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Carol Bly papers

Identifier: Mss079
Overview The papers of Carol Bly encompass her writings from childhood through her career as a professional author. The collection is especially rich in correspondence, notes from the many writing workshops and courses she has conducted, and drafts of her works.

Carol Carrick Papers

Identifier: CLRC-746
Overview The collection contains typescript and galley proofs for Carrick's book for children, The Brook.

Carol Dines Papers

Identifier: CLRC-460
Overview Contains 1 photocopied typescript for 1 title.

Carol Fenner Papers

Identifier: CLRC-684
Overview The collection contains production material for nine titles.

Carol Hovious Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1820
Overview The collection contains a paste-up dummy for one title.

Carol Lee Lorenzo Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2001
Overview The collection contains a corrected typescript for one title.

Carol Pazandak papers

Identifier: IHRC2052
Overview Files pertaining to the "Reunion of Sisters" Finnish American studies conference held in Minneapolis in 1984.

Carol Ryrie Brink Papers

Identifier: CLRC-5
Overview Carol Ryrie Brink's papers focus on her work as an author of children's and adult books. The collection contains production material for twenty titles, including one play, published between 1934 and 1978, as well as copies of short stories dating from 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950 that were published in various magazines for children and Gopher Historian. The collection includes holographs, typescripts, galley proofs, research material, clippings, a layout, and correspondence, along with actual...

Carole Bland papers

Identifier: ua-01175

Carole Kismaric Papers

Identifier: CLRC-652
Overview The collection contains written production materials for 2 titles.

Caroline Arnold papers

Identifier: CLRC-1179
Overview This collection consists of typescripts, correspondence, and publication materials for sixteen works written and/or illustrated by Caroline Arnold.

Caroline Baer Rose papers

Identifier: uarc 382
Overview This collection contains the papers of Caroline Rose, professor of sociology at the University of Minnesota.

Caroline Stevermer Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2048
Overview Contains drafts and production material for one title.

Carolyn Haywood Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1169
Overview Carolyn Haywood's papers focus on her work as an author and illustrator of children's books, particularly the "Betsy" and "Eddie" series. The collection contains production material for sixteen titles published between 1939 and 1962. Production materials include manuscript and/or illustrative material. Manuscript material consists of typescripts and a holograph, and illustrative material consists mostly of ink illustrations.

Carolyn Keene Papers

Identifier: CLRC-606
Overview Contains 1 letter sent to Debbie Pollack

Carolyn Marsden papers

Identifier: CLRC-2059
Overview This collection consists of typescripts, correspondence, page proofs, and other production materials related to Carolyn Marsden's publications.

Carolyn Reeder Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1280
Overview This collection contains production material for 12 titles, including typescripts, front matter, page proofs, galley proofs, dummies, correspondence, notes, clippings, research material, VHS tapes, and CDs.

Carolyn Strom Collins Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1129
Overview This collection consists of manuscript materials related to four titles by Carolyn Strom Collins published between 1991 and 2000.

Carolyn Watson Dubisch Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2262
Overview Collection contains two book dummies.

Caron Lee Cohen Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1099
Overview The Caron Lee Cohen papers contain production material for two children's books written by Cohen.

Carroll Voss Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1706
Overview Contains production materials for one title.

Carter Thurmond Papers

Identifier: scrbt-405
Overview The Carter Lynn Thurmond papers comprises of his academic, political, professional, and personal papers along with donated books, audio interviews and presentations, documentaries, and films.

Carver land grant papers

Identifier: JFBell 1815 oCa
Overview The collection pertains to several claims to a land grant that was supposedly made to Jonathan Carver by two Naudowessie Indian chiefs in 1767. The land grant was located on the east side of the Mississippi River between the Fall of St. Anthony and Lake Pepin’s south end, extending far into present-day Wisconsin. Claims upon this land were disputed well into the nineteenth century. These papers center on claims made by Robert McLenehan and others in 1815-16.

