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Anton Zakelj papers

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: IHRC2887
Abstract Typescript of a memoir "Starting Over in Cleveland" by Anton Zakelj, translated from Slovenian into English and edited by John Zakelj, with photographs by Anton Zakelj. Also a typescript of an article "Cleveland in the 50s" by Anton Zakelj. The Zakelj family immigrated to the United States from Slovenia in 1950, settling in Cleveland, Ohio. The memoir depicts life in the Slovenian neighborhood of Cleveland, around the St. Vitus Church.
Dates: 1950-1953

Arthur Zaia papers

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: IHRC3906
Abstract Manuscript of a memoir by Arthur Zaia reporting on the life of the Italian immigrants and their descendants in Oswego, New York. Included are three family photographs.
Dates: 1900-1971

Barbara DiNucci Hendrickson papers

Identifier: IHRC3343
Abstract Materials documenting the family history of the Dinucci and Vellani families and their immigrant experiences after settling in Columbus, Ohio. Included in the papers is the autobiographical volume "Memoirs of Galliano Georgio DiNucci, 1902-1979" detailing the author's experiences as an immigrant child and youth and also chronicling his career as a labor (CIO) organizer and regional director.Additionally, the collection contains transcripts of interviews with Lena Dinucci, a memoir...
Dates: 1907-2000

Bella Jones papers

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: IHRC1147
Abstract Family history of a Jewish family originally from Russia, migrating to the United States in 1869, settling in New York City and later moving to Minneapolis.
Dates: 1898-1992

Berman Family records

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: IHRC311
Abstract Sarah and Alexander Berman family history (1868-1947) consists of a genealogy and narrative history that traces members of the family from their origins in Lithuania to their arrival in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the early 1890s.
Dates: 1868-1947

Cowl Family papers

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: IHRC474
Abstract Family history documentation of the Cowl (Covel) and Chana families, originally from the twon of Buchan in the Vilna gubernia, Lithuania. Includes photographs.
Dates: 1891-1991

Deborah Ruth Nikkari papers

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: IHRC1687

Fanny Jarvi Hammarlund papers

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: IHRC3876
Abstract Collection consists of a 7-page family history of the Jarvi family, settled on a farm near Lawler, Aitkin County, Minnesota. Includes information on the 1918 fire in the surrounding areas (the Cloquet - Moose Lake Fire). The autobiographical account was written by Fanny Jarvi Hammarlund, with Edith Jeanette (Jackman) Futcher, in the late 1980s. The memoir details the lives of Matt and Mariana Jarvi, both born in Finland and immigrating to the U.S. in the early 1900s.
Dates: 1900-1980

Fiore Di Giulio papers

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: IHRC3428
Abstract Memoirs of Fiore DiGiulio entitled "Thoughts and Memories of the Native Village: Villetta Barrea" (62 pages). Translated by Jerine DiGiulio. Included is also a copy of the original manuscript in Italian.
Dates: 1895-1971

Francone - Aliberti family papers

Identifier: IHRC3430
Abstract Family history compilation entitled "The Carlo Francone - Caterina Aliberti Families of San Benigno Canavese, Piedmont, Italy - Ancestors and Descendants" (34 pages plus appendices).
Dates: 1900-1997

Indianer Family records

Identifier: IHRC1022
Abstract Family newsletters containing family history information about the Indianer family, originally from Chodorow in Galicia (south of Lemberg - Lviv). Includes photographs.
Dates: 1880-1995

Irene Matousek papers

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: IHRC1507
Abstract Family history of the Matousek and Svoboda families, also a video tape featuring a seelction of family photographs. Originally from southern Bohemia and Moravia, the families immigrated to the United States in the 1870s. Included is also a parish history of the Church of the Holy Family in Silve Lake, Minnesota, produced in 1995.
Dates: 1900-2000

Josef Subrt papers

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: IHRC1696
Abstract Memoir (114 pages) of Josef Subrt (1876-1947) of Haugen, Wisconsin - edited by Patricia Novak and translated from Czech by Karleen Sheppard. Josef Subrt was born in 1876 in Kamen, Bohemia, immigrated to the United States in 1889 with his parents, and the family settled in western Nebraska. In 1903, Josef Subrt moved with his family to Wisconsin.
Dates: 1871-1904

Keljik Family History collection

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: IHRC3270
Abstract Collection consists of a typescript of the Keljik family history compiled by Mrs. Zarmig Keljik-Geisenhoff and Anna Alessandrini Hampson, research notes and newspaper clippings pertaining to the Eliazar, Fesjian, Frank, Hampson, Roopenian and Zakarian branches of the family. Included are also genealogy charts, maps and an oral history interview conducted by Lou Ann Matossian in 1996.
Dates: 1700-2003

Leona Tamarkin papers

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: IHRC2578
Abstract Memoirs of Leona Tamarkin, remembering her childhood in Brest Litovsk (Belarus), emigration and new life in the United States.
Dates: 1905-1970

Life Histories Project (University of Minnesota) collection

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: IHRC3871
Abstract Collection consists of 8 biographical essays written by University of Minnesota students about their family members or community elders. Included are life stories of refugees from East Africa and Southeast Asia. Also of a native of Wisconsin.
Dates: 1950-2000

Martin Batiuk papers

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: IHRC3891
Abstract Autobiographical text by Martin Batiuk, entitled "Our Little Ukraine".
Dates: 1914-1970

Michael Zlatovski autobiography

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: IHRC2914
Abstract Autobiography of Michael L. Zlatovski, entitled "A Russian Chronicle," edited by his daughter Helen Tenenbaum and self-published in 1976, comprising 205 typed pages. Includes a preface by the editor and two family photographs of the Zlatovski family from 1908 and 1919.
Dates: 1881-1930

Michelle Klees papers

Identifier: IHRC1223
Abstract 11 oral history transcripts produced in conjunction with MA thesis "Persevering Endurance: Latvians in Minnesota, U of Northern Colorado, 2002. The interviews conducted by Michelle Klees between 2000 and 2001 focus on the experiences of Latvian displaced persons after WWII and their immigration to the United States. Covered are also Latvian traditions, the issue of maintaining one's ethnic culture after resettlement, and the activities of the Latvian American community in the Minneapolis/St....
Dates: 1940-1990

Morris Showel papers

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: IHRC2397
Abstract Family history documentation pertaining to the family of Morris Showel who immigrated to Saint Paul, Minnesota, from the Pdolsk Gubernia region of present-day Ukraine in 1887. Included are copies of city directory pages, census records, marriage agreement (with wife Zella) made in 1886, passports, naturalization papers, death certificate and several photographs.
Dates: 1886-1940

Philia Geotes Hayes collection

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: IHRC884
Abstract An unpublished memoir/family history by Philia Geotes Hayes titled "Twice My Child" (413 p.), spanning five generations of the author's family, originally from the Anafi Island in the Aegean Sea. (Included is also a self-published, revised version of the work from 2010 - "Twice My Child: From the Aegean to the American Midwest: The stories of Five Generations of Island Mothers," 442 pages)
Dates: Event: 1790-1996

Sachs Family papers

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: IHRC2341
Abstract Family history documentation. Abram and Ida Sachs immigrated to the United States in 1904 from Russia.
Dates: 1904-1990

Telegraph Hill Dwellers Oral Histories collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: IHRC3412
Abstract Oral histories of Joe Jachetta (also his "Wartime Memories"), Dante Benedetti, Thomas Cara, Virginia and Elios Anderlini, Norma Tealdi, Lena Massucco, Annie Guardino Wallace, John Valentini, and Richard Monaco.
Dates: 1993-1996