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Yaremko, Alexander Wallace, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2865
Overview Papers (1924-1969) of Alexander Wallace Yaremko include biographical information, personal correspondence, materials pertaining to Ukrainian American organizations and cultural activities; historical material on Ukraine and Ukrainians in America, and miscellany. Included are papers, programs, clippings, yearbooks, etc. relating to the Ukrainian Youth League of North America, Ukrainian participation in the Chicago and New York World's Fairs, Ukrainian Catholics, art, ballet, music, and film in ...

Yaroslav J. Chyz papers

Identifier: IHRC446
Overview Papers (1929-1958) of Yaroslav Chyz (1894-1958), an authority on American nationality groups and the history of immigration, particularly of Ukrainians, consist of correspondence; newspaper clippings; reports; photographs; and writings. Included is a taped interview with Edward R. Murrow.

Yarusso, Gentille R., Papers

Identifier: IHRC2867
Overview Papers (ca. 1977) of Gentille R. Yarusso consist of autobiographical sketches about his childhood and life in Swede Hollow in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Yasuko Hirawa Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1269
Overview Collection includes one corrected photocopy of a typescript for the translation of one title.

Yearbook collection

Identifier: umja0083
Overview This collection consists of various high school and junior high school yearbooks from various schools around the Twin Cities that were attended by members of the Jewish community.

Yellam, Michael., Papers

Identifier: IHRC3296
Overview Michael Yellam served as Grand Venerable of the Order Sons of Italy in America Northwest Grand Lodge (1975-1979). Collection includes Supreme Convention booklet (1975); Supreme Executive Committee material (1983); Northwest Grand Lodge Convention books (1967-1979); constitution and by-laws of the Northwest Grand Lodge; and materials relating to various Grand Lodge committees such as the Italian Earthquake Fund, Birth Defects, Italian Heritage Week, and Columbus Day banquets. Also included are ...

Yermolenko, Serhij Syla, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2870
Overview Papers (1943-1981) of Yermolenko include correspondence, minutes, financial records of the Ukrainian Cultural and Arts Club of Minnesota; records of the Commemorative Committee for the Famine in Ukraine; material pertaining to the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America -- Minnesota Branch; and records, including photographs, of the Ukrains'ke Zaporizhske Kozatstvo (Ukrainian Free Cossacks), whose headquarters were in Europe (1941-1945) and Chicago (1960-1975).

Yeshayahu Jelinek papers

Identifier: IHRC1136
Overview Collection consists of research notes on Eastern European immigrants, lecture and course notes, and documents concerning Hungarian, Slovak, and Greek Catholic immigrants.

YMCA Archives flat files collection

Identifier: Y.USA.51
Overview Posters, maps, blueprints and other architectural records, artwork, and other oversized paper items.

YMCA Archives memorabilia collection

Identifier: Y.USA.46
Overview Artifacts documenting YMCA activities and programs, as well as personal items and memorabilia from selected YMCA leaders.

YMCA Armed Services Department general administrative records

Identifier: Y.USA.4-4
Overview Records documenting the administration of the YMCA's work with the United States armed services from the era of the Civil War through the late 1980s, particularly during the period from the time of the first world war through the Korean war.

YMCA armed services records

Identifier: Y.USA.4
Overview Historical data, correspondence, reports, memoranda, articles, newspapers, pamphlets, photographs, scrapbooks, and other records documenting the YMCA's work serving the armed forces community from the time of the Civil War through the present.

YMCA armed services scrapbooks and photographs

Identifier: Y.USA.4-5
Overview Photo albums, scrapbooks, and photographs documenting YMCA work with the United States Armed Forces, primarily documenting World War I and World War II. The scrapbooks contain some photographs and ephemera, but contain mostly newspaper clippings.

YMCA arts and humanities program records

Identifier: Y.USA.43
Overview Records of the Writers' Voice and Writers' Community programs, initiatives of the YMCA's arts and humanities program, including numerous cassette and video tapes of readings and interviews with well-known authors.

YMCA biographical files

Identifier: Y.USA.12
Overview Biographical material as well as small collections of personal papers of prominent YMCA of the USA leaders.