Cass Gilbert collection

Identifier: ua-00165
Overview The collection consists of a series of architectural plans that Cass Gilbert drew for the future development of the University of Minnesota’s East Bank campus, plus a campus extension report.

Cass Gilbert collection

Identifier: N15
Overview Collection contains studies of the University of Minnesota campus plans and plans for the Roselawn Cemetery.

Catherine Ann Jones Collection

Identifier: CLRC-2050
Overview The collection contains manuscript material for one title.

Catherine Azora-Minda Audio Tapes, 1981-2002

Identifier: Tretter: 349
Overview Collection contains audio cassettes of radio interviews, talks, and music both commercial and dubbed.

Catherine Barnes Papers

Identifier: CLRC-394
Overview The collection consists of one original illustration for a book.

Catherine Coblentz collection

Identifier: CLRC-1092
Overview Collection contains a set of progressive proofs for one children's book.

Catherine Leuthold Fuller

Identifier: CLRC-859
Overview Catherine Fuller's papers trace the writing and illustrating of one book. The collection includes corrected typescript, caption copy corrected, dummy, and pencil sketches.

Catherine Lundoff papers, 1992-2016

Identifier: Tretter:-259
Overview The Catherine Lundoff papers include articles, conference programs, and a CD.

Catherine Papell papers

Identifier: sw0299
Overview The papers of Catherine Papell, a professor at the Adelphi University School of Social Work and a significant figure in the field of group work. Papell was a co-founder of Social Work With Groups: A Journal of of Clinical and Community Practice and her work also helped to establish the International Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups.

Catherine Stock Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1912
Overview The collection contains illustrative material for three titles, and includes illustrations in various combinations of ink, watercolor and pencil, many with overlays and text, pencil studies, photocopies of studies, and dummies with text paste-up.

Catherine Storr Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1921
Overview The collection contains written material for 10 titles by Catherine Storr.

Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities Records

Identifier: Tretter 407
Overview This collection consists of the organizational records of the Cathlic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities records.

Cathy Hirano Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1268
Overview This collection consists of manuscript materials related to Japanese publications translated into English by Cathy Hirano.

Cecil Stushnoff papers

Identifier: 788
Overview Collection contains the papers of Cecil Stushnoff, horticulturist and professor in the Department of Horticultural Science at the University of Minnesota.

Cedar Creek Natural History Area records

Identifier: uarc 238
Overview The collection contains materials concerning the programs and administration of the Cedar Creek Natural History Area, including committee minutes, staff and administrative correspondence, grants, program publicity, reports and photographs.

Cedric Roivanen papers

Identifier: IHRC2278
Overview Papers (n.d.) of Cedric Roivanen (b. 1942) consist of a family history and genealogy.

Ceil and William Baring-Gould Papers

Identifier: CLRC-388
Scope and Contents The collection dates from a single book published in 1962 and consists of one folder of correspondence with publishers and clippings.

Celeste Raspanti papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: IHRC3410
Overview Materials documenting the organizational and social life of Italian Americans active in their societies in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis / Saint Paul, Minnesota area, namely in the Stella del Nord chapter of the American Italian Historical Association and the UNICO Twin Cities chapter. Correspondence, meeting agendas and minutes, membership lists, treasure's reports, calendars produced by the chapters during the 1980s. Included is also a complete set of the "Notizie: an email newsletter for...

Celia Spalter Deschin papers

Identifier: SW 145
Overview The collection consists of records of a study, The Five Towns: A Community Self-Portrait, directed by Deschin. Included are records of in-depth interviews with 700 community families and 700 questionnaires administered to high school juniors in a suburban area in Nassau County, Long Island, New York.

CENSHARE records

Identifier: ua-01147
Overview Collection contains the records of the Center to Study Human-Animal Relationships and Environments CENSHARE, including newsletters, administrative files, conference proceedings, research, publications, and videos

Center for Advanced Feminist Studies records

Identifier: uarc 140, uarc 2005-0041
Overview Collection contains the records of the Center for Advanced Feminist Studies at the University of Minnesota.

