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John O'Hara Cosgrave II Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1325
Abstract Collection contains illustrative material and proofs for several children's books.
Dates: circa 1950-circa 1958

John Polgreen Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1760
Abstract John Polgreen's illustrative works includes layout pages with original crayon sketches and watercolor for a dust jacket for one title.
Dates: circa 1960

John Stadler Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1880
Abstract The collection contains illustrative material for book of poetry illustrated by Stadler.
Dates: circa 1986

Joshua Tolford Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1568
Abstract Collection contains two illustrations for a children's book illustratred by Tolford.
Dates: circa 1955

Joy Buba Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1910
Abstract The collection consists of illustrative material for several children's books illustrated by Joy Buba.
Dates: circa 1946-circa 1970

Judith Gwyn Brown Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1835
Abstract The collection consists of original art for eight children's books illustrated by Brown.
Dates: circa 1963-circa 1976

Judy Piussi-Campbell Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1755
Abstract Judy Piussi-Campbell's papers contains illustrative materials for two picture books illustrated by Piussi-Campbell.
Dates: circa 1967-circa 1968

Julie Paschkis Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2315
Abstract The collection contains original art and sketches related to children's books illustrator and creator by Julie Paschkis.
Dates: circa 1993-circa 2018

Karen Gundersheimer Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1436
Abstract The collection contains written and illustrative materials for works written and/or illustrated by Karen Gundersheimer, as well as other personal and professional materials.
Dates: circa 1950-2017

Karen Ritz Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1334
Abstract The Karen Ritz Collection contains illustrative and written production material for children's books illustrated
Dates: circa 1989-circa 1995

Katherine Tillotson Collection

Identifier: CLRC-2206
Abstract Contains material related to two titles illustrated by Katherine Tillotson.
Dates: circa 1995-2014

Kathleen Voute Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1708
Abstract The collection contains illustrative materials for five children's books illustrated by Kathleen Voute.
Dates: circa 1951-circa 1962

Kurt Werth Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1716
Abstract Kurt Werth's papers focus on his work as an author and illustrator of children's books with an emphasis on the latter. The collection contains production material for over two dozen titles published between 1953 and 1974.
Dates: circa 1953-circa 1974

Lane Smith Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2153
Abstract This collection consists of a dummy and original art from two children's book publications illustrated by Lane Smith.
Dates: circa 1989-2013

Larry Toschik Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1571
Abstract The collection contains three watercolor illustrations for a children's book illustrated by Larry Toschik.
Dates: 1960

Lauren Stringer Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2043
Abstract This collection contains print and art production materials for over a dozen titles written and/or illustrated by Lauren Stringer.
Dates: 1995 - 2017

Lawrence Beall Smith Collection

Identifier: CLRC-2212
Abstract The collection includes an oil painting and a single charcoal or pastel and tempera illustration for Mary's Star.
Dates: undated

Leo Politi Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1761
Abstract Leo Politi's collection contains art and production materials for multiple titles illustrated by Politi, as well as miscellaneous artwork.
Dates: 1942-1962

Leonard Weisgard Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1619
Abstract The collection includes illustrative materials for children's books illustrated by Weisgard, as well as other related illustrative materials.
Dates: circa 1940-circa 1960, undated

Leslie Tryon Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1584
Abstract Collection contains typescripts, correspondence, and illustrative material for one picture book by Leslie Tryon.
Dates: circa 1997

Linda Shute Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1679
Abstract The collection contains pencil and watercolor illustrations for children's book illustrated by Shute.
Dates: circa 1991

Lizzy Rockwell Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2333
Abstract The collection contains illustrations for children's books illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell.
Dates: 1988 - 2014

Lois Ehlert Papers

Identifier: CLRC-347
Abstract This collection contains graphic materials, research, and papers related to works illustrated and works written and illustrated by Lois Ehlert.
Dates: 1965 - 2017

Lorence F. Bjorklund Collection

Identifier: CLRC-2251
Abstract Collection contains one drawing for a title illustrated by Lorence F. Bjorklund.
Dates: circa 1965

Loretta Lustig Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2238
Abstract This collection contains original artwork as well as prints and final copies of some work. There is art from the creator’s work as a children’s book illustrator as well as art from her personal life.
Dates: 1972-2002, Undated

Louis Slobodkin Papers

Identifier: CLRC-101
Abstract Louis Slobodkin's papers focus on his work as an author and illustrator of children's books. The collection contains production material for various titles published between 1943-1972, as well as some miscellaneous material and artwork.
Dates: 1918-2000s

Lucille Corcos Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1321
Abstract Collection contains production material, including illustrations, for three publications by Lucille Corcos.
Dates: circa 1952-circa 1965

Luther Coleman Wells Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1628
Abstract Collection contains illustrations and endpapers for one children's book illustrated by Wells.
Dates: circa 1949

Manning de V. Lee Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1662
Abstract Collection includes illustrations and one illustrator's dummy for one children's book illustrated by Manning de V. Lee.
Dates: circa 1953

Marcia Sewall Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1562
Abstract The collection holds illustrative material for a dozen children's books illustrated by Marcia Sewall.
Dates: circa 1975-circa 1988