YMCA educational work records

Identifier: Y.USA.11
Overview Records documenting education programs of the YMCA, including material from the Educational Department, the United YMCA Schools, conference centers, such as Silver Bay, New York and Blue Ridge, North Carolina, and programs at the local association level. Materials include course outlines and syllabi, reports, information on local education classes, and papers of department secretaries.

YMCA film bureau records

Identifier: Y.USA.58
Overview Pamphlets, flyers, advertising and catalogs that reflect the titles available for distribution from Association Films, formerly known as the YMCA Motion Picture Bureau, as well as reports and correspondence involving the the conversion to sound film, and the use of motion pictures in churches, in teaching, and in camp programs.

YMCA Historical Library and Kautz Family YMCA records

Identifier: Y.USA.72
Overview Records primarily of the YMCA Historical Library as well as a small amount of material from its subsequent incarnation as the Kautz Family YMCA Archives, including correspondence, cataloging data and classification schemes, lists of holdings, bibliographies, policies and reports, and other documents.

YMCA in Canada records

Identifier: Y.USA.48
Overview Minutes, reports, yearbooks, correspondence, and other records of the Canadian YMCA, which until 1912, was governed jointly with the (U.S.) American YMCA under the International Committee of the Young Men's Christian Associations, and continued throughout most of the rest of the 20th century to work closely with the U.S. YMCA in conducting foreign work.

YMCA industrial work records

Identifier: Y.USA.10
Overview Reports, correspondence, publications, teaching materials, and manuals of the YMCA's Industrial Work Department, International Management Council, and related programs and organizations.

YMCA international work administrative records

Identifier: Y.USA.9-1
Overview Reports, correspondence, telegrams, minutes, agendas, financial records and budgets, fundraising records, newsletters, promotional material, posters, photographs, drawings, blueprints, maps, postcards, scrapbooks, bound volumes, and some artifacts documenting the development and administration of the YMCA's Foreign Work Department, later known as the World Service and then the International Division.

YMCA lantern slide collection

Identifier: Y.USA.47
Overview Lantern slides and lantern slide shows or lectures compiled by the YMCA, for educational or entertainment use, depicting YMCA activities, mainly in the areas of international (foreign) work and armed services work during World War I.

YMCA marketing and communications files

Identifier: Y.USA.50
Overview Project files, publications, and promotional materials produced by the YMCA of the USA's Marketing and Communications Department for various YMCA programs and events.

YMCA North American international convention records

Identifier: Y.USA.65
Overview Correspondence, minutes, reports, proceedings, agendas, statements, scrapbooks, delegate lists, active members lists, promotional material, conference attendance lists, fact sheets, financial documentation, diagrams and maps of convention spaces and cities, journal and newspaper articles, bulletins, and other material from the international as well as some national conferences of the North American YMCA.

YMCA of Greater New York branch newsletters

Identifier: Y.GNY.48
Overview The collection consists of newsletters and periodical publications, both bound and unbound, primarily issued by the branches of the YMCA of Greater New York. Also included are publications from the New York City association, the New York state association, and the YMCA of North America.

YMCA pamphlet collection

Identifier: Y.USA.52
Overview Pamphlets on a wide variety of subject matters published or collected by the YMCA.

YMCA papers

Identifier: 443
Overview Collection contains the papers of the YMCA at the University of Minnesota.

YMCA Program Services and Program Store records

Identifier: Y.USA.45
Overview Reports, correspondence, audio-visual material, and other records of the National Council of YMCA's Program Services Committee and the YMCA of the USA's Program Store documenting various YMCA programs, including refugee work during the late 1940s and 1950s, and programs aimed at alleviating social problems, such as homelessness and unemployment during the Great Depression and teenage drug use later in the 1990s.

YMCA property development and Building and Furnishings Service records

Identifier: Y.USA.60
Overview The Building and Furnishings Service department was responsible for designing and facilitating the construction of buildings and furnishings for YMCAs in the United States. Records detail the activities of the department in the postwar era and reflect how physical education and recreation has changed over time, and the YMCA's response to those changes.

