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Global Student Teaching Program handbook ELTAP program handbook Documents and reports pertaining to founding of ACE office 2004-2007 1971 report: "International Dimensions at UMM" 17 1996 Italian landscape photos 16 2001 photos of Intercultural Birthday Celebration 16 photos of Korea, Japan, Russia, and France 1 Russian postcard 11 photos of exchange students 13 black and white photos of a party 9 miscellaneous photos of students, staff, and events 2 3.5'' floppy disks labeled "Brunnerburg Pictures" and "Russia Pictures" CD labeled "Japan -Pictures Dominique Karlsson Kansai Gaidai et al."
Box 2
Michael J. Butcher- "Ethnic Koreans in the Former Soviet Union" (last two pages damaged) Brielle M. Wacker and Norrine L. Ostrowski- "Girls Circle Eight Week Theme and Activity Plan Facilitator Guide" Jake Krohn- "Information Sharing in Multi-Colony Ant Algorithms" Luke Ludwig- "A Comparison of Cellular Encoding to Standard Genetic Programming" Lisa Perkins- "Deaf Education" (Attached note: "Guen Rudney has the lessons that go along with this paper as well as another copy") Nathan LaCoursiere- "The Anglo-Saxon Image in Text and Use" Rebecca Hosker- "Discrimination in Applicant Suggestion" Tina Frauendiesnst- "farm and family a look into a family farm" Steve Formaneck- "Improving the Semidefinite Coordinate Direction (SCD) and Semidefinite Stand-and-Hit (SSH) Methods for the Detection of Necessary Linear Matrix Inequalities" Melissa R. Flack- "Curriculum Analysis: People in Time and Place: Our Country, Examining an Intermediate Social Studies Curriculum" Bridget Leigh Barfnecht- "Vittorio Monti Csardas for Bb Clarinet, Violin, and Piano" Kari Adams- "Emily Dickinson Illustration as Interpretation" Ilona Moore- "The Women's Question: Representation in Rural India" Monica Beth Peterson- "The Disappearance of the Little White Schoolhouse: Rural School Consolidation, Past and Present" Angela L. Bos- "Assessing Experiental Civic Learning Strategies: Service Learning, Public Work and Political Engagement" Eric Knoche- "Digesting the Cadillac" Gina Brunko- "International Negotiation: From Consensus to Implementation" Lorna L. Notsch- "Opening Up Main Street: A Comparative analysis Sinclair Lewis' Main Street and Josh Hassler's Grand Opening" Kimberly Williamson- "Senior Honors Project" (appears to be a chapter book 17 typed pages in length) Meredith McGrath- "The French Revolutionary Calendar" Heidi Hedman- "Through a Lens Darkly: A Feminist Analysis of Discrepancies Between Healtcliff's Abusive Behavior in the Novel versus Film Versions of Wuthering Heights" Jennifer Erickson- "Israel" Randall Smith- "Economic Growth in the Information Age: Technology and Endogenous Growth Theory" Chad Dolly- "Macroeconomic Influences on Stock Returns A Literature Review and Economic Study" Kari Jacobson- "The Effects of Spatial Condition on the Prairie Plant Diversity, Species Richness, and Composition of Successional Old Fields around Cedar Creek Natural History Area." Jeanine Refsnider- "Intersexual Foraging Differences as a Possible Cause of Early Maturation in Male Redbacked Salamanders (Plethodon cinereus)" Robert Amos- "Shape Shifters: Amoebas and Language" Marie Locke- "Diversity and Abundance of Migratory Waterfowl on Lake Hanson and Bjork Lake A Comparison" Martin I. Voskuil- "A Population Genetic Study of Lemna minor (Duckweed)" Tara M. Enwiller- "The Parvovirus" Mike Koehler- "Modeling the Stock Market" Laura L. (Meyer) Thielke- "Economic Issues In Ghana's Agriculture" Christopher J. Pezalla- "Comparable Worth From The Perspective of An Economist" Kathy Heuer- "Inventory and Profit Analysis of the UMM Information Center" Scott Golmen- "An Economic Analysis of Emissions Trading: Title IV of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990" Cheri L. Hautala- "Radon and Radon Progeny Detection Using a NaI Photomultiplier To Detect Gamma-ray Emissions" Mark Formaneck- "Theoretical Modeling of Cyclic Voltammograms for Analyzing Molecular Diodes" Joy M. Nielsen- "The Chemistry of Arene-manganese Complexes in Comparison to Arene-rheium Complexes" Bruce Rogers- "A Novel Ene Reaction Involving Iron (II) Vinyl Complexes" Robert McDonald- "Fischer-Tropsch Chemistry: The History, Economy and Chemistry of the Hdrogenation of Carbon Monoxide" Haley Williams- "The Polymerase Chain Reaction: Revolutionizing Molecular Biology" Andrew N. Cook- "A Study of the Soul" Sarah Bromeland- "Two Paradigms of Blood Circulation: Ancient China and Seventeenth Century England" Kimi M. Jackson- "Witchcraft Belief in Northern New Mexico: What They are and Where They Come From" Susan