 29 Latvians across the Atlantic in 1948, a brochure of the 2000 exposition at the Occupation Museum in Riga, Latvia, about the journey of Gundel, scrapbook, Janis Balkits' 2-page "Life-story" in Latvian, a flash drive with the narrative in PDF format, plus scans of...

Ballet Arts Minnesota records

Identifier: PA104
Overview Collection contains audio and video recordings, production notes, programs, flyers, and administrative and financial information.

Ballet of the Dolls records

Identifier: PA156
Overview Collection includes records from the Minneapolis-based dance company, The Ballet of the Dolls.

Balti Arhiiv Rootsis (The Baltic Archives in Sweden) collection

Identifier: IHRC3199
Overview Collection consist of archival directories (6 pcs), material and brochures (3 pcs) sent to the Baltic Archives, press releases, a short overview of the history of the Baltic Archives by Kalju Lepik.

Baltic Tribunal collection

Identifier: IHRC3230
Overview Copies of newspaper clippings, correspondence, news agency releases.

Baltimore Eesti Maja (Baltimore Estonian House), Records

Identifier: IHRC3072
Overview Minutes, annual reports, correspondence (all mostly copies) and albums about organizing the Estonian festivals.

Baltimore Eesti Selts (Baltimore Estonian Society), Records

Identifier: IHRC3085
Overview Constitutions, minutes, reports, correspondence, bulletins

Banater Benefit Society records

Identifier: IHRC281
Overview Records (1911-1964) of the Banater Benefit Society, based in Cleveland, Ohio, include minutes, membership and financial records of the Society and related groups, minutes and membership lists of the Banater Athletic Club (1922-1930), the Banater Civic League, the Banater Damen Chor, the Banater Manner chor, the Banater Frauen Verein, the Banater Hall Gesellschaft, and the Banater Sewing Circle. Also included are records of the Central Ohio Sanger Verein, the Cleveland Soccer League, the...

Barbara Ann Porte Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1764
Overview Contains production material for eight titles.

Barbara B. Pillinger papers

Identifier: 264
Overview Collection contains the papers of Barbara B. Pillinger, professor and director of the Academic Honors Program at the University of Minnesota.

Barbara Bottner Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1053
Overview The collection contains production material for one children's book by Barbara Bottner.

Barbara Brenner Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1262
Overview This collection consists of materials related to 15 of Barbara Brenner's published titles, including holographs, typescripts, proofs, correspondence, front matter, notes, research material and photocopied illustrations.

Barbara Ciszewska papers

Identifier: IHRC452
Overview Papers (1948-1970) of Barbara Ciszewski of Minneapolis, Minnesota, consist of newspaper clippings, correspondence, and student note books. Clippings pertain to Polish Americans, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), disarmament, communism, and other topics.

Barbara Claassen Smucker Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1850
Overview The collection contains production material for two titles.

Barbara Cohen Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1098
Overview The Barbara Cohen papers contains production materials related to one children's book written by Cohen.

Barbara Cooney Papers

Identifier: CLRC-16
Overview Barbara Cooney's papers focus on her work as an author and illustrator of children's books, with an emphasis on the latter. The collection contains production material for forty titles published between 1940 and 1985, and includes both manuscript and illustrative material. The collection includes correspondence, typescripts, galley proofs, illustrations done in a variety of media many with separations and overlays, sketches and studies, dummies, proofs, paste ups, layouts and specifications,...

Barbara Corcoran papers

Identifier: CLRC-1320
Overview This collection consists of typescript, corrected typescript, carbon typescript, front matter, book jackets, galley proofs, corrected galley proofs, correspondence, holographs, and plot outlines related to fourteen books published between 1977-1987.

Barbara DiNucci Hendrickson papers

Identifier: IHRC3343
Overview Materials documenting the family history of the Dinucci and Vellani families and their immigrant experience after settling in Columbus, Ohio. Included in the papers is autobiographical "Memoirs of Galliano Georgio DiNucci, 1902-1979." detailing the author's experiences as an immigrant child and youth and also chronicle his career as a labor (CIO) organizer and regional director.

Barbara Fleisher Zucker Papers on "Junior Natural History" and the Natural History Press

Identifier: CLRC-1460
Overview The collection contains materials related to Barbara Fleisher Zucker's research into the Natural History Press and juvenile science magazines produced by the Press and the American Museum of Natural History during the mid-20th century.

Barbara Gittings papers

Identifier: Tretter: 225
Overview The Barbara Gittings papers contain publications, articles, personal papers, and documents related to GLBT organizations.

Barbara Hall Papers

Identifier: CLRC-674
Overview The papers are for one book, Dixie Storms.

Barbara Hobbs Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1317
Overview Collection includes transcripts, illustrations, ink studies, holographs, pencil dummies, and other miscellaneous materials for two titles.

