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James P. Cordes collection of Sperry Univac photographs and publications.

Identifier: CBI 218
Abstract Collection contains photographs of Sperry Univac computing equipment and installation along with an assortment of Sperry Unisys publications.
Dates: 1971-1987

James W. Birkenstock collection of IBM records and British Tabulating Machine Company histories

Identifier: CBI 132
Abstract Collection contains fragments of a document detailing the contractual interaction between IBM and the British Tabulating Machine Company (BTM) in the first half of the 20th century, a verbatim proceedings of a foreign accounting machines meeting at IBM in 1954 and two histories of the British Tabulating Machine Company.
Dates: circa 1950-1958

James W. Cortada papers

Identifier: CBI 185
Abstract Papers include research materials for The Digital Hand, IBM publications, and books authored or edited by James W. Cortada on the history of business and computing.
Dates: 1890-2007

Jerome Garfunkel papers

Identifier: CBI 71
Abstract Collection contains Jerome Garfunkel's committee documents, correspondence, minutes, programming language standards drafts, and personal meeting notes from various COBOL and programming languages committees and task groups. The collection documents the development of COBOL and other programming languages from 1977 through 1989, especially the revision of COBOL into COBOL 85.
Dates: 1977-1989

Joan Collins tapes

Identifier: CBI 257
Abstract This collection consists of the tapes of Joan Collins.
Dates: 1982-2006

Joan M. Winters papers

Identifier: CBI 22
Abstract Contains electronic mail printings, subject files, notes, conference information, session reports, and conference evaluations that document Joan Winters' involvement in SHARE (an International Business Machines computer user group).
Dates: 1966-1990

John C. Alrich papers

Identifier: CBI 90, Series 2
Abstract The collection documents work in the development engineering department on the Burroughs 220 and contains correspondence as well as memoranda and reports.
Dates: 1956-1958

John Day papers.

Identifier: CBI 165
Abstract Papers contain documentation on ISO SC16 and SC21 and other materials documenting the history of computer networking.
Dates: 1963-1989

John E. Parker papers

Identifier: CBI 100
Abstract Collection contains reports and correspondence on ERA's capabilities and finances, the acquisition of ERA by Remington Rand, and the activities of the Electronic Computer Department.
Dates: 1946-1956

John J. McCaffrey memoirs

Identifier: CBI 47
Abstract Collection contains a reminiscence of McCaffrey's career in data processing. It describes the use of punched card machines for specific payroll, financial accounting, personnel, and inventory applications. The work also contains information about data processing at Reynolds Metal Company and the transition at the company from a punched card system to an IBM 1410 computer.
Dates: 1989

John K. Swearingen papers

Identifier: CBI 46
Abstract Collection contains minutes, correspondence, and reports related to John Swearingen's work as international vice president and president of DPMA and president of ICCP. Material about the ICCP and the Certificate in Data Processing includes records of council and board meetings, test committee selection proceedings, correspondence related to CDP exams, and analyses of the exam. Material relating to the DPMA includes records about the interaction of DPMA with other computer professional...
Dates: 1936-1993

John P. Nash papers

Identifier: CBI 14
Abstract Collection contains reports relating to the ILLIAC, ORDVAC, and the Digital Computer Laboratory, mimeographed lecture notes, a small amount of correspondence, and articles, all relating to the University of Illinois' computing activities. The articles and reprints include a two-page article on an ILLIAC-generated music composition, a review of computer progress for 1955 (by Nash), and an article with information about the ILLIAC written in Japanese. Also included are ONR Task 30 records and...
Dates: 1949-1957

John S. Davis papers

Identifier: CBI 70
Abstract Collection contains reports, proposals, design notebooks, technical literature, brochures, and advertisements relating to John S. Davis' work at Ramo-Wooldridge and from the associated companies of Thompson Ramo Wooldridge (later renamed TRW) Thompson Ramo Wooldridge Products Company, and Bunker Ramo.
Dates: 1957-1975

Keith W. Uncapher papers.

Identifier: CBI 87
Abstract Papers contain Keith W. Uncapher's collection of materials on ARPA and other computing projects.
Dates: 1965-1977

Kenneth R. Geiser papers.