Stepka- "Reminiscences from Meire Grove, Minnesota" Kristie L. Woll- "Burning Crosses on the Prairie: The KKK's Short Appearance in Otter Tail County, 1923-1924" Ling Chan- "The Origins of Popular Culture: Insights from Tokugawa and Meiji Japan" Jill C. Hanson- "Verifying Wissenschaft: The Letters of Father Anatole Oster" Teresa L. Tullar- "Metafiction: Un Estudio de Tres Novelas Hispanicas" Laurie Trousil- "L'Influence De La Guerre Sur La Poesie Du Liban" Kevin Kutter- "Ravings of a Goofball Kathryn Gonier- "Painting Pictures" Aaron Van Oort- "The English Juggernaut: Global English and Its Cultural Impact" Kristie Hirschenberger- "The Poet and the Philosopher: A Comparison Between the Return to God in John Scottus Eriugena's Periphyseon and T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets" Theresa L. Heyne- "The Best Response to an ADHD Child's Troubled Peer Relationships: Designing an Effective Multi-modal Treatment Program" Anne M. Ellis- "Verse Drama in the Twentieth Century" Grant Swenson- "The Controversy over Tracking in Education" Carrie Plamann- "Teacher Education In a Global Society- A search for Common Elements" Vernita Cantrell- "Entry Age and Achievement"
Box 3
Michael Schwerin- "A Mathematical Analysis of Western Music" Kendra Osterkamp- "The Etiology and Perpetuation of Wife Battering: A Psychological and Sociocultural Perspective" Joyce Lynne Lacey- "Angelology" Lois A. Reginer- "A Study of Elanor Roosevelt and Hillary Rodham Clinton" Sean Anderson- "MTI- Carbon Copy" Halie C. Rostberg, Kelly Loidolt, Abby Stainslaw- "Adults and Perception of Reflections" Emily Hodapp- "Children, Divorce, and Community Support: An Assessment of Stevens County, MN" Tanya Peterson (& Troy L. Seppelt)- "Personality Correlates of Two Interpersonal Distance Measures" Kristina Schram- "Examining the Predictive Value of Self and Experience Discrepancies in Measuring Well-Being: Is Experience a Relavant [sic] Component of the Self-Concept?" Geoff Bradshaw- "Culture as a Learned Symbolic System" Carrie A. Bulger- "The Struggling Science: Is it possible to "toughen up" soft psychology?" Amy Hoffman- "Measure Theory It's more than just rulers" Patrick J. Walsh- "The measurement of the viscosity of motor oils as a function of temperature" Brad Abbott- "Compton Scattering" Jeffrey Larson- "Photometric Observations of Variable Stars" Lora M. Martin- "Classroom Scheduling Problems: A Discrete Optimization Approach" Melissa L. Gruys- "A List of Resources by Women in the Field of Industrial Relations" Colleen M. Garbe- "The Effects of Novel Odor Exposure on Maternal Aggression" Mara Rutten- "Teaching Women in Non-Women's History Classes" Micheal Clemm and Tanya Pedersen- "Parent's [sic] Self-Disclosure to Their Late Adolescent Children" Mark Schuller- "Nowhere Left to Be: Current Crisis in the American Left and Marxist Antecedents" Amy L. Swanson- "Relationships Among Self-Handicapping, self-Esteem, and Locus of Control" Laura Kelnhofer- "The Value of UMM's English Major" Vicki Jensen- "Marital Last Name Choice: Attitudes and Influences Among College Students" Kimberly A. Jones- "Reading Between the Lines: The Presence and Function of Rhetoric in Fiction" and "Reading Between the Lines: A Rhetorical Analysis of Jane Austen's Northranger Abbey" Jessica Forbes- "The Detrimental Impact of the Japanese Lifetime Employment System on Women" Jami L. Pagnac- "UMM and the Non-Traditional Student" Dawn M. Schaaf- "Training the Skill of Making Activity Choices for a Graphic Events Schedule to a Child with Autism" Essay lacking a cover page- details South Korean- Russian foreign relations from 1970s to 1999


  • Creation: 1989-2007



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The Academic Center for Enrichment is a recently established office (2007) that provides a variety services designed to enhance the learning experience for UMM students. These include the Honors Program, Study Abroad, National Student Exchange, as well providing information and support for students interested in advanced research opportunities and the procurement of grants and fellowships. The vast majority of materials in this record group consists of student honors papers collected for various years. Of greater importance is the single file labeled "Office of Academic Enrichment Study Group-2006-07" that documents the establishment of this office.

Keywords: Honors Program, Study Abroad, National Student Exchange, Student Research.

Correspondents: Paula O'Laughlin, Thomas McRoberts.

Senior Honors Project

Oct. 2, 2013: Added Boxes 2 and 3. Contain honors projects from 1989 onwards.

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