Barbara Hodges papers

Identifier: SW 21
Overview Included are materials relating to her courses at National Catholic School of Social Services, training courses for the Military Medical Service Corps, and the District of Columbia Public Health Department. Access Restrictions apply.

Barbara Hood Burgess papers

Identifier: CLRC-1953
Overview The collection consists of production materials, including typescripts, correspondence and front matter, for children's books authored by Barbara Hood Burgess.

Barbara Joosse Papers

Identifier: CLRC-587
Overview The collection contains written production material for numerous titles written by Barbara Joosse.

Barbara Juster Esbensen Papers

Identifier: CLRC-126
Overview This collection consists of manuscript production materials for 18 published titles and 8 unpublished works for Barbara Juster Esbensen, including typescripts and correspondence dating from 1958 to 1996.

Barbara K. Walker Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1527
Overview Collection contains correspondence, notes, clippings, research material, typescripts, photographs and audio visual materials.

Barbara Knutson papers

Identifier: CLRC-679
Overview This collection consists of production material for 4 published titles as well as teaching materials. It includes manuscripts, typescripts, correspondence, notes, photographs, and illustrations in a variety of media, including scratchboard, gouache, and rubber-cut print.

Barbara Latham Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2285
Overview Barbara Latham’s papers focus on her work as an illustrator of children’s books. The collection contains production materials for 19 titles published between 1939 and 1965 as well as correspondence and materials for various unpublished works.

Barbara McGee Papers

Identifier: CLRC-913
Overview The collection contains illustrations for 1 title.

Barbara Morrow Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1023
Overview The collection contains wirtten and illustrative material for 3 titles. Written material includes holographs, typescripts, some corrected, carbon, or photocopy, front matter, corrected galley proofs, jacket proofs, correspondence, layout notes, notes, clippings, and research material. Illustrative material includes pencil studies, pencil and watercolor studies, watercolor studies, ink studies, some photocopied, some with notes, notes, pastel studies, watercolor illustrations, ink and felt...

Barbara O'Connor papers

Identifier: CLRC-2183
Overview This collection consists of materials related to the creation of nine titles by Barbara O'Connor.

Barbara Remington Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1304
Overview The Barbara Remington Collection contains illustrative material from one title published in 1959, The Christmas Mouse, including ink illustrations with separations and paste-ups.

Barbara Rinkoff Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2229
Overview The collection contains corrected typescripts and production material for The Watchers.

Barbara Robinson Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1362
Overview Contains written production material for three titles.

Barbara (Rudachek) Gerega papers

Identifier: IHRC769
Overview Papers consist of a photocopy of a manuscript relating the history of early Ukrainian settlers in Hyas, Saskatchewan. 

Barbara Schiller Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1505
Overview Contains production material for one children's book by Barbara Schiller.

Barbara Wallace Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1543
Overview Collection contains galley proofs, typescripts and correspondence for 10 children's books.

Barbra Berlovitz Collection of Theatre de la Jeune Lune Video Recordings

Identifier: PA094a
Overview Collection contains 9 video recordings of Theatre de la Jeune Lune and Berlovitz and Serrand performances.

Barnett and Record Company collection

Identifier: N149
Overview Collection contains plans for two buildings designed by the Barnett & Record Company.

Baroni, Geno (Photographs), Papers

Identifier: IHRC2974
Overview One photograph of Geno C. Baroni (1930-1984) Catholic civil rights priest, active in the social movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Photo taken in July 1973.

Baross Gabor Benefit Society (Saint Paul, Minnesota) records

Identifier: IHRC293
Overview Records (1892-1970) of the Baross Gabor Social and Sick Benefit Society, St. Paul, Minn., comprise ledgers containing meeting minutes; financial records; and membership lists. Also included are textbooks published in Hungary and used in Barossi Hungarian American School.

Barrie Jean Borich Papers, 1963-2013

Identifier: Tretter: 317
Overview The collection contains the personal and professional papers of Barrie Jean Borich from 1963-2013.

Barry James Mailloux collection on ALGOL 68.

Identifier: CBI 217
Overview Collection includes reports, articles, proposals, bulletins, and working documents for the computer programming language ALGOL 68.

Barry Moser Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1026
Overview The collection contains corrected typescripts, front matter, clippings, correspondence and legal material, postcards a manuscript, layout notes, cards, jacket proofs, transparencies, page proofs, reviews, and contract material. Illustrative material includes watercolor illustrations, photocopies of illustrations, posters, ink and watercolor illustrations, wood engraved prints, pencil illustrations, and color illustrations,

Basia Kaminsky Papers

Identifier: CLRC-593
Overview Collection consists of 1 acrylic jacket painting.

Basic Sciences Building (Hasselmo Hall) collection

Identifier: ua-01171

BATUN (Baltic Appeal to the United Nations), Records

Identifier: IHRC3070
Overview Letters, informational sheets, chronologies, newspaper clippings, bulletins.