Center for Northwest European Language and Area Studies records

Identifier: ua-00101
Overview Collection contains the records of the Center for Northwest European Language and Area Studies at the University of Minnesota.

Center for Spirituality and Healing records

Identifier: ua-01213
Overview Documentation from the Center for Spirituality and Healing.

Center for Transportation Studies Papers

Identifier: 2005-46
Overview This collection contains the papers of the Center for Transportation Studies

Center for Urban and Regional Affairs records

Identifier: 2001-41
Overview Collection contains the records of the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs at the University of Minnesota.

Center for Y2K and society records.

Identifier: CBI 155
Overview Records contain documentation on the activities of the Center for Y2K and Society.

Center for Youth Development and Research records

Identifier: uarc 114; uarc 2002-09
Overview Collection contains the records of the Center for Youth Development and Research at the University of Minnesota.

Center Opera Collection

Identifier: PA010
Overview Collection includes programs, publicity, news releases, and administrative records from the Center Opera Company, now known as the Minnesota Opera.

Central Cooperative Wholesale records

Identifier: IHRC426
Overview Records (1916-1969), in English, of the Central Cooperative Wholesale (Superior, Wisconsin), include correspondence; minutes; memoranda; district meeting plans; reports; newspaper clippings; pamphlets; registration lists; and a large number of photographs. The records contain substantial correspondence with and information on other cooperatives in the area. Also included are essays written by children competing for scholarships, and materials pertaining to Cooperative Youth Camps, and...

Central Files, funds records

Identifier: ua-00035
Overview Collection contains the funds records collected by Central Files at the University of Minnesota.

Central Files, patent records

Identifier: ua-00003
Overview Collection contains the patent records collected by Central Files at the University of Minnesota.

Central Files records

Identifier: ua-00849
Overview Collection contains the records collected by Central Files at the University of Minnesota.

Central Representation of Ukrainian Emigrants in Germany (CRUEG) records

Identifier: IHRC427
Overview The Representation is a civic institution in the Federal Republic of Germany, elected at the first convention of Ukrainian immigrants in Germany and Austria in 1945. Its purpose then was to represent and intercede on behalf of Ukrainians with the occupying powers, and later with the German government, and to cooperate with foreign charitable organizations, both Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian. The organization represented all Ukrainians and until 1950 was based in Augsburg. In 1953 it moved to...

Cephas Brainerd papers

Identifier: Y.USA.15
Overview Correspondence, speeches, writings and biographies of Cephas Brainerd, secretary general of the YMCA International Committee from 1867-1892.

Cereal Rust Laboratory records

Identifier: ua-00037
Overview The Cereal Rust Laboratory Records are composed of materials generated through research and field work performed in four areas : Barberry eradication, rust epidemiology investigations, rust race studies, and rust nursery work. Materials include correspondence, memos, ledgers, reports, studies, publications; brochures and program publicity, instructional materials, news clippings, scrapbooks, photographs and slides.

Cerny Associates papers

Identifier: N29
Overview The collection includes extensive working drawings, microfilm, photographs, job files, and specifications. It includes examples of the work of all the successive partnerships from 1886 to 1978, and a collection of specifications from Thorshov and Cerny and from Cerny Associates for later work.

Cesare Morganti papers

Identifier: IHRC1624
Overview Papers (1863-1964) of portrait photographer and journalist Cesare Morganti consist mainly of newspaper clippings on Italian, Italo-American, and American topics. Also included are correpsondence, photographs, and materials relating to Denver, Colorado, where Morganti worked.

Cesko-Slovansky Podporujici Spolek (CSPS) records

Identifier: IHRC430
Overview Collection (1874-1930) of the CSPS, Lodge No.12, Saint Paul, Minn. consists of published and typescript plays performed by the organization in the first decades of the 20th century.