Identifier: CBI 181
Abstract Papers include reports, memoranda, reprints, publications, correspondence, and photographs documenting Kenneth R. Geiser's work with the General Electric Company Computer Department.
Dates: 1932-1985

Kenneth W. Kolence collection of Association for Computing Machinery publications, 1965-1981.

Identifier: CBI 200
Abstract Collection contains an assortment of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) journal issues and conference and workshop proceedings, many from various special interest groups (SIGs) within ACM.
Dates: 1965-1981

Lockheed Martin Legacy Committee collection of patent applications and associated documentation, 1952-1988.

Identifier: CBI 207
Abstract Collection contains patent application material from Engineering Research Associates (ERA).
Dates: 1952-1988

Lockheed Martin records

Identifier: CBI 238
Abstract This collection consists of the company administrative records for Lockheed Martin and its predecessor and subsidiary companies, dating from the 1940s through the 2000s.
Dates: undated, 1945-2013

Louis Schlueter collection of MAPPER records

Identifier: CBI 121
Abstract Contains a book on user designed computing and MAPPER, articles and software documentation related to MAPPER, and an audio cassette featuring a song about MAPPER.
Dates: 1983-1996

M. Eugene Cook papers

Identifier: CBI 151
Abstract Collection contains the papers of M. Eugene Cook, documenting his professional career with RCA and the Federal Telephone and Radio Corporation, as well as his involvement with the International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT).
Dates: 1941-1972

Margaret R. Fox papers

Identifier: CBI 45
Abstract Collection contains records collected by Margaret Fox in an effort to document some of the early computer development activities of NBS. The collection contains reports, including the original report on the ENIAC, UNIVAC, and many early in-house National Bureau of Standards (NBS) activity reports, memoranda on SEAC, SWAC, and DYSEAC, seminar and conference materials -- including Samuel Alexander's notes from the Moore School of Engineering course, "Theory and techniques for design of electronic...
Dates: 1935-1976

Mark P. McCahill papers

Identifier: CBI 195
Abstract Collection contains newspaper and magazine articles, correspondence, presentations, and manuals documenting the development of the Gopher project at the University of Minnesota.
Dates: 1983-1994

Market and product reports collection

Identifier: CBI 55
Abstract Collection contains reports on the United States and international computer and electronics industries and markets as well as evaluations of specific computers, peripherals, and software published by a variety of market research firms. Contains reports about computer hardware, software, systems, and computer-related industries primarily in the United States that originated from numerous consulting firms.
Dates: 1963-2005

Martin A. Goetz papers

Identifier: CBI 159
Abstract The collection documents Martin Goetz's major professional interests; including the software industry, patent and copyright protections for software, separate pricing for software and hardware, bundling, anti-trust issues and IBM.
Dates: 1956-1991.

Mary Whitton papers

Identifier: CBI 267
Content Description ACM-SIGGRAPH Course Notes, Tutorials, and M. Whitton personal notes/annotations.
Dates: 1979-2002

Michael S. Mahoney papers.

Identifier: CBI 213
Abstract Papers contain 38 boxes of Michael S. Mahoney's collection of books and serials related to the history of computing, mathematics, and related fields. The collection also includes 17 boxes of Mahoney's archival materials, including course work, subject files, and publication drafts.
Dates: 1923-2008

Microelectronics and Information Sciences Center records

Identifier: CBI 5
Abstract Correspondence, subject files, newspaper clippings, brochures, minutes, center proposals, and reference material relating to the establishment of the Microelectronics and Information Sciences Center (MEIS). Also includes information about similar programs in the U.S.
Dates: 1971-1981

Milton R. Wessel papers

Identifier: CBI 120
Abstract Milton R. Wessel collected and bound documentation of his work with ADAPSO and the American Federation of Information Processing Societies (AFIPS).
Dates: 1966-1985

Minnesota Joint Computer Conference (MJCC) records

Identifier: CBI 173
Abstract Collection documents the activities of the MJCC from 1979 and consists of conference programs and brochures; conference planning and evaluation materials; meeting minutes of the executive board and committees; administrative records; and some photographs.
Dates: 1978-1994

Monographs and serials, in-process

Identifier: CBI 8
Abstract CBI's monographs and serials that are in the process of being cataloged cannot yet be located in the MNCAT online catalog. This finding aid is a method for locating such in-process books and journals.
Dates: 1986-2007

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