Bea Holmes Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1811
Overview Collection contains a pencil and tempera study for a children's book, The Maid of Artemis.

Beatrice (Bea Exner) Liu Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2010
Overview The collection contains typescripts for one title.

Beatrice Bernhagen papers

Identifier: SW 134
Overview The Bernhagen papers focus on child welfare. Included is a journal kept during a 1937 public relief demonstration project in Minnesota.

Beatrice Lamb Collection

Identifier: CLRC-895
Overview The collection contains one corrected proof for a title by Beatrice Pitney Lamb.

Beatrice Meyers papers

Identifier: IHRC1532
Overview Collection contains playscripts and sheet music. Many of the plays were performed by the drama group of the New Port Ritchie, FL, Finnish American Club (of which she was an officer).

Beatrice N. Saunders papers

Identifier: SW 248
Overview Contains National Association of Social Workers publications and the records of an oral history project.

Beatrice Schenk De Regniers papers

Identifier: CLRC-124
Overview This collection consists of manuscript materials related to numerous titles, both published and unpublished, by Beatrice Schenk De Regniers.

Beatrix Potter Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1768
Overview Beatrix Potter's material include ink and pencil study, miscellaneous original art, sheet of pencil studies for cover, and miscellaneous specially printed pages for English edition..

Bedford YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.1
Overview Collected materials from the Bedford Branch of the YMCA of Greater New York, located in Brooklyn. Covers early history and founding, focuses on the 1960s and 1970s with special attention to the Board of Managers and vocational training.

Bein-Grauberg, Lilian Giovanna (ne Grauberg), Papers

Identifier: IHRC3682
Overview Newspaper clippings, programs, biographical data, song sheets, poetry, bulletins

Bel Canto Voices records

Identifier: PA084
Overview Collection contains scrapbooks, correspondence, publicity, administrative and A/V materials for Bel Canto Voices.

Bell Museum of Natural History records

Identifier: ua-00876
Overview This collection contains departmental records, reports, correspondence, publications, and scrapbooks of the Bell Museum of Natural History at the University of Minnesota. The materials primarily center around the period with Dr. Thomas Sadler Roberts served as director (1915-1946), but also includes items from Dr. Walter Breckenridge's tenure. Because of Dr. Robert's long relationship with the Bell Museum, the collection also contains some of his personal papers. The collection also contains...

Bella Jones papers

Identifier: IHRC1147
Overview Family history of a Jewish family originally from Russia, migrating to the United States in 1869, settling in New York City and later moving to Minneapolis.

Belle Coates Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1056
Overview The Belle Coates papers hold production material related to one children's book written by Coates.

Beltt, Bruce, Family, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3954
Overview Correspondence, birth certificates, passenger arrival and naturalization records, obituaries, genealogy charts and family history narratives for the Beltt (originally Belttari) family.

Ben Shecter Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1599
Overview The collection contains a corrected typscript and galley proof ,and an illustrator's dummy with typescript paste-up for 1 title.

Ben Stahl Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1881
Overview The collection contains production material for one title.

Beni Montresor Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1008
Overview Beni Montresor's papers focus on his work as an illustrator and author of children's books. The collection contains production material for titles in English , French, or Italian. These include pencil sketches, a promotional card for a book, separations, layouts, ink and photocopy illustrations, pasteups, negative prints, jackets, corrected front matter layout proofs, photocopies of illustrations, some corrected, transparencies of illustrations, typescripts, some corrected, carbon, or...

Benjamin E. Youngdahl Papers

Identifier: SW 211
Overview The collection contains the personal and professional papers of noted public welfare administrator and social work educator, Benjamin E. Youngdahl. Personal correspondents include Harry Truman, Adlai Stevenson, Hubert Humphrey, and John F. Kennedy. Materials documenting Youngdahl's career in the academic and public sectors form the bulk of the collection.

Benjamin Evans Lippincott papers

Identifier: 745
Overview The collection contains the personal and professional papers of Benjamin Evans Lippincott, professor of political science at the University of Minnesota.

Benjamin J. Lazan papers

Identifier: uarc 52
Overview Collection contains the papers of Benjamin J. Lazan, professor of mathematics and mechanics at the University of Minnesota.

Benjamin Karpman Papers, 1921-1961

Identifier: Tretter: 373
Overview The Benjamin Karpman papers include administrative records and the writings of patients who were under the care of Dr. Benjamin Karpman. These patients were diagnosed with a range of gender and sexual variances from the 1920’s through the 1960’s. Due to the sensitive nature of the collection, use is restricted. Please contact the curator for information about how to access the Benjamin Karpman Papers

Benjamin Sherwood Pomeroy papers

Identifier: 2002-13
Overview The collection contains professional papers of Professor Benjamin Sherwood Pomeroy, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota.

