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Alex Flinn Papers

Identifier: CLRC-827
Abstract Alex Flinn's papers typescripts and proofs for two young adult novels written by Flinn.
Dates: 2001 - 2002

Alison McGhee Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2053
Abstract The collection contains production material for five published titles by Alison McGhee.
Dates: 1999-2006

Anne Ursu Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2204
Abstract The Anne Ursu Papers contain material related to the creation of the three titles in the Cronus Chronicles series.
Dates: Circa 2006-2009

Arthur A. Levine Books Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2295
Abstract Arthur A. Levine is the publisher of many children's books, including the U.S. edition of Harry Potter and Philip Pullman. His papers consists of correspondence, personal and conference material, and editoral files.
Dates: 1959 - 2017

Barbara O'Connor papers

Identifier: CLRC-2183
Abstract This collection consists of materials related to the creation of nine titles by Barbara O'Connor.
Dates: 1997-2011, undated

Betsy and Ted Lewin Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2169
Abstract These papers consist of production material related to titles co-created by Betsy and Ted Lewin.
Dates: 1985 - 2015

Blue Balliett Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2222
Abstract Blue Balliett is an American children's novelist popular for publishing Chasing Vermeer. The Balliett Papers contain manuscripts, galleys, illustrations, correspondence, and notes. Press clippings and some personal material is also included.
Dates: 1999 - 2016

Blythe Woolston Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2233
Abstract Contains typescripts and research for 3 titles.
Dates: 2008-2010, undated

Brian Malloy Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2102
Abstract This collection consists of typescripts and correspondence for one title by Brian Malloy.
Dates: 2007, undated

Bridget Levin Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2085
Abstract This collection consists of production material for one title by Bridget Levin.
Dates: 2002 - 2004

Candace Fleming Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2094
Abstract This collection consists of production material related the creation of children's books by Candace Fleming.
Dates: 1991-1999, undated

Cara Haycak Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2035
Abstract The Cara Haycak Papers contain a corrected typescript for one young adult novel.
Dates: 2003

Carolyn Marsden papers

Identifier: CLRC-2059
Abstract This collection consists of typescripts, correspondence, page proofs, and other production materials related to Carolyn Marsden's publications.
Dates: 1996 - 2012

Chris Lynch Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1991
Abstract The collection contains production material for young adult titles written by Chris Lynch.
Dates: 1991 - 2005

Christina Rodriguez Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2187
Abstract This collection contains typescripts and illustrations for children's books and other publications written and illustrated by Christina Rodriguez.
Dates: 2003 - 2010

Claudia Mills Papers

Identifier: CLRC-993
Abstract The collection contains production material for children's books written by author Claudia Mills.
Dates: 1981 - 2019

Cynthia Kadohata Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2038
Abstract The Cynthia Kadohata Papers contains written production material for one young adult novel by Kadohata.
Dates: 2002 - 2003

Dana Reinhardt Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2081
Abstract This collection consists of print production materials for three titles by Dana Reinhardt.
Dates: circa 2007- circa 2010

David LaRochelle Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2140
Abstract This collection consists of original art and manuscript materials related to works written and/or illustrated by David LaRochelle.
Dates: 1984-2013, undated

David Patneaude Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2054
Abstract The collection contains production material for one book by David Patneaude.
Dates: 2003-2004, undated

Debbie Taylor Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2042
Abstract This collection consists of production materials by Debbie Taylor for one published children's book.
Dates: 2001-2006, undated

Deborah Hopkinson Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2332
Abstract Contains drafts and production material related to children's books and other writings by Deborah Hopkinson.
Dates: 1981 - 2016

Debra Frasier Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2186
Abstract This collection includes both personal and professional papers, artwork, and artifacts written and illustrated by children's author, Debra Frasier.
Dates: 1975 - 2015

Derek Benz and J.S. Lewis Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2198
Abstract Derek Benz and J.S. Lewis wrote the Grey Griffins series. The collection includes a corrected typescript and 10 pencil and ink sketches.
Dates: circa 2008

Diane Stanley Papers

Identifier: CLRC-1884
Abstract The collection contains typescripts for one children's novel by Diane Stanley.
Dates: 2004, undated

Dianne E. Gray Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2067
Abstract This collection contains print production materials by Dianne E. Gray for three published titles.
Dates: 2000 - 2006

D.L. (Debra L.) Garfinkle Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2068
Abstract This collection contains a typescript for one novel written by D. L. Garfinkle.
Dates: circa 2005

Donna Jo Napoli Papers

Identifier: CLRC-885
Abstract This collection consists of papers that focus on the writing, revision and publication of several dozen of her books for children, young adults and middle-grade readers.
Dates: 1992 - 2020

Elisa Lynn Carbone papers

Identifier: CLRC-2074
Abstract This collection consists of print production materials for a number of books written by Elisa Lynn Carbone.
Dates: 1989-2010

Elizabeth Partridge Papers

Identifier: CLRC-2303
Abstract The collection contains drafts and other materials related to fiction and non-fiction juvenile works written by author Elizabeth Partridge.
Dates: 1979 - 2018