C.F. Haglin Company papers

Identifier: N33
Overview The collection consists of drawings and some specifications from the architects for whom Haglin built structures. Among the buildings are Grain Exchange (1901), Cream of Wheat Company warehouse and factory (1905), Federal Reserve Bank (1921), Nicollet Hotel (1923), Radisson Hotel (1908-09), all in Minneapolis. The Peavey Grain Elevator in Duluth (1899), the Puritan Office Building in Detroit (1926), the Watkins Medical Company warehouse in Winona (1913-14), CP Railroad elevator in Fort William,...

C.G. Maybury papers

Identifier: N88
Overview Collection contains photoreproductions of plans for the Ellsworth Ara Sprague residence (Caledonia, MN), and ink on linen drawings for the residence of the Rev. Charles F. Garvin (St. Paul, MN), both designed by architect C.G. Maybury.

Channing Tobias papers

Identifier: Y.USA.7
Overview Papers of Channing H. Tobias, who served as senior secretary of the YMCA's Colored Work Department from 1924 to 1946, documenting his work in the area of race relations.

Charlee Hoyt papers

Identifier: Tretter 419
Overview This collection consists of the papers of Charlee Hoyt, a Minneapolis City Council Member, who worked on an anti-porn ordinance in the mid 1980s.

Charles A. Hausler papers

Identifier: N6
Overview Collection contains watercolor renderings, sketches, and photographs from Charles Hausler's private practice, documenting more than one hundred buildings, including civic and commercial structures, churches, residences, banks, hospitals, and schools.

Charles A. Phillips papers.

Identifier: CBI 39
Overview Collection contains minutes, publication, speeches, proceedings, correspondence and photographs related to Charles Phillips work in standardization with the Conference on Data Systems Languages and the American National Standards Institute's X3 Committee (Computers and information processing), which Phillips chaired, and his employment at the Business Equipment Manufacturers Association.

Charles Anzalone papers

Identifier: IHRC229
Overview Papers (1937-1970) of Charles Anzalone (1888-1959), an Italian American immigrant in rural Louisiana, include biographical information; correspondence; and newspaper clippings pertaining to his political career; materials pertaining to legislation; and a seminar paper by John V. Baiamonte, Jr. Anzalone was a leader in the strawberry industry and was active in Louisiana politics.

Charles Babbage collection

Identifier: CBI 54
Overview Collection contains addresses given by Babbage at and printed in the Royal Society journal, Philosophical Transactions, photocopies of the manuscript for Passages from the Life of a Philosopherfrom the Wanganui Museum in New Zealand and notes on the manuscript by Garry J. Tee of the Wanganui Museum. Also included in the collection is a volume of the North British Review containing a favorable review of Babbage's book, the Exposition of...

Charles Babbage Institute Reference Files

Identifier: CBI 24
Overview Files contain oral history transcripts, reference photographs and audiovisual material, and reference files on a number of different topics relating to the history of computing.

Charles Birt papers

Identifier: SW 66
Overview In addition to materials from Birt's involvement in the GSPCC&C, the collection includes copies of social surveys Birt conducted for community chests in a number of cities.

Charles Cullen Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1396
Overview Collection contains two ink illustrations for a book about Jesus.

Charles E. Bracker Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1075
Overview The collection consists of original art for a single title.

Charles E. Rush and Amy Winslow Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2272
Overview Contains material related to one title by Charles E. Rush and Amy Winslow

Charles Edward Gillham Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1250
Overview The collection contains a corrected typescript, part xerox.

Charles Frederick Koelsch papers

Identifier: uarc 1088
Overview Collection contains lab notebooks of C. Frederick Koelsch, emeritus professor of organic chemistry at the University of Minnesota.

Charles Frisch collection

Identifier: umja0127
Overview This collection consists of various materials collected by Charles Frisch and his father Leo Frisch related to local Jewish organizations, synagogues, and Jewish history.

Charles H. Rogers papers

Identifier: uarc 510
Overview Collection contains copies and drafts of the by-laws of the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention collected by Charles H. Rogers, dean of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota.

