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Immigrant families

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 27 Collections and/or Records:

1918 Fire, Remembered by Dagmar Westin Michler

Identifier: S6030
Scope and Contents One brief tape, recorded when Dagmar Westin Michler was 78 years old. Michler’s memoir describes the Saturday when fire was spread by high winds in eastern Minnesota, which was started by railroad engine sparks. Michler had been playing in the ashes with her cousin Rubin, and her mother didn’t leave until her husband returned. They packed a small bag of precious items and left in a truck to stay at his mother’s brother Algot’s house. People on Mesabi Avenue were standing on the...
Dates: 1918

1918 Forest Fire documents

Identifier: S6057
Scope and Contents This collection is intended to accommodate miscellaneous, primary documents related to the October 12, 13, 1918 Cloquet-Moose Lake forest fire and its aftermath when provenance or donor information about the material is unclear or not known. It currently holds publications, reports and items from state court records, produced by state agencies, and professional photographers.
Dates: 1918-1920s

Carl Nelson interview transcript

Identifier: S2337
Abstract The collection consists of the transcript of an interview recorded by Elmer Albinson, Director of the Amerian Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Dates: 1962-1963

Matthew Carroll letter to Agnes Kinnisch

Identifier: S6138
Scope and Contents The collection consists of a single letter, dated May 2nd, 1883, to Agnes Kinnisch from Matthew Carroll or Mrs. Carroll. The letter concerns allegations made against Miss Kinnisch's character and confirms the Carrolls' positive experiences with Miss Kinnisch while she was employed as their domestic servant.
Dates: May 2, 1883

Eloise Marie Decker College Days album

Identifier: S6003
Scope and Contents Contains one photograph album titled College Days, compiled and lettered by Eloise Marie Decker during 1901-1902 while a student at Craggencroft school in Duluth, Minnesota. There are two copy negatives, one of Eloise at the time of her marriage in 1903, and one of her as a elderly woman.  There are photocopies of the two photographs which were lent by the family for copying.  Eloise's nickname was Pete. She and her brother gave each other nicknames when she was very young: she was Pete, he was...
Dates: 1901-1902

Duluth Living History Project videotapes

Identifier: S3035
Abstract The collection contains 13 videotapes holding 29 interviews, and 8 topic videotapes. Most interviews are indexed.
Dates: 1986-1990

Duluth Public Schools Night Schools records

Identifier: S3688 Night Schools
Abstract The collection contains registration cards, attendance records, naturalization records and some grade information for students enrolled in the Duluth Public Schools Night Schools/Community Education program.
Dates: 1922-1964

Family Life and Children research resources collection

Identifier: S6048
Scope and Contents The materials comprising this collection are secondary resources Dr. Carlson gathered over time to support her research, including the publication A Childhood in Minnesota : Exploring the Lives of Ojibwe and Immigrant Families, 1880s-1920s . The collection consists of photocopies of relevant resources from state and local archives and photographic reprints of primarily Swedish, Finnish, and Ojibwe families and children.
Dates: 1890-1990

Patricia Gregory reminiscence of 1918 Fire

Identifier: S6072
Scope and Contents Reminiscence related to two families victimized by the Moose Lake-Cloquet Forest Fire of 1918 when it burned Hermantown, near Duluth. The families were Oscar and Rosa Fichtner and Anton and Emilie Klosowsky. These people were the writer's great grand parents; her mother's family. The fire occurred on October 12, 13, 1918, virtually obliterating thirty-eight communities and 1,500 square miles.  More than 450 people were killed outright, 52,000 more were injured or displaced, and...
Dates: 2003

Evert Haglund oral history interview

Identifier: S4493
Abstract The collection consists of 2 interviews of Evert Haglund on two cassettes.
Dates: 1991

Gustav A. Hedman papers

Identifier: S6031
Scope and Contents The collection contains two folders of papers, one of personal papers (1905-1964) itemized below, and one of employment records, local and state health department reports, and correspondence (1904-1941). Folder two holds December 30, 1927 letters about "disposal of dairy products from the Louis Jacobson farm in Cotton Township where a typhoid fever case developed." There is one scrapbook of newspaper clippings on Milk Inspection and milk regulations (1904-1955). Folder...
Dates: 1904-1964; Majority of material found in 1904-1955

Richard H. Hudelson labor history research collection

Identifier: S6143
Scope and Contents The collections contains research materials compiled to write Dr. Hudelson's book published by the University of Minnesota Press in 2006 titled By the Ore Docks: A Working People’s History of Duluth
Dates: 1880-2006; Majority of material found in 1883-1978

International Institute, Duluth (Minn.) records

Identifier: S3014
Abstract The collection, arranged alphabetically by subject, contains reference materials, correspondence, photographs, minutes, and bulletins.
Dates: 1926-1963

Robert E. and Edgar Johns oral history transcripts

Identifier: S4574
Abstract The collection consists of photocopies of interviews and excerpts from interviews with Robert and Edgar Johns conducted by Helen White and Hawk Tolson. Topics covered include family history, commercial fishing, Isle Royale, place names, vessels, daring exploits on Lake Superior, fishing families, and conditions of daily life.
Dates: 1968-1992; Majority of material found in 1968, 1987, 1992