Bentz, Thompson, Rietow (BTR) records

Identifier: N239
Overview This collection contains the correspondence, specifications, photographs, drawings, and other related materials to projects by the firm Bentz, Thompson, Rietow (BTR).

Benvegar, Charles., Papers

Identifier: IHRC1805
Overview Collection (1941-1987) of Charles Benvegar consists of materials pertaining to Benvegar's life; newspaper clippings, poetry, and miscellaneous newsletters relating to Order Sons of Italy in America Luigi Scialdone Lodge No. 2221 (Baltimore, Md.); "A Footnote to American History," detailing Benvegar's work as a government employee during and after World War II; "The Cultural Revolution in 1962" and "Maryland in Poetry"; and "An Interview Fantastic with Edgar Allen Poe."

Berendsen, Olev, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3110
Overview Correspondence, newspaper clippings, concert program brochures, pamphlets, post cards, photographs

Berendsen, Olga, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3824
Overview Printed matter 1920-1990 (fiction, periodicals, art exhibition catalogues, booklets and newsletter of Estonian organizations in exile, etc.); names; addresses of organizations; correspondence; dupl. articles; clippings; lantern plates 3 boxes, total 31 pieces, not described (possible content: events in Estonia in 1941, 1944 [?], paintings); color slides 1 box, total 10 pieces, described (content: paintings, graphic art and sculptures of Estonian artist). Olga Berendsen, PhD. Professor of Art...

Berkley Williams Jr. Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1655
Overview Collection contains sketchbooks, illustrations, studies in pencil, notes and correspondence for 7 children's books.

Berman Family Papers

Identifier: umja0056
Overview These papers mainly consist of correspondence between Rose Goldstein and her family, including her mother (Sarah Berman), father (Alexander Berman), her three brothers, and husband (David Goldstein). Additionally there are published materials and family history writings.

Berman Family records

Identifier: IHRC311
Overview Sarah and Alexander Berman family history (1868-1947) consists of a genealogy and narrative history that traces members of the family from their origins in Lithuania to their arrival in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the early 1890s.

Bernard Waber Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1461
Overview Contains an illustration and related material for the children's book Ira Sleeps Over, by Bernard Waber.

Bernice Myers Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1041
Overview The collection contains 1 ink, marker and watercolor illustration for a holiday card.

Berniece Rabe Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1234
Overview The Berniece Rabe Collection contains written production material from eleven titles published between 1973 and 1988, including holographs, typescripts, galley proofs, page proofs, dummies, photographs, notes, and research clippings.

Berta and Elmer Hader Papers

Identifier: CLRC-35
Overview Berta and Elmer Hader's papers focus on their work as illustrators of children's picture books. The collection includes production materials for nine titles published between 1930 and 1948, and contains illustrator's dummies, studies, illustrations in watercolor, tempera, and ink, and proofs.

Berthe Amoss Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1115
Overview The Berthe Amoss Collection contains both written and illustrative production material from one title published in 1968, including a corrected galley proof, ink, wash, and pencil illustrator's dummy with text proof and a watercolor and ink illustration.

Bertram Goodman Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1291
Overview The collection contains 1 miscellaneous colored lithograph

Bertrand and Chamberlin collection

Identifier: N168
Overview Collection contains plans for five buildings, including the Minneapolis Athletic Club, designed by the architectural firm of Bertrand & Chamberlin.

Bessie B. Goodrich papers

Identifier: SW 216
Overview Collection consists of letters from her cousin, Paul U. Kellogg, editor of the Survey, about family and other personal matters.

Bessie White Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1632
Overview Contains typescripts and marketing material.

Beta of Clovia records

Identifier: ua-01066
Overview The collection includes correspondence, clippings, reports, scrapbooks, financial records, photographs, and minutes of the Beta of Clovia sorority at the University of Minnesota.

Beth and Joe Krush Papers

Identifier: CLRC-729
Overview The collection contains art work by the husband and wife team of Beth and Joe Krush, and includes ink and wash illustrations, ink illustrations, some with separations, correspondence, ink and colored pencil drawings with separations, ink and tempera study, ink and watercolor illustrations with separations, a pasteup.

Beth Jacob Congregation records

Identifier: umja0082
Overview This collection consists of administrative materials from the Beth Jacob Congregation, previously known as Sons of Jacob, the second oldest Jewish congregation in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Beth Krommes Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2220
Overview Contains artistic and production material for one title, primarily focusing on the creative process for a single page's illustration, including an unused scratchboard illustration.

Beth Krush Papers

Identifier: CLRC-728
Overview The collection contains ink and ink and pencil drawings for 4 publications, and includes a separation and ink and pencil dummies with text proof, and 1 original drawing in layout form.

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