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Divisions, 1960 - 2000

Identifier: A3-E

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Box 1
Box 1 Division Summaries-Counseling Day, Jan. 17, 1973 Division Chair Correspondence, 1986-87, 1987-88 EDUCATION Miscellaneous, 1973-91 Health, 1984-86 Physical Education, 1984-86 HUMANITIES Division of--Misc, 1970-86, Miscellaneous 73-74
Box 2
Box 2 Division of--Misc, 1986-90 Writing Room, 1980-86 Art, 1979-87 English, 1979-87, 86-93 Foreign Languages, 1983-87 French, 1979-83 German, 1979-83 Language Lab, 1975-83 Midwest Studies, 1989-90 Midwest Philosophy Colloquium, 1975-84, 86-87, 89-90 Miscellaneous, 1986-92 Music, 1976-87 Music Certification, 1978 Philosophy, 1979-87 Spanish, 1979-83
Box 3
Box 3 Speech Communication, 1979-87 Theatre Arts, 1979-87 SCIENCE & MATH Division of--Misc., 1970-87, 90-92 Visiting Scientist Program, 1979-80 Biology, 1976-82, 84-85 Chemistry, 1971-85 Computer Science, 1984-85 Field Trips, 1974-82 Geology, 1975-84, 85-87
Box 4
Box 4 Mathematics, 1979-87 Physics, 1979-82, 85-86 SOCIAL SCIENCE Division of--Misc., 1972-92 Competency-based program--Teacher Education Anthropology/Sociology, 1981-87 Business-Economics, 1980-87 Business and Management Center, nd Economics, 1974-75, 79-83 Econ Conference, 1980 History, 1980-87 Model United National, 1977-81 Political Science, 1979-87 Psychology, 1979-87 Social Science Major Committee, 1977-78 Social Science Major Forms Social Science Seminars, 1974-75, 77-78, 78-79, 81-82 Sociology, 1979-81
Box 5
Box 5 MISCELLANEOUS Placement, 1989-90 NASPA Article on UMM, 1987 NCATE Interim Visit, 1983-84 NCATE 1989-90 Registration Course Inventory, 1983-84 Departmental Course Inventory, 1983-84 Summer Schedules, 1983-85 Student Complaints, 1978 Transfers, 1974-75 Division Chair Meetings, 1970-73 Notes from Division Chairmen's Meeting, 1979-80 Review Procedures, Division Chairman Division Chairs Correspondence, 1981-86, 88-92 Division Summaries - Counseling Day, 1973 Academic Assistance Center 1990-98 (two folders), Division of Education Special meeting minutes 79-90, Minutes of the Athletic committee meeting 77-78
Box 6
Box 6 OST All Divisions, 1988-90 OST Recruiting-All Divisions, 1989-90 MINORITY STUDENTS PROGRAM (MSP) Academic Assistance, 1978-80 American Indians, 1971-79 American Indians Medicine Program, 1972-77 American Indians Sisseton Education Program, 1972-74 Project World Touch, 1973-81 Faculty Council on Academic Assistance, 1975-76 Miscellaneous, 1975-81 National Federation of the Blind, thru 1975 Project Impull, 1982-83 Span Program, 1975
Box 7
Box 7 Course Inventories, 1970-75, 77-79 (empty) Division of Education, 197071, 72-73 Division Chair Search Committee, 1975, 7980, 8283 Division of Education--Student Teaching Agreements, 1975 Education, 1989-90 Health, 197678, 79-81, 82-83 Human Relations in Teacher Education, 1973 Intercollegiate Athletics, 197278 Intern Program, 197172 Leadership Development Program (Head Start), 197172 Physical Education, 197283 Secondary Education, 197376, 77-80, 81-82 Teacher Education, 197182 Teacher Education Certification, 1974-75, 76-79, 80-82 Teacher Education  Minnesota Board of Teaching, 1980 Division Supplies & Expenses Budget Breakdown, 198081 Education Miscellaneous, 198283 Executive Group, 1984-85, 85-86, 86-87, 87-88, 90-91, 91-92 (2 folders), 92-93 (2 folders), education- physical education 81-82


  • Creation: 1960 - 2000



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This record series contains materials reflective of the Academic Dean Office’s relationship with the various divisions and with the office of Continuing Education and Extension. Topics covered include curriculum, general education requirements, sabbaticals and leaves, salaries, tenure, and other personnel issues. Materials are organized by division and chronologically but are otherwise unstructured. Materials consist of agendas, announcements, brochures, correspondence, invoices, memoranda, minutes, notes, reports, and vouchers. Of special note are the records from the Education Division on the "Health Fitness" major (file labeled “Education—Health, 1984-85, 1985-86); the early plans for HFA Building contained in the file, “Division of Humanities, 1970-71;” miscellaneous materials on retrenchment (“Humanities, Miscellaneous, 1981-82 and 1982-83;” the smattering of memos and correspondence congratulating faculty on publications, awards, leaves, etc.; the scattered copies of “Ideas, Idêes, Ideen,” a journal featuring student writing published by the foreign language disciplines (in various Humanities Division files Box 2); the files on the journal, "Midwest Studies in Philosophy" and the "Midwest Philosophy Colloquium;" the rather slender folders on the establishment and early years of the Geology discipline; the published report, “Follow-Up Studies of the Graduates of the University of Minnesota, Morris from 1980 to 1987” in the file labeled “Placement, 1989-90;” and the ample materials, including meeting agendas and minutes, on Division Chairs meetings.

Key words: "Health Fitness Major," "HFA," "Divisions," "Divion Chairs," "Philosophy Discipline," "Midwest Studies in Philosophy," "Midwest Philosophy Colloquium."

Correspondents: R.S. Abbott, Wilbert Ahern, Loretta Blahna, Bettina Blake, Gordon Bopp, Truman Driggs, C. F. Farrell, Jr., Steve Granger, Nathanial Hart, Arnold Henjum, Dean Hinmon, Merle Hirsch, John Q. Imholte, Willis Kelly, Craig Kissock, Michael Korth, Tom McRoberts, Russell May, J.M. Olson, B.C. Roquitte, J. Roshal, Jerry Rottier, William Scarborough, W. D. Spring, Dick Smith, Tom Turner.

Misfiled materials

In August 2012 materials originally filed as A5, Division of Education, were transferred to this record group and series. These are materials having to do with the Division of Education and Teachers' Training but they clearly had originated in the Dean's office.

In July 2013 materials originally filed in A1-K-j, Executive Groups, were transferred here to box 7. These are files having to do with the Executive Group.

Processing Information

material added Box 5- folder miscellaneous 77-78, and 79-80 Minutes of the Athletic committee meeting Box 1 Miscellaneous 73-74 Box 7 education- physical education, intercollegiate athletics 63-76, division of education

added on 3/11/2020 from misceallanous materials found in archives

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