Albertine Johnson oral history interview

Identifier: S2319
Abstract The collection consists of three audio recordings of interviews with Albertine Johnson. The interviewer was her son, Rudy Johnson. Interviews took place on September 7, 1977 and May 7, 1978.
Dates: 1977-1978

Jussi K. and Olga S. Kangas papers

Identifier: S6064
Scope and Contents The Kangas papers provide a look at individuals enrolled and employed at the Work People's College located in a neighborhood of Duluth called Smithville. In the 1920s a Work People's College guest and house mother named Olga Johansson met and married Jussie Knute Kangas a teacher of bookkeeping at the college. The collection consists of photographs (1921-1942) of the Work People's College buildings, students, classrooms, dining hall, a friend of the Kangases, a picnic at Fairmount...
Dates: 1921-1942

Donald Klaber oral history interviews

Identifier: S6009
Scope and Contents The collection consists of interviews by Professor Richard Hudelson, Ph. D. of Donald Klaber on July 22, 1999 and March 2000. The focus of the first interview was Donald Klaber's life and coming of age in Europe and Palestine, volunteer military service in the British Army during WWII, his life and choices as a non-religious Jew, life in England, all prior to his arrival in the United States. The second interview covers Mr. Klaber and his WWII military experiences. There is a...
Dates: 1999-2000; Majority of material found in 1999, 2000

Margot Klaber oral history interview

Identifier: S4592
Scope and Contents Professor Richard Hudelson, Ph.D. interviewed Mrs. Klaber on September 19, 25, 1997. The tapes chronicle her life from Germany to the United States, from before throughout and after WWII and her relocation to the United States. There is a partial transcription of the interview.
Dates: 1997

Meadowlands, Minnesota and the National Hall 1860-2001 video

Identifier: S6066
Scope and Contents This project was an effort to capture the history of a community just northwest of Duluth. It was intended to produce a video for an all class reunion project for the summer of 2001. This video is the product of the reunion committee activity. Over 1,000 photographs were submitted by 35 people from throughout the U. S. who used to reside in Meadowlands: 437 were incorporated into the video. On camera interviews with local and former residence were made by nine people ages 65 to90 years of age....
Dates: 1860-2001; Majority of material found in 1900-1999

Raphael Oreck Foundation papers

Identifier: S6104
Scope and Contents The collection consists of unsigned 1947Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws; August 16, 1971 memo about a July 25, 1971 meeting of the Foundation in Duluth; August 25, 1971, 2 page memo from Hank Fink to Board of Directors of the Foundation whose names and addresses are given; September 20, 1972 letter to the California Foundation members from former president Duluthian Arthur A. Silver; undated newspaper clipping of Warren M. Silver “UM Fete Chairman”, son of Arthur Silver.
Dates: 1947-1972; Majority of material found in 1947, 1971-1972

Project to Document Early Jewish Settlers in Minnesota records

Identifier: umja0020
Abstract This collection consists of research materials collected by Marilyn J. Chiat and Chester Proshan on Jews who lived in small communities around Minnesota in an effor to document the lives of the earliest Jewish settlers in the area.
Dates: 1864-2002; Majority of material found within 1980-1987

Peter Erik Schelin diaries

Identifier: S4555
Abstract The diaries are written in the Swedish language; books are missing for years: 1896, 1893, 1918, 1925. A transcription of the 1893 one-year diary is in the biographical file of Peter and Ross Schelin.
Dates: 1892-1925

They Came From Sweden project files

Identifier: S4596
Scope and Contents The collection, with a few exceptions, is comprised of the survey responses of Swedish people who live in Duluth or nearby communities (Cloquet and Two Harbors) and an accompanying booklet They Came From Sweden Invandrare (Immigrant) Register.  The fill-in-the-blank survey form was returned from 90 people. The survey gathered information on the following: Your name, Address & zip code, Telephone, Name of emigrant family members, Birthplaces in Sweden, Years...
Dates: 1996-1997

Tilderquist family papers

Identifier: S2251
Abstract The collection consists primarily of correspondence written by four of Peter Tilderquist’s children: Alice Minnie (Tilderquist) Gibson; Eva Tilderquist; Anna Lavinia (Tilderquist) Anderson; and David Tilderquist. The collection also contains personal papers and estate papers.
Dates: 1857-1960

Eugene Van Cleef papers

Identifier: S6020
Scope and Contents The collection contains: biographical information, certificates, awards, miscellaneous, 1906-39; photographs 1904, ca. 1912; scrapbook 1911-23, news clippings—Finnish Relief Fund, 1939-40; publications about Duluth and Minnesota, 1912-22; articles by Van Cleef in magazines and newspapers, 1914-69; articles about and of interest to Van Cleef, 1919-70; research interests, 1920-1961; information on Finnish Rya rugs, 1923-25 See also archived papers:...
Dates: 1904-1970

The Women of Morgan Park oral history project records

Identifier: S4504
Abstract The collection consists of two interviews that cover topics and recollections spanning 1919-1960s. The narrators are Sally E. Solomon (approximately 75 minutes) and Pearl Barker (85 minutes).
Dates: 1991 January 1-1991 June 15

Work People's College records

Identifier: S6133
Scope and Contents The collection consists exclusively of photographs of students, staff, and faculty of the college. Mounted silver gelatin photographs, some damaged, of unidentified groups of people or arranged, clustered portraits (headshots) of unidentified individuals. See itemized list.
Dates: 1915-1937