YMCA religious work records

Identifier: Y.USA.49
Overview Minutes, correspondence, conference materials, reports, pamphlets, and other printed materials documenting the YMCA's religious work.

YMCA Russian publishing work files

Identifier: Y.USA.55
Overview Correspondence, photos, manuscripts, manuscript rejections, author information, desk diaries, lists, graphs, catalogue cards, minutes, financial and administrative reports, pamphlets, publicity and journal and newspaper articles recording the actions surrounding YMCA involvement in publishing for post-World War I Russian diaspora, including the Chekhov Publishing House, the YMCA Press, and Les Editeurs Reunis (United Publishers) depository and bookstore, primarily from the files of YMCA World ...

YMCA State, Area, Region, and Field Office (SARFO) records

Identifier: Y.USA.44
Overview Minutes and reports from Area Council meetings, Area Executive Committee reports, staff meeting reports, program reports and other records of YMCA’s regional supervisory agencies, organized by eighteen different geographic regions, which overlap in coverage and were active during periods of time.

YMCA State committee records

Identifier: Y.USA.30
Overview Material documenting the committees which coordinated YMCA work at the state level, consisting primarily of state convention proceedings, reports, minutes, and publications, as well as records of programs such as boys work, camping, and physical education. For some states, the collection includes records of county work, as well as material from local associations.

YMCA urban work records

Identifier: Y.USA.59
Overview Correspondence, minutes, reports, program proposals, area and population studies, financial documents, pamphlets, maps, newspaper articles and other records of the North American YMCA’s urban work, focusing on topics including race relations and institutional inequality, youth services and outreach, prevention of drug use and crime, war work and war affected persons, human services programs, varying social conditions in the city, experimental programs, and the integration of international ...

YMCA work with special populations records

Identifier: Y.USA.61
Overview Correspondence, minutes, reports, financial documents, pamphlets, instructional exercise charts, program manuals, timelines, journal and newspaper articles, and other records from the YMCA's Office of Special Populations and predecessor programs, which served people with disabilities, in large part from the files of Grace Demmery Reynolds.

YMCA World Service international work films

Identifier: Y.USA.9-9
Overview Films produced by the YMCA's World Service program documenting its work in developing countries around the world, including the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

YMCA yearbooks, directories, and proceedings

Identifier: Y.USA.56
Overview Annual publications of the body that coordinated or oversaw YMCA work for North American, and later the United States, including proceedings of annual conventions, yearbooks, directories, and statistical summaries.

Yoko Mitsuhashi Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2148
Overview This collection consists of original art drawings and periodicals featuring original art by Yoko Mitsuhashi.

Yole Schiavi-Murray collection

Identifier: IHRC3945
Overview Three letters exchanged between Luigi Cellini of Buffalo, New York, and Lorenzo Notriani of Chemung, New York in 1920.

Yona, Anna, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2873
Overview Papers (ca. 1971) of Jewish-Italians David Yona (1901-1975), a civil engineer and writer, and his wife Anna (Foa) Yona, consist of two typed manuscripts of memoirs. David's memoirs cover his childhood through 1932; Anna's cover the years 1932-1945. Also included is a list of David Yona's articles which appeared in La Controcurrente.

Yona, David, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2874
Overview Papers (ca. 1971) of Jewish-Italians David Yona (1901-1975), a civil engineer and writer, and his wife Anna (Foa) Yona, consist of two typed manuscripts of memoirs. David's memoirs cover his childhood through 1932; Anna's cover the years 1932-1945. Also included is a list of David Yona's articles which appeared in La Controcurrente.

Yorkville YMCA records

Identifier: Y.GNY.27
Overview Includes minutes, brochures, annual reports and publications from the Yorkville Branch of the YMCA of the City of New York.

Yoshiko Uchida Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1634
Overview Collection contains corrected typescripts for two children's books.

Young Adult Centers, Inc. records

Identifier: SW 108
Overview The Young Adult Centers, Inc. records contain organizational materials, minutes, correspondence and financial reports for Coffeehouse Extempore, which was run by Young Adult Centers, Inc.

Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) International Committee, Records

Identifier: IHRC2872
Overview Selected records (1903-1936) of the Young Men's Christian Association consist of documents of the International Committee and the YMCA of Greater New York, pertaining to immigrants and immigration, as well as to United States immigration policy and law. Materials of the Industrial Department consist of minutes and monthly reports of the Department. Documents of Ellis Island work pertain to organizing and securing funds, minutes of meetings and reports of the General Committee of Immigrant Aid ...

Young People's Symphony Concert Association collection

Identifier: PA051
Overview The collection comprises administrative and financial records and correspondence, fundraising records, articles, programs and schedules, auditions, teachers' guides, school lists, newspaper clippings, audio tapes and miscellaneous notes.

Youry Pundyk papers

Identifier: IHRC2205
Overview Papers (1940) of Youry Pundyk (1918-1973) include personal and professional correspondence, writings, newspaper lippings, newspapers, miscellany, and photographs. Correspondents include Oleh Shtul, Alxander A. Granovsky, Myron Kuropas, Denys Kurtkowsky, Andrii Melnyk, and others. Materials pertain to Ukrainians in Minnesota and in South America, Ukrainian Jewish and Ukrainian Russian relations, Ukrainian literature, Ukrainian history, and to organizations including the Organzation for the ...

Yrjo A. and Leonora T. Paloheimo papers

Identifier: IHRC2027
Overview Papers contain correspondence, reports, news clippings, and press releases relating to his consular activities; also minutes, annual reports, news releases, and newsletter drafts relating to the founding and early years of the Finlandia Foundation. Papers also reflect philanthropic projects of the Paloheimos, their participation in social and organizational activities in Southern California, and personal records and correspondence with family members in the United States and Finland.

Y's Men International records

Identifier: Y.YMN
Overview Records of Y's Men International, an inter-denominational group partnering with and supporting the mission of the YMCA. Material documents the founding of the organization, its leadership, and international expansion and include material such as biographies of presidents, international conventions, meeting minutes, reports, studies and surveys, photos, clippings, publications, audio-visual materials, and memorabilia. The collection includes extensive information on international and domestic ...

Yugoslav Republican Alliance, Records

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: IHRC2879
Overview Records (1922-1949) of the Jugoslovansko Republicansko Zdruzenje (Yugoslav Republican Alliance), Chicago, Illinois, include correspondence, financial records, and other internal records. Correspondents include Ljudska Tiskarna.

Yugoslav (Slovenian) Radio Hour, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Records

Identifier: IHRC2876
Overview The Yugoslav (Slovenian) Radio Hour (Milwaukee, Wis.) collection (ca. 1942-1953) consists of scripts used for radio programs.

Yugoslav Socialist Federation (Jugoslovanska Socialisticna Zveza) records

Identifier: IHRC1149
Overview Records (1905-1952) of Jugoslovanska Socialisticna Zveza (Jugoslav Socialist Federation) (Chicago, Illinois) include correspondence, minutes, financial records, membership lists, and other material of the Federation. Also included are records of the Federation's "Prosvetna Matica," the Junior Order of the Federation, and its publications Proletarec, Majski Glas, and Ameriski Druzinski Koledar. Branch records include Chicago, Cleveland, Clinton (Indiana), Waukegan (Illinois), Piney Forks (Ohio), ...

Yuyi Morales Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2179
Overview This collection consists of one oversize photographic print from the book Viva Frida.

YWCA National Board, United Service Organizations records

Identifier: SW 65
Overview The United Service Organizations for National Defense Inc. (USO) was established in 1941 by the National Jewish Welfare Board, the Salvation Army, the National Board of the Young Women's Christian Association, the National Council of the Young Men's Christian Associations of the United States, the National Catholic Community Service, and the National Traveler's Aid Association to provide coordinated and expanded social services for military personnel and their families. These records document ...

YWCA papers

Identifier: 984; 985; 986; 2001-34
Overview Collection contains the papers of the YWCA at the University of Minnesota.

Zaffiro, Anthony, 1887-1962., Papers

Identifier: IHRC3303
Overview Papers of Anthony Zaffiro consist of a biographical sketch (1962), obituaries (1962), and a photograph of Zaffiro.

