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Christina Rodriguez Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2187
Abstract This collection contains typescripts and illustrations for children's books and other publications written and illustrated by Christina Rodriguez.
Dates: 2003 - 2010

Claire Huchet Bishop Collection

Identifier: CLRC-751
Abstract The collection consists of a galley proof for one title written by Claire Huchet Bishop.
Dates: 1961

Clara Gillow Clark Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1016
Abstract Contains production material related to one chapter book by author Clara Gillow Clark.
Dates: 1993 - 1996

Clara Ingram Judson Papers

Identifier: CLRC-148
Abstract Clara Ingram Judson's papers focus on her work as an author of children's and young adult books, particularly her biographies of famous Americans and U.S. Presidents. The collection contains production material for 8 titles, published between 1950-1959.
Dates: circa 1950-circa 1959

Clare Turlay Newberry Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1793
Abstract The collection contains illustrative production materials for six children's books and other original art by Clare Turlay Newberry.
Dates: circa 1938 - circa 1965

Clarence Jonk Papers

Identifier: CLRC-586
Abstract The collection contains proofs, typescripts, and original illustrations by Hugh Berta and Newell R. Minick for three titles written by Clarence Jonk.
Dates: circa 1959

Claudia Mills Papers

Identifier: CLRC-993
Abstract The collection contains production material for children's books written by author Claudia Mills.
Dates: 1981 - 2019

Clyde Robert Bulla Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1945
Abstract This collection consists of production material for children's books by Clyde Bulla, including typescripts, proofs, notes, articles and photographs.
Dates: circa 1955-circa 1994

Constance C. Greene Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1402
Abstract The collection contains written production material related to juvenile works written by Constance C. Greene.
Dates: 1968 - 1992

Cora Cheney Papers

Identifier: CLRC-922
Abstract Includes typescripts, correspondence, and research material for three children's books written by Cora Cheney.
Dates: circa 1957-1976

Crescent Dragonwagon (Ellen Parsons) Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1281
Abstract Contains typescripts and proofs for one title written by Crescent Dragonwagon under the pseudonym Ellen Parsons.
Dates: 1971

Crosby Bonsall Collection

Identifier: CLRC-1030
Abstract The collection contains proofs and a typescript related to three children's books written or illustrated by Crosby Bonsall.
Dates: circa 1963-1965

Crystal Thrasher Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1555
Abstract Collection contains typescripts, proofs, and correspondence for five novels written by Crystal Thrasher.
Dates: 1974 - 1984

Cynthia Kadohata Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2038
Abstract The Cynthia Kadohata Papers contains written production material for one young adult novel by Kadohata.
Dates: 2002 - 2003

Cynthia Weill Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2302
Abstract This collection contains production material and original artwork from the book Ten Mice for Tet.
Dates: Before 2003

Dale Fife Papers

Identifier: CLRC-815
Abstract The collection contains production material for books written by Dale Fife, primarily in the 1970s.
Dates: circa 1968-1981

Daniel Minter Collection

Identifier: CLRC-2322
Abstract The collection contains one painting for a picture book illustrated by Daniel Minter.
Dates: circa 2018

Daniel Powers Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2019
Abstract Daniel Powers’s papers contains original artwork and production material for children's books illustrated and/or by Powers.
Dates: circa 1993-circa 2001

David LaRochelle Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2140
Abstract This collection consists of original art and manuscript materials related to works written and/or illustrated by David LaRochelle.
Dates: 1984-2013, undated

David Patneaude Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2054
Abstract The collection contains production material for one book by David Patneaude.
Dates: 2003-2004, undated

David Pelletier Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2288
Abstract David Pelletier’s papers focus on his work on the book The Graphic Alphabet. The collection consists of correspondence, reviews, clippings and research.
Dates: 1993 - 1997

David Shannon Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1590
Abstract The collection contains production material for children's books created by David Shannon.
Dates: 1993-2002

David Spohn Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2191
Abstract The David Spohn papers contain production material and illustrations from four books by David Spohn.
Dates: 1989-1997, undated

David Stemple Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2082
Abstract This collection consists of print production materials for one title.
Dates: 1978 - 1980

Dawn Langley Simmons Papers

Identifier: CLRC-862
Abstract Contains typescripts and related material for work by Dawn Langley Simmons.
Dates: circa 1955-1970

Debbie Taylor Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2042
Abstract This collection consists of production materials by Debbie Taylor for one published children's book.
Dates: 2001-2006, undated

Deborah Hautzig Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2287
Abstract The collection contains production material related to children's books written by Deborah Hautzig.
Dates: 1976 - 2008

Deborah Hopkinson Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2332
Abstract Contains drafts and production material related to children's books and other writings by Deborah Hopkinson.
Dates: 1981 - 2016

Deborah Kogan Ray Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1249
Abstract The Deborah Ray Papers contain correspondence, typescripts, pencil and ink dummies, page proofs, and sketches related to works illustrated by Ray.
Dates: 1986-2007

Denise Fleming Collection

Identifier: CLRC-2328
Abstract The collection contains one collage by illustrator Denise Fleming.
Dates: circa 1998