Charles H. Vyskocil papers

Identifier: IHRC2808
Overview Papers (n.d.) of Charles H. Vyskocil contain a manuscript essay on Czechs in Kewaunee, Wisconsin; a series of articles from Hospodar on Czechs in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin; and translations of these writings by Vyskocil.

Charles Hall collection on the SNOBOL programming language

Identifier: CBI 190
Overview Collection contains books, serials, and other documentation of the history and development of the SNOBOL programming language.

Charles Johnson and E. Ethelbert Miller correspondence

Identifier: GV005
Overview Contains correspondence from Charles Johnson to E. Ethelbert Miller and other related materials.

Charles K. Ober papers

Identifier: Y.USA.14
Overview Papers of Charles Kellogg Ober, documenting his work in the student movement of the YMCA.

Charles Keeping Papers

Identifier: CLRC-607
Overview Collection contains 2 ink illustrations

Charles Kellogg papers

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: SW 231
Overview The collection consists of notes from a series of lectures given by Charles Kellogg, secretary of the Charity Organization Society of New York.

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson collection

Identifier: CLRC-465
Overview The Dodgson collection contains 2 letters signed by the author

Charles M. Nolte Papers

Identifier: Tretter: Collection 182
Overview Materials reflecting the personal and professional life of Charles Miller Nolte, Theatre professor at the University of Minnesota, actor, director and playwright.

Charles Mikolaycak Papers

Identifier: CLRC-57
Overview The collection contains production material for seventy-two titles; the collection also contains some miscellaneous material.

Charles Mozley Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1034
Overview The collection contains autolithographs for 1 title.

Charles Paul May Papers

Identifier: CLRC-804
Overview The collection contains written material for one non-fiction juvenile title written by Charles Paul May.

Charles Payzant Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1343
Overview The collection consists of illustrative material for a book written by his wife, Terry Shannon.

Charles Pohlmann papers

Identifier: N222
Overview This collection contains job files, drawings, photographs, and slides of liturgical designs by Charles Pohlmann, and of buildings designed by others.

Charles R. Burnham papers

Identifier: uarc 1030
Overview Collection contains papers, research notes and correspondence of Charles Burnham, professor of agronomy and cytogenetics at the University of Minnesota.

Charles R. Varalla papers

Identifier: IHRC1784
Overview Charles R. Varalla serves as Grand Venerable of the Order Sons of Italy in America, Florida Grand Lodge (1985-1987) and has also served as Grand Orator (1983-1985). Collection (1981-1987) consists of materials pertaining to the Florida Grand Convention; correspondence, notes, and reports of the State Orator (1983-1985); newsletters; and membership information pertaining to the OSIA Joseph B. Franzalia Lodge No. 2427 (1981-1985). Materials relating to the OSIA Florida Grand Convention include...

Charles Ripper Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1327
Overview The Charles Ripper Collection contains illustrative material from seven published titles, as well as miscellaneous sketches for the Washington Book Fair (dated 10/27/1951) and a typescript for an unpublished article. Illustrative works includes ink and pencil illustrations, sketches, scratchboard illustrations, pencil studies, tempera studies, ink studies, illustration proofs, and wash drawings.

Charles Robinson Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1378
Overview The Charles Robinson Collection contains illustrative production material for Journey to America, published in 1970, including 11 illustrations in pencil.

Charles S. Frost papers

Identifier: N48
Overview Collection includes plans for several railroad stations in Minnesota, designed by architect Charles Frost.

Charles Schulz Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1513
Overview The collection contains 1 ink series illustration for a comic strip, signed by Schulz, and a 1962 calendar.

Charles Stuart, Baron de Rothesay papers

Identifier: Mss024
Overview The collection contains letters, papers and documents of Charles Stuart. The letters were primarily written during his ambassadorship to France (1815-1830) and deal with such subjects as Gibraltar, Portugal, Mexico, the West Indies and France.

Charles T. Casale collection of computer industry strategies reports

Identifier: CBI 122
Overview Collection contains reports about computer industry dynamics.

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