Zajac, Halyna, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2882
Overview Materials pertaining to Halyna Zajac' activities in PLAST (Ukrainian Girl Scouts in America) in Chicago.

Zajicek, Oldrich, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2886
Overview Papers (1949-1973) of Oldrich Zajicek (1925-1975) comprise correspondence, essays and publications of the National Committee for a Free Europe, Christian Democratic Union of Central Europe, the Czechoslovak Foreign Institute in Exile, and other organizations in which Zajicek was active. Also included is a poem by Zajicek.

Zakharchuk, Dmytro, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2888
Overview Papers (1923-1987) of Dmytro Zakharchuk (1894-1980), an artist and poet, include manuscript and published poetry, and an English translation of his experiences in Ukraine during World War I.

Zapadni Cesko-Bratrska Jednota (ZCBJ), Lodge Boleslav Jablonsky No. 219, Poplar Grove Township, Roseau County, Minnesota, Records

Identifier: IHRC2906
Overview Collection consists of a minute book of the lodge covering the period of 1914-1960. Included are also photocopies of photographs of the building, and a copy of the National Register of Historic Places nomination for which it is recently being considered.

Zapadni Cesko-Bratrska Jednota (ZCBJ), Lodge Jonasova Ratolest No. 107, Lincoln County, Minnesota, Records

Identifier: IHRC2891
Overview The Jonasova Ratolest Lodge No. 107 of the Zapadni Cesko-Bratrska Jednota was organized on April 7, 1901. The organization served the Czech community of approximately 260 individuals (in 1910) which was centered five to six miles south of Canby, Minn. Meetings were held in the Bohemian Hall, located in Hansonville Township of Lincoln County. The lodge remained active into the 1950s.The Bohemian Hall of Lincoln County, Minnesota was built sometime between 1901 and 1906, and served as the meeting ...

Zapadni Cesko-Bratrska Jednota (ZCBJ), Lodge Zare Zapadu No. 44, Freeborn County, Minnesota, Records

Identifier: IHRC2890
Scope and Contents Czech Americans -- Minnesota -- Freeborn County -- Societies, etc.

Czech Americans -- Minnesota.

Zappullia, Giuseppe, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2895
Overview Papers (ca. 1927-1973) of Italian American journalist Giuseppe Zappullia (1901- ) consist of his writings in both published and manuscript form. Also included are reviews by other writers of his works, and correspondence with prominent Italians and Italian Americans, and poems by Joseph Zappullia. Correspondents include Nino Caradonna, Arturo Giovannitti, and Joseph Tusiani.

Zattoni, Albino, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2896
Overview Zattoni was an antifascist. His papers contain correspondence and newspaper clippings pertaining to his fighting in the Spanish Civil War and to his volunteer work during World War II, when he re-educated captured Italian soldiers. Also included is a file of correspondence referring to the Mazzini Society. 

Zawistowski, Josef Lebiedzik, Rev., 1884-1967, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2897
Overview Papers (1914-1967) of Rev. Josef Lebiedzik Zawistowski (1884-1967) consist of correspondence, manuscripts of books and pamphlets written by him, and newspaper clippings. The collection is especially rich in correspondence with Bishop Franciszek Hodur. Other correspondents include Bishop L. Growshowski, Rev. J. Kula, Bishop T. Zielinski, Bishop W. Faron, Bishop V. Gawrychowski, Rt. Rev. J. Lesniak, Bishop J. Soltysiak, V. Rev. T. Czarkowski, Rt. Rev. F. C. Rowinski, and others.

Zbigniew M. Bochniarz papers

Identifier: uarc 111
Overview Collection contains the papers of Zbigniew M. Bochniarz, senior fellow at the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.

Zdenka Rypka papers

Identifier: IHRC2333
Overview Papers of Zdenka Rypka (1894-1975) include family correspondence, diaries and notebooks, photographs, scrapbooks and clippings. The collection also includes her handwritten transcriptions of Czech folk songs, as well as published programs and other material from Czech American fraternal organizations.

Zella Z. Sweitzer Dodge collection

Identifier: PA060
Overview Collection contains plays, scripts, notebooks, photo albums, playbills, clippings and scrapbooks.

Zenas Potter Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1772
Overview Zenas Potter's illustrative papers are for one title written by Miriam Clark Potter in 1960. The materials are black and white illustrations.

Zenobian Society records

Identifier: uarc 635
Overview Collection contains one small bound notebook outlining the constitution and by laws of the Zenobian Society at the University of Minnesota. .

Zhenya Gay Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1188
Overview The collection contains 1 original ink illustration for 1 title.

Zibby Oneal Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1066
Overview The collection contains written material for 3 titles, and includes holographs, front matter, corrected typescripts, some photocopied, and correspondence.

Zielinsky, Jaroslav de, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2910
Overview A pianist and teacher of voice and music, Zielinski was born in Lubycza Krolewska and studied piano in Poland and other parts of Europe. He was wounded during his participation in the Polish uprising against tsarist Russia in 1863-1864. In 1864, he came to the United States, enlisting as a bugler in the Fourth Massachusetts Cavalry of the Union Army. After the Civil War, he resumed his musical career, publishing piano music, appearing in concerts, and teaching piano and voice. He lived in ...

Zilpha Keatley Snyder Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1856
Overview The collection contains written production materials for titles by Zilpha Keatley Snyder.

Zimmerman, Alice, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3596
Overview Personal correspondence, song book, programs, newspaper clippings

Zirk, Albert, Papers

Identifier: IHRC3642
Overview Public figure. Correspondence, official documents, clippings, memoriabilia

Zlatko Balokovic papers

Identifier: IHRC274
Overview Autobiography, correspondence, diaries, contracts, handbills, manuscripts, newspaper clippings, published articles, speeches, photographs and tour itineraries of or collected by the Balokovics.

Zlatko Ivan Kerhin papers

Identifier: IHRC1202
Overview The papers (1910-1976) of Zlatko Ivan Kerhin (1881-1968) include correspondence; genealogical information; minutes; photographs; programs, sheet music and other materials of Croatian American musical societies; reminiscences by Kerhin's daughter Zora; and scrapbooks. Records of the Croatian Union of Gary (Ind.); the Jefferson Club of Gary (Ind.); the Society Preradovic (ca. 1930-1970s); and the Society Mihanovic (ca. l930-l950s) are included.

Zoe Sealy papers

Identifier: PA134
Overview Collection contains photos, videos, slides, and publicity.

Zofia McGinn Kowalska papers

Identifier: IHRC1275
Overview Collection consists of both manuscript and print sheet music. Zofia Kowalska participated in the Twin Cities International Institute's Festival of Nations with the Polish group.

Zorn, Otylia Smocinska, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2917
Overview Papers (1956-1977) of Otylia "Tess" (Smocinska) Zorn consist of a scrapbook containing correspondence, memorabilia, newspaper clippings and photographs pertaining to the histories of the Zorn and Smocinska families, the American Polish Club of Lake Worth, Florida, the Polish-American Citizens' Club of Camden (New Jersey), and by-laws of the Polish-American Club (Polski Dom) of Palm Beach, Florida.

Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre and School records

Identifier: PA140
Overview Collection contains administrative records, publicity, and video recordings.

Zozula, Yakiv Maksymovych, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2919
Overview Papers (ca. 1964) of Yakiv Maksymovych Zozula (b. 1893) include stamps of the Fond Ukrainsk'koi Politekhniky and a typescript of his paper entitled "Dr. Mykhailo Briashchaiko Na Soimi Karpats'koi Ukrainy". The typescript paper commemorates the 25th anniversary of Carpatho-Ukraine, especially remembering March 15, 1939 at the Soin (parliament) of Carpatho-Ukraine and Dr. Mykhailo Briashchaiko's participation.

Zukauskas, Vitalis, Papers

Identifier: IHRC2930
Overview Papers (1949-1969) of Vitalis Zukauskas, a Lithuanian American dramatist and author of the History of Lithuanian Theater from 1574 to 1864 include programs; announcements; bulletins; and miscellany on Lithuan American